Counselor Experiences

Counselor Experiences

Here are some quotes that we received from the counselor last year:

"I felt the "Aloha spirit" and the emphasis of "Ohana"
from genuine conversations. Every detail from the leis, dinners, food options, and schedule was intentional
for the overall experience so thank you."

"Wonderful! Highly enjoyable!"

"All of the gratitude and thanks in the world goes out to all of you who took part in planning this! It was very
informative and I felt like I got a good understanding of what the school has to offer."

"The HPU hospitality made me feel very welcome. Great staff. I particularly like the opportunity to hear the
future plans and goals of HPU."

"Your aloha spirit was very alive during our stay and I appreciate
everything that you did for us! It was a special treat to go here and I walk away feeling like I have a lot to
tell my students."