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Welcome to HPU Connect, our online job search and recruitment tool available exclusively to HPU students and alumni. 


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HPU Connect Job Postings:

1.  Job postings must be actual, current openings for internships, cooperative education experiences, or traditional full-time or part-time positions. 

2.  Employers should ensure that company and job information submitted is accurate.  Employers may not use HPU Connect to post false or misleading information.  The postings must contain sufficient detail to clearly convey the nature of the opportunity and basic requirements. 

3.  By submitting job or employer information, the employer voluntarily agrees to make it available to students/alumni for their review. 

4.  Employers offering commission-only or “salary draw” positions may request to use our services.  However, the terms “straight commission” or “draw” must be explicitly stated in the job posting so students are fully aware of the type of compensation.

5.  Jobs that will not be approved for posting and/or on-campus recruiting include: 

  • Jobs which limit applications based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, personal appearance, age, physical or mental disability, political affiliations, or other discriminatory policies
  • Positions located in a home office or residence
  • Personal services such as child care, lawn care, in-home personal assistants,personal nursing care, individuals needing computer assistance, etc. 
  • Pyramid schemes or multi-level networking/marketing
  • Business ventures or opportunities that require an initial investment
  • Companies that do not have readily available background information about their organization.  Such companies and organizations may be asked to supply lists of customers/clients and proof of intent prior to participating in on-campus recruiting activities or job postings.
  • Any other company which misrepresents itself to students or provides vague intentions
  • Failure to submit a Training Plan for unpaid internships.
  • Unpaid internships that do not meet the above criteria set by the U.S. Department of Labor.  


By participating in recruitment activities at HPU, the employer agrees to accept and comply with the policies and procedures discussed above.  The Career Development Center reserves the right to refuse services to any company or organization who violates any of these policies and/or guidelines.