Written By Gregory Fischbach

June 25, 2024
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Gerard Dericks

Gerard Dericks.

HPU Economics Professor and Director of the Center for Economic Education Gerard Dericks, Ph.D., recently co-authored a research paper in the journal Property Management, titled “A comparative analysis of “building well-being” factors for prime office workers in London and Hong Kong.” The article explores whether the factors influencing office worker well-being vary by location. The exploratory study examined the relative significance of various "building well-being" factors for prime office workers in two environmentally contrasting real estate markets: London and Hong Kong.

“Our results highlight the importance of local knowledge in successful real estate development and investment and suggest that building certification schemes and government regulations should be flexible and sensitive to differences in local geographies and cultures," said Dericks.

The study used a combination of methods to evaluate how different building features impact office worker well-being in London and Hong Kong. It began by identifying key factors, then surveyed 281 workers (171 from London and 110 from Hong Kong) to determine their importance and conducted follow-up interviews with 13 participants to understand the reasons behind significant differences. The results showed that while some well-being factors are important in both cities, 17 out of 31 factors varied significantly due to differences in the physical, economic, and cultural environments. This research underscores the need to consider geographical differences in building well-being studies, affecting business operations, real estate investment, building certification, and governance.

In 2024, HPU announced the General Contractors Association of Hawaiʻi Construction Management Program. The new Program encompasses a deep understanding of construction techniques, project management, sustainability, and innovative practices, ensuring that HPU graduates are well-prepared to drive positive change within the industry and earn their master of science in construction management degree. This initiative aligns with HPU’s commitment to integrating local knowledge and innovative practices into its curriculum, much like the insights derived from Dericks’ research.

To read the article in Property Management, click here.

To learn more about the General Contractors Association of Hawaiʻi Construction Management Program at HPU, click here.

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