Susan B. Watson PH.D.

College of Liberal Arts - Department of Psychology

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. — University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Courses Taught:
     PSY 3140: Psychology of Substance Abuse
     PSY 3320: Health Psychology
     PSY 3350: Clinical Psychology
     PSY 3500: Tests and Measurements in Psychology
     PSY 3600: Abnormal Psychology
     PSY 6360: Psychopathology
     PSY 6500: Psychological Assessment in Mental Health Counseling: Theory
     PSY 6501: Psychological Assessment in Mental Health Counseling: Practice
     ED 3100/6100: Child and Adolescent Development for Education

Research Interests: Has conducted research in the areas of cognitive-behavioral interventions and clinical assessment, particularly as related to traumatized and eating-disordered populations. Dr. Watson is currently conducting research on trauma history and associated symptoms in college students.

Susan B. Watson

Associate Professor

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