Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

As well trained as the security officers are with observing and reporting incidents that occur on campus there is no substitute for responsible reporting from our students and staff.  As a community, there are literally hundreds of “eyes and ears” present about the campus who will observe situations as they occur.  Timely reports of observations to security or the police can go a long way in preventing others from becoming a victim.  Whether a victim or a witness, all persons have the responsibility to report a crime.   If a crime occurs on or around campus, report it immediately to HPU Security or the Honolulu Police Department (HPD).   HPD has primary jurisdiction over the areas surrounding HPU’s campuses and is generally called for any incident, crime, or emergency that is outside of the authority of HPU Security.

For emergency situations call 911. If using an HPU landline the # button must be pressed first.  The 911 operator will ask questions to determine the nature of the emergency and what type of response is required (police, fire, ambulance).  The caller will remain on the line until a resolution is reached.  Non-emergency calls may also be made via the 911 system. 

For HPU related non-emergencies please contact the campus security at 544-1400. Be ready to report the nature of the situation and location.  If the situation becomes an emergency, call 911.  The HPU Security officers are in constant radio contact with other HPU Security Officers who are stationed or roving throughout the HPU community and available to respond to situations as they arise.

On receiving information concerning an incident, a security officer or police officer will investigate the incident, document the information, and take appropriate action.  Hawai'i Pacific University Security may work with the Honolulu Police Department and other state and federal agencies. Cases are adjudicated through the county in which the incident occurred and/or through the University's judicial system.