Meet Our Tutors

Fall 2017 Tutors

Alanna – 3rd Year, TESOL/Integrated Multimedia
I'm from western Washington State, where I used to volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo. I've been an artist most of my life and have spent several years working as a professional artist and graphic designer. I'm a Writing Mentor because I want to help others learn to communicate more effectively through writing, since it is such a critical life skill.

Dylan – 3rd Year, Pure Math
I was born on the island of Maui, and moved to Oahu for college. In my free time, I practice guitar, particularly music by Chet Atkins. I'm familiar with algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, and beyond. I think everyone wants to be good at math, but it can just be a difficult subject to approach; with work, anyone can understand and appreciate it.

Jun – 4th Year, English
I was born in the Philippines but grew up on Oahu, where I have been exposed to many cultures. I am a Writing Mentor at CAS, minoring in Writing, Gender and Women's Studies, and Japanese in addition to my English major. I want people to be able to understand the joys of writing, even though it can seem a little strenuous.

Rena – 4th Year, Hospitality and Tourism Management
I was born and raised in Japan, and I tutor Math for Decision-Making in addition to Japanese. I play trombone in the HPU Orchestra, and I also enjoy tennis. I am excited to speak with you in Japanese, and more than happy to teach and help you improve your Japanese. I'm also happy to help you with math.

Sieun – 2nd Year, Social Work, Graduate School
Hello, I am from Korea. I am tutoring a Korean language as well as Math 1105 and Statistics. I would be happy to meet anybody who wants to learn Korean languages. Also, I would like to be a great helper to reduce your burden for math and statistics. I will do my best for your academic success.