Maryknoll School Students Receive Their A.A. Degrees from HPU

HPU celebrated the achievements of seven Maryknoll School dual-credit students receiving their A.A. degrees on May 7, at the University’s spring 2022 graduation ceremony at Aloha Tower Marketplace. The students earned their degrees from HPU before receiving their high school diplomas from Maryknoll School. All seven students will be continuing their university education.

“HPU is pleased to support the acceleration of high schoolers beginning their higher education through dual-credit program partnerships,” said HPU Dean of the College of Professional Studies Mani Sehgal. “At HPU, the faculty and staff are committed to fostering a student-centered learning community and providing the guidance and mentorship students need to pursue what they are passionate about learning and doing.”         

HPU’s dual-credit program offers high school students from partner schools the option to enroll in college credits while in high school and then earn an A.A. concurrently with their high school diplomas. 

High school students who graduate with an A.A. allow them to shorten their time while earning a B.A., reduce student debt, access professional opportunities and career resources, and enter the workforce or complete a graduate degree sooner.

HPU began its partnership with Maryknoll School in 2017, enrolling its first cohort of dual-credit students in the fall of that year. HPU is also engaged in dual-credit program partnerships with Hanalani Schools and Kamehameha Schools. This past fall, more than 1,000 students from Kamehameha Schools enrolled in the HPU dual-credit program.  

The spring 2021 cohort of Maryknoll School dual-credit students who graduated with their A.A. degrees include 11 individuals. Three students continued their studies at HPU to complete their bachelor’s degree programs; two will be starting their senior year at HPU in fall 2022, and one is graduating on May 7 with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and has been accepted into law school.

To learn more about the HPU dual-credit program click here.

Pictured in photo: Benjamin Carrico, Carson Clayton Chiu, Harvey Ho-Yin Chu, Tea Lehua Leong, Kalli Yumi Sunahara, Zoe Kiyomi Ueatari, Talia Vazquez, HPU Dean of Professional Studies Mani Sehgal, HPU Dual-Credit Academic Advisor Darlene Ramos. 

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