Joseph Cice PhD

College of Liberal Arts - Department of Psychology


Assistant Professor, Psychology


Courses Taught

PSY 1000 – Introduction to Psychology

PSY 3235 – Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSY 3400 – Lifespan Developmental Psychology

PSY 3600 – Abnormal Psychology

PSY 7550 – Developmental Aspects of Behavior

PSY 7810 – Advanced Statistics

PSY 7825 – Quantitative Research Methods



Dr. Joseph Cice (he/him) is an Assistant Professor for the Clinical Psychology PsyD Program and Undergraduate Psychology at Hawai‘i Pacific University. He earned his PhD in Human Development from the Marywood University with a doctoral emphasis in assessment creation and lifespan development. His training has revolved around working with complex developmental issues, substance use disorders, and process/behavioral addictions. He has extensive research experience in quantitative research methods, technology and its effect on development, and assessment validity and reliability studies. His passion is to understand the influence that technology has on individual developmental processes, how this influences mental health, and clinical applications for emerging technologies.


Recent Publications:

Cice, J.A. (2021). Cice Crucial Cs Assessment (CCCA): Practical Implications for an Assessment of the Crucial Cs. Journal of Individual Psychology. 77 (2).

 Cice, J. A. (2021). Digital Footprints and Lifestyle: What do our technological behaviors say about our style of life? Journal of Individual Psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology. 77 (1).

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