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Visual Language

University Logo

HPU Logo

Colors Used

Teal Blue
Pantone 7468
C: 90 M: 18 Y: 7 K: 29
R: 0 G: 114 B: 153

Pantone 5405
C: 68 M: 35 Y: 17 K: 40
R: 79 G: 117 B: 139

The Hawai‘i Pacific University LOGO SIGNATURE is collectively defined as the sum of its two parts: the LOGO MARK and the LOGO TYPE. The Hawai‘i Pacific University identity reflects the values of the University’s dedication to excellence in education and its standing as one of the most globally diverse educational institutions in the United States. Inspired by the meaning “Kōīau Pono Ka ‘Ike,” or “Knowledge Is within the Flowing Currents,” the logo visually represents faculty and students in the two diamond figures in the center of the logo. The HPU values of aloha, pono and kuleana are represented as three horizontal lines evenly spaced across the logo as equally important values running throughout the institution and imparting knowledge and enlightenment. Our location in the Nu‘uanu valley is shown as the flowing vertical lines representing the ‘auwai or waters of the valley: Waipuilani, Alekoki, and Waikahalulu. The confluence of water, of energy, and of flow that we have here are at the bottom of the valley provides all that is good from the land—grounding us firmly in Hawai‘i.

University Logo Variations

Logo Signature
The University logo’s primary format

HPU Logo

Download: Large Medium

HPU Logo

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Word Mark
Used when horizontal space is limited

HPU Logo

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HPU Logo

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Lock-up with slogan logo
Used primarily for advertising

HPU Logo

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HPU Logo

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Lock-up with slogan copy
Used primarily for event programs

HPU Logo

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HPU Logo

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University Seal

The University Seal
The seal is used for administrative purposes only – such as diplomas and certificates.

HPU Seal



Athletics logo

Inspired by the impact of the Pacific on our culture and lifestyle and by the traditional Hawaiian ‘aumakua (family god), the shark symbolizes HPU’s focus and purpose, strength and balance. The Athletics Logo demonstrates the university’s sense of Hawai‘i pride and its place in the Pacific.

HPU Sharks

Color Palette

We possess a unique and comprehensive collection of colors for visually expressing our brand. This chart provides a complete list of approved primary and secondary colors, along with each color’s specific numeric values.

  • Print colors (process/CMYK and Pantone/PMS)
  • On-screen color modes (RGB and Hexidecimal)

For Adobe Swatch Exchange files containing numeric values in CMYK, PMS, and RGB, please contact

Primary Colors

HPU Teal Blue
C: 100 M: 0 Y: 6 K: 40
R: 0 G: 114 B: 153

HPU Blue-Gray
C: 73 M: 47 Y: 33 K: 7
R: 80 G: 116 B: 138

C: 75 M: 100 Y: 11 K: 2
R: 101 G: 43 B: 130

C: 100 M: 82 Y: 8 K: 32
R: 20 G: 42 B: 80

C: 0 M: 100 Y: 24 K: 4
R: 205 G: 26 B: 115

C: 75 M: 53 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 76 G: 117 B: 186

C: 19 M: 0 Y: 85 K: 0
R: 216 G: 225 B: 77

HPU gradient

Choosing a gradient
When choosing a gradient, simply identify the prominent color within your photo.

Example A: The subject’s shirt is the obvious choice, thus the application of HPU Pink.

Example B: The overall color scheme is blue. Barring any obvious color accents, go with HPU Navy.

In those instances, in which you are working with a photo that’s neutral/devoid of a prominent color, our Brand’s various blues are recommended.

Example A

Example B


Our typography is how we visualize the University’s voice. Consistent use is absolutely critical in creating, maintaining, and expanding our brand’s impact, relevance, and reach.

Proxima Nova ExampleChaparral Pro Example

Tagline Lock-up

Despite its succinctness, our tagline goes a long way in communicating the HPU experience. Our lock-up takes it even further, but only when it is treated with the utmost respect.

Tagline Lockup Example

“DO” graphic

An HPU education enables our students to do more. The “DO” from our tagline lock-up can be pulled away and used as a graphic element, such as a holder for either an image or text. Additionally, albeit rarely, the “D” and “O” can be separated when shown in a manner that makes the reading of “DO” possible, such as holders for page numbers on a spread.

Do Graphic Example