Hānai and Peer Mentor program

Peer Mentors -  Peer Mentors (PMs) are student leaders from a wide range of backgrounds that provide mentorship, encouragement and academic support for freshman students at HPU. PMs aid new students in transitioning to college life, living on Oahu, learning about student leadership and academic opportunities, and much more! A PM can help answer your questions as someone who has likely experienced things from your perspective. Creating a connection with your PM helps you begin the sometimes challenging process of expanding your social network and developing relationships.

Hānai - The word “hānai” is a term used in the Hawaiian culture and refers to “adoption”. Hānai volunteers are staff and faculty volunteers who serve as an “auntie or uncle” and support a Peer Mentor and their group of new students. The Hānai volunteers and the Peer Mentors will work in tandem to help each first year student form their own HPU 'Ohana (1 Peer Mentor, 1 Faculty/Staff, 15-20 students). The Hānai volunteers help bridge the divide students often feel when engaging with professionals by making faculty and staff more accessible in a casual setting. Like the PMs, the Hānai volunteer can also help new student navigate the university.