Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come early or stay later?

Yes, HPU will pay for the 3 nights Wed, Thur, Friday night at the COURTYARD MARRIOTT WAIKIKI BEACH. The hotel will honor the room rate for 3 days prior or after our sponsored days if you wish to stay later or arrive earlier and pay on your own for the extra nights. Note: for the counselors who have to fly out Sunday, we also will be paying for Saturday night's accomodations.


What costs are covered by HPU?

HPU will pay for your airfare, hotel, and meals during the conference dates. We will book and pay for flights upfront: please do not book your own flights.


What costs are not covered?

Not covered are baggage fees, flight upgrades, or meal expenses while traveling to/from the Honolulu Airport.


How was I chosen to be a part of the counselor Fly in program for HPU?

Your Regional Admission Counselor for HPU nominated attendees based on student interest in HPU from your school, your relationship with HPU, or our wish to get to know you and your school or organization better.


Where will I be staying?

You will be staying at COURTYARD MARRIOTT WAIKIKI BEACH. Each attendee will have his or her own room.


May anyone (spouse, partner, etc.) accompany me?

Unfortunately, we cannot include others in the official program. While you’re certainly welcome to explore Honolulu prior to and after the program with a traveling companion.