Meet Mei Chen

A Local Student Making Waves at Hawaiʻi Pacific University

Mei Chen, a senior business administration major with a concentration in finance and economics, is from Kaneohe and a Castle High School graduate. She is incredibly active in her HPU campus community and is an excellent example of being immersed in it while balancing academics and making valuable connections.


Unforgettable Experiences

To help get more familiar with HPU and her new classmates, Mei started following the Class of 2024 Instagram account before her freshman year began and met one of her new HPU friends, Alice, from the Philippines. She met two additional close friends, Estela and Marin, through Business 1000, where they created a bond that could never grow apart. In her four years at HPU, Mei has met lifelong friends.


Campus Engagement and Leadership

Mei has been incredibly active in her HPU campus community, serving as the treasurer of the Student Government Association and helping incoming freshmen assimilate to HPU and their new college journey as a Peer Mentor. Now in her last year, she is working full-time at the State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism as a budget and fiscal intern. Mei truly showcases what it means to be an active participant in the HPU and the broader community.


A Supportive Academic Environment

In her classes, Mei feels supported by the smaller class sizes. They’ve allowed her to create tight-knit groups and establish meaningful relationships with professors and staff. Mei has also greatly appreciated her professors’ direct industry experience, which enables them to integrate real-life applications into the classroom. Outside of the typical classroom setting, she has been invited to formal networking events sponsored by the university, leading her to meet prospective mentors in her chosen career.

Mei (third from left) at an HPU professional networking event with fellow College of Business students from left to right: Marin Hasegawa (’22), Haruka Yamamoto (’22), and Alexis Appleyard. 

Celebrating with friends at HPU’s graduation ceremony, from left to right: Estela Evangelista, Mei, Marin Hasegawa (’22), Alice Minor (’23), and Kelly Anne Dahilig

The Ideal Location

Mei has taken full advantage of the opportunities that Downtown Honolulu has to offer, which is perfect for a business major. She’s also created great memories with her HPU friends, exploring and unwinding at the different restaurants and coffee shops near campus.


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Mei Chen (third row, fourth from the left) and fellow Student Government Association leaders and Campus Activities Board leaders at their co-hosted ʻOhana Fall Feast, an annual tradition at HPU; the event is held on Thanksgiving Day.