Matthew J. Iacchei PH.D.

College of Natural and Computational Sciences - Department of Natural Science

Assistant Professor of Marine Science



Ph.D., Zoology (Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Specialization). University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 2013.

B.S. Biology (Ecology and Evolution, Marine Science). Cornell University, 2002.



MARS 3001 General Oceanography I Laboratory

MARS 6910 Current Topics in Marine Science




I am broadly interested in the processes that drive patterns of biodiversity on ecological and evolutionary timescales. My research has focused on three areas within this overarching theme: 1) Evaluating how intrinsic natural history and extrinsic environmental factors determine the spatial scales of populations; 2) Assessing where and how population boundaries align for multiple species and scale to biogeographic regions with distinct fauna; 3) Determining the impacts of human harvest and harvest regulations on targeted species and the ecological community in which these species reside.

My research is grounded in ecological and evolutionary theory, but I am keen to apply my results to the design and implementation of more effective management policies.



My goals for students in my courses are to learn to think independently, and apply what they have learned to novel situations. My former students will be critical thinkers who can link theory to practice, conduct their own research, evaluate statistical rationale, and make informed decisions based on their own assessment of data. With these goals in mind, I aim to incorporate student-centered course content, and teach inquiry-based, experiential courses when possible.

Matthew J. Iacchei

Assistant Professor

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