Jordan Young

Meet Jordan Young


From Southern California to Honolulu 

Jordan Young, a communications major from Southern California, came to HPU with enthusiasm for learning and exploring her passions. Now a senior, Jordan has had many amazing experiences that have provided her with the tools necessary to succeed within her field. She exemplifies what kind of success is possible for an HPU student academically, professionally, and personally.  


Campus Life and Involvement 

Jordan has always loved being a student, which has only strengthened throughout her time at HPU. She’s found the balance between thriving academically and exploring all the clubs, jobs, and activities that HPU offers. Whether it was being a peer mentor, orientation leader, writing tutor, or working as a strategic communication assistant within HPU’s marketing and communications department, Jordan has enjoyed every moment. Her ability to transform her passions into reality and continue to grow and learn through each experience showcases the wide variety of opportunities that HPU can provide.  


Living the Aloha Spirit 

 During her time at HPU, Jordan has lived at Aloha Tower in the Waterfront Lofts, which provided her with amazing experiences and introduced her to lifelong friends. Two of them were her freshman-year roommates, Adrianna and Jenna, who are still her closest friends and continuous roommates across her four years at HPU. Also, due to the centralized location of our university, Jordan has been able to explore the shopping, beaches, rich cultural experiences, new cuisines, and more.


Academic Experience at HPU 

Jordan values the intimate class sizes and knowledgeable professors, who inspire her to push herself and become the best she can be. She’s made impactful connections with the various professors and mentors who have helped her gain wonderful experiences and valuable knowledge. As a communications major, she loves her classes and thrives in the more project-based and real-life examples she studies.   

Jordan and her roommate Jenna Shelburne, before kicking off their third year, spent a few weeks as orientation leaders for incoming freshmen and international students. A real full-circle moment from where they met as freshman roommates. 

Left to right: Adrianna Loomis, Asia Ly, Jenna Shelburne, Nicholas Jio, Jordan Young, and Ian Traffas.  


Jordan and her friends over the last four years celebrated her roommate Jenna’s December 2023 graduation from HPU’s School of Nursing. Credit: Colin Lornston  

Looking Ahead 

Jordan is ready to continue her academic journey with HPU as she works towards a Masterʻs degree in Strategic Communications. Thanks to HPU’s concurrent program, she’s already been able to complete credits toward these classes as an undergraduate, which will accelerate her Masterʻs program. She plans to continue learning as much as she can about the marketing and communications world. 


A Message to Prospective Students from Jordan 

“If you’re thinking about taking the leap and coming to HPU, I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve had the best four years here. I’ve made lifelong friends, amazing memories, and have been introduced to wonderful opportunities. I’ve also learned so much about Hawaiian culture and have been lucky enough to meet people from all over the world. It was the best decision I could have made." 


Why HPU? 

Students like Jordan showcase all the amazing opportunities that Hawaiʻi Pacific University has to offer. We invite you to explore all the possibilities it can provide you and urge you to find your passions just like Jordan did. 

Dive into our diverse programs, engage with our vibrant city and student life, and discover how you can find or strengthen your passions at HPU. We’re excited to welcome you to our community!