First Annual Workshop on Green Turtle Diets in Hawaii

First Annual Workshop on Green Turtle Diets in Hawaii

An all-day workshop will be convened to explore the historic transition and current state of the Hawaiian honu (Green Turtle) foraging ecology and the potential for future conservation-related research and management actions. 

Speakers will present on topics listed below, and a moderated panel discussion will take place in the afternoon to address several key topics. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to give input and ask questions. The workshop will address the interests of researchers, students, resource managers, and the general public.

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Topics and Speakers

-Growth rates of green turtles at several sites on Hawaii Island from 1995-2018. Marc Rice and Laura Jim

-Invasive algae management in the State of Hawaii. Kimberly Fuller.

-Contemporary assessment of forestomach contents from Hawaiian green sea turtles in Kane'ohe Bay.  Shandell Brunson

-Green turtles on the move for food: newly found foraging grounds in the Nu'upia Ponds, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kane'ohe Bay. Lance Bookless

-What's in the gut? Insights into the gastrointestinal microbiome in the Hawaiian green turtle. Ronald Kittle

-Observations of a rapid decline in invasive macroalgal cover linked to green turtle grazing at the Moku o Lo'e Marine Reserve. Ku'ulei Rodgers

-Changes in the benthic algal community in Kane'ohe, Oahu and the possible role of green turtles. John Stimson

-Eutrophication, invasive algae, and green turtle fibropapillomatosis. Migiwa Kawachi

-Patterns of foraging by Hawaii green sea turtles on Gracilaria salicornia in Kane'ohe Bay. Cindy Hunter

-Implications of plastic ingestion by green turtles. Jennifer Lynch

If you have any questions, please contact University Relations at: (808) 687-7040 or by email