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Jun. 26 - The Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation has awarded Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Yongli Chen nearly $50,000 to study portions of the kava plant that may assist in minimizing the effects of anxiety and depression. Dr. Chen’s research has long focused on neurotransmitter receptors and how ion channels can be modulated to affect degenerative disorders of the brain.

May 11 - Congratulations to Professor of Chemistry, Dr. David Horgen, who was named 2017 Teacher of the Year at HPU's Spring Convocation for his continued dedication to providing quality classroom and research experiences to our natural science students!

Apr. 19 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach has been appointed to the prestigious twenty-three member Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Science Council. Responsible for guarding the scientific integrity of decisions impacting Global Ocean Refuges as well as determining which Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are awarded the Global Ocean Refuge title, the Council is composed of scientists with a diverse range of knowledge of the parameters surrounding and influencing MPAs.

Apr. 07 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach will be featured on the latest episode of HBO's VICE program airing at 11:00 p.m. tonight. The episode is entitled “The World's Plastic Addiction”, and features Dr. Hyrenbach’s seabird and plastic pollution research at the Oceanic Institute of HPU.

Mar. 29 - Natural Science faculty member Dr. David Hyrenbach will be presenting his research in "You are what you eat: studying the diet and plastic ingestion of Hawaiian seabirds," on April 13th as part of the Hanauma Bay Education Program’s Theater Thursdays series. This presentation is free and open to the public and will take place from 6:30 - 7:30 PM in the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Theater. Free parking is available after 4 PM.

Mar. 01 - CNCS affiliate faculty member Chad Callan, Ph.D., co-authored a chapter entitled “Large Angelfish and Other Pelagic Spawners” in the recently published textbook, Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture. This volume contains the latest information on cultivating marine ornamental species and highlights OI of HPU's recent successes in breeding and raising yellow tang.

Feb. 28 - Affiliate Natural Sciences Faculty member and Executive Director of Oceanic Institute (OI) of HPU Shaun Moss, Ph.D. recently wrote an article as an overview of the OI. In his article, Dr. Moss summarizes the important work that scientists and researchers at OI have conducted over the past 50 years, and provides an outline as to why the OI of HPU has been a world leader in the advancement of sustainable aquaculture technologies.

Feb. 15 - HPU alumnus Wally Ito (B.S. Marine Biology '14) was a guest speaker for HON 1100 – Exploring Hawai’i and the Pacific, sharing his mana'o limu (knowledge of seaweeds and macroalgae) with current students. Ito is currently the Limu Hui Coordinator at KUA, a local organization focused on community-based natural resource management.

Feb. 08 - CNCS Affiliate Faculty Dr. Shaun Moss and Dustin Moss, Ph.D. were invited to speak at the Shrimp Hatchery Operators Meeting in Chennai, India. They each gave a presentation on a different facet of shrimp breeding; S. Moss presented, "Oceanic Institute's Shrimp Breeding Program: History and Impacts," while D. Moss presented, "The Role of Selective Breeding in Shrimp Aquaculture: A Review of the MPEDA-OI Broodstock Project."

Jan. 28 - Chemistry Professor Dr. David Horgen coauthored an article in the Journal of Physiology with collaborators at the Queens Medical Center. The article, “The TRPM7 channel kinase regulates store-operated calcium entry,” describes for the first time the ability of the TRPM7 ion channels in white blood cells to regulate another cellular system that allows calcium to enter cells. These results may help explain how the TRPM7 protein effects the growth and spread of cancer cells, and adds to the rationale for development of new anti-cancer drugs that inhibit TRPM7.

Jan. 24 - Computer Science Instructor Gabriela Artigas, M.S.I.S., will be heading the new Girls Who Code (GWC) chapter on HPU’s downtown campus on Friday afternoons. For more information about our local branch of this nationwide organization, please email the GWC-HPU sponsor, Computer Science Department Chair Dr. Stewart Crawford.

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