Professional Workforce Development
Is your business prepared for what’s next?

Professional Workforce Development Program

Enhance your business workforce

A business that’s prepared not just to survive, but to prevail, requires active measures to improve competitiveness.  Key to your progress is a commitment to strategic investments in your team and its professional competencies and capabilities.

The Hawai‘i Pacific University Professional Workforce Development Program offers businesses the right tools for a competitive upgrade through a variety of cost-effective training courses. 

Our convenient programs are offered either in your workplace or on our downtown Honolulu campus. We can deliver game-changing training as quickly as one workshop or over a semester.

Here’s just a sampling of solutions offered by the HPU Professional Workforce Development Program:

What we can offer your Business

Management Information Systems

Is your workforce up-to-date in its knowledge of data management? Efficient information management using the latest in technology will upgrade the competitiveness of your business.

Project Management

Is your workforce comprised of amateur project managers? A systematic knowledge of project management will improve your business’ ability to complete projects successfully in less time, with less effort.


Malicious attacks to your information system could be a showstopper for businesses, and it could cost your business in liability. Computer savvy employees can be trained to reliably protect your businesses.

Business Analytics and Big Data

A few years ago, business analytics and big data was the exclusive realm of large, multinational corporations. Today, with improved technology, these tools are accessible to medium and small businesses. Possessing accurate, timely business intelligence allows your business to compete with the fog of war lifted. Send your tech-savvy employees to our business analytics and big data courses to improve your competitive edge.

Multimedia Presentation Technology for Businesses

Train your employees to create in-house presentations with professional-grade multimedia content. Improvements in technology have made such presentations within reach of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Check out our diagnostic tool to evaluate areas for competitive upgrade.  Find the solutions you need to advance your business ahead of the competition.