Alumni Privacy Policy

Hawai‘i Pacific University is committed to securing the accuracy and privacy of your information.  The HPU Alumni Relations Office abides by the university’s privacy policy which can be found here:

Your personal information may be used to provide you with information about Hawai‘i Pacific University Alumni activities and may be shared with other HPU offices and departments for University-related activities. Additionally, HPU has a small number of affinity partners, such as banks and insurance companies, which offer special promotions for HPU students and alums. We carefully screen these partners and believe that they provide value to the HPU community. From time-to-time the University may share your information with these business partners in order that they may offer you their services or products.

When an alum or friend subscribes to an e-mail list or provides an e-mail address for other purposes, his or her e-mail address is recorded. That address is used for sending out future mailings via e-mail. That address may also be used for general HPU announcements.