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Updated April 17, 2017

Thank you for your suggestions on how to improve your University!  We welcome your continued input.

Is HPU College of Business working towards a ACBSP accreditation? (April 15, 2017) HPU's College of Business is working towards AACSB accreditation in accordance with the college's and the university's 2012-2017 strategic plans. AACSB accreditation is not a required accreditation for our business degree programs, but is a voluntary one that we decided to pursue.

Is the lanai above the Gordon Biersch area/ rear ATM a public space? I know the doors stay open 7 to 7. But can anyone use the space? Today, some random company held a meeting up there and moved all the chairs to one spot. Tourists from the cruise ship also came and lounged by the barbecues. Doesn't student tuition/ATM rent costs pay for those things? (January 26, 2017) Yes, the public is allowed to use the 2nd floor lanai space at the Aloha Tower Marketplace during designated hours. Outside groups who want to utilize the space need to reserve them. An email was sent to the ATM events staff to look into the matter. 

ATM only has one drinking fountain in the entire area. On top of it the water tastes terrible. Is the filter on the fountain changed at all? I thought HPU was trying to pride itself on being green, you would think it would encourage more students by have refill stations. (January 25, 2017) Thank you for the feedback. The facilities staff has been notified and they are looking into the matter. 

My suggestion is that the meal plan for next year is optional. I live in ATM and I am doing fine without a meal plan as i'm sure many others may be. (January 3, 2017) Thank you for your suggestion. While the 2017-2018 academic year housing requirements and rates have been set, we will share your message with HPU administrators. The 12-meals a week does not cover all meals so you can still prepare and cook for yourself. Also, having a meal plan at the Waterfront Lofts next semester has benefits for students that is important to the overall student experience at HPU.

I suggest making a meal plan for ATM residents optional for the upcoming fall semester in 2017. While many do want a meal plan, it should be optional...I do not agree with having no options, and the meal plan is not necessarily affordable for everyone...Please provide a survey or something so ATM residents do not need to comply to participating in a meal plan starting in the Fall 2017 semester. It is unfair to charge students $2,000 for a meal plan they do not want, need, and may not work out with their schedule...Please reconsider making the meal plan at ATM mandatory. (January 3, 2017) Thank you for your suggestions. Since we opened the Waterfront Lofts in 2015, we have had students requesting a meal plan and dining facility. Having a meal plan at the Waterfront Lofts next semester has benefits for students that is important to the overall student experience at HPU. While the 2017-2018 academic year housing requirements and rates have been set, we will share your message with HPU administrators. 

How often is this page updated? It looks like the last post was over a month ago. Email address is now required? (December 21, 2016) Typically, responses are posted within seven business days. Since the November 17 posting, there were two submissions (not including the December 21 inquiry about the page). While the November 28 and December 11 comments were not posted until now, direct communication was sent to the students who submitted the concerns. Yes, email addresses are now required. The reason is to follow up with the student for additional details and/or to ensure his/her questions are answered. 

Why did HPU change classes so that ONLY military students can be in the military online classes? The classes are online, shouldn't it not matter who is in the military and who is not? There are more military online classes than anything else, it seems like that is what's most important to HPU now. (December 11, 2016) Students have been allowed with permission to register for a course on the military basis (or classes that may appear to be only for military students). There was a technical glitch allowing others to just register for the courses; prior to that glitch, students had to request permission. Freshmen and sophomores are not allowed to take these courses; international students due to visa requirements and veterans with certain types of aid have restrictions on what they are allowed to take when it comes to online courses. If you are interested in these courses, please speak with your academic advisor.

On a regular basis I witness students yell across the commons, scream inside the game room over a point scored in a game which can be clearly heard outside the game room, and every time I go to the commons students in groups talk beyond the reasonable range of noise that one would expect in a study area. None of this would be a problem if you provided reasonable library hours for a university. I have expressed my noise concerns to the staff at the commons but I have been told more than once that they can't regulate noise abatement and that when they bring noise concerns to the school they aren't listened to...I plead with you to please do something about the noise at the learning commons. This is an ongoing issue and it needs to be addressed. (November 28, 2016) The noise concern in the Learning Commons has been passed along to the Interim Director of Libraries. Also, SGA will discuss the topic of relocating of the game equipment to the Lounge at ATM, which then creates additional quiet space in the Learning Commons. If you have concerns about the noise issue in the Learning Commons, please send an email to your Student Government Association at

With the university facing financial difficulty, how can we find out the expenses and revenue of the university? (November 15, 2016) Due to competitive reasons, the University does not post financial information beyond what is required by regulatory agencies. The University’s IRS Form 990 informational return is available publicly through such websites as, which requires  login credentials but these may be obtained through the site without a fee.  Some of the best sources of information regarding an institution are available through rankings such as US News and with the Department of Education’s Financial Responsibility Score which is published annually. Most recent rankings and scores are available at and

Is Castle Medical Center buying HLC Campus or has that changed? (November 8, 2016) No change.

I have encountered Tour Guides that have an attitude towards other students while on tour. I do not think that they should be representing our university with a bad attitude. (November 7, 2016) Thank you for sharing your feedback. it was forwarded to the Admissions Office for follow-up. 

The number of Pipeline announcements/email blasts from the Bookstore is extreme, borderline heinous. Please put a cap to the number of emails they can send out, as I actually use my HPU account and don't need it spammed with advertisements about 10% off a hat. (November 5, 2016) We appreciate you taking to the time to provide feedback on the Bookstore's communication efforts.  In general, we do one Pipeline announcement/email a week and have found it an extremely effective way to provide important information to the HPU ohana, such as the last day to order regalia for graduation as well as how to save on any emblematic purchases. Going forward we'll work to ensure that we don't exceed this amount each week. If you are on our email list, you should be receiving 4 to 5 emails a week - which is separate from the Pipeline announcements/emails.  While we receive a largely positive response to these emails we understand that it can be a lot for busy students, faculty, or staff.   You can easily opt-out of these emails by clicking on the  "unsubscribe" towards the bottom of the email.  If you choose to do so but still want to know when the Bookstore is having a sale or sweepstakes we recommend downloading our App (look for "My College Bookstore" in the App Store or Google Play) to receive notifications of events.

Has the university set a date on when HLC is no longer apart of the university? (November 4, 2016) HPU plans to remain on the Hawaii Loa Campus for approximately three to five years and has not set a specific date it will complete its move to the downtown area. Pursuant to the University’s Campus Master Plan, HPU is committed to consolidating its operations downtown. This is to ensure the long-term success of the University.

What is or is there a plan for additional student housing?Do you alert students at Hawaii Loa Campus if there is an escapee from the Hawaii State Hospital? I guess my question and comment about this that was sent on October 28, 2016, must have been deleted by mistake as it isn't showing and has not been responded to. The campus is not that far from the Hawaii State Hospital and the person that escaped would not have been there if he did not pose a threat to himself or others. (October 28 & November 1, 2016) The HPU Safety & Security staff was apprised of the matter and had a photo of the subject person. HPU has an Emergency Operations Team, which reviews safety concerns. If there is a danger to the HPU community, an emergency alert will be sent through the HPU Emergency messaging system RAVE. The safety of the campus community is of the utmost importance to HPU. If you have further questions, please contact the Director of Security and Safety,

What is or is there a plan for additional student housing? (October 31, 2016) In alignment with the Campus Master Plan, HPU recognizes the need for student housing. To supplement existing student housing at the Waterfront Lofts at Aloha Tower Marketplace, the University continues to explore a variety of downtown student housing options.

I heard that they may be doing away with the unlimited bus pass. What is the status of that decision? (October 28, 2016) The Student Government Association (SGA) will be conducting a survey specific to the UPass and the inter-campus shuttle. Please look for the survey coming soon in your email through HPU Pipeline. We encourage all students to respond to the survey and let SGA know how you feel about the bus pass and HPU shuttle service. To comment further, send an email to

Is there a way for students to add money to their unicards with a debit/credit card? The recharge stations appear to only accept cash. (October 27, 2016) The IT staff are looking into better online options for recharging. If you want to comment further on this topic, email Mark Nitta at

The 2:20 shuttle at Loa was 6 minutes late, not due to traffic but due to an extra long break. I know this because I was not able to get one the 2:00 shuttle because it was full and I saw the 2:20 shuttle get to campus at 2:05 and was down by the dorms. This is crazy that they are just down there messing around when we've been waiting 20+ minutes because we were unable to board the previous shuttle. The shuttle schedules should go back to every 15 minutes. It's so frustrating to waste so much time just sitting on that bench every day! (October 27, 2016) This message was forwarded to the Director of Security on October 27, 2016. This concern was relayed to VIP management. When such things occur, please call the ATM Security Office at 544-1400 immediately. Security may be able to get a hold of VIP management and their driver dispatch staff to locate the shuttle. 

Why is the e-bill on pipeline not updated more frequently? I was told it is updated only once a month. It is difficult when I am trying to pay my tuition to only find that I owe more money after I cut a check. (October 21, 2016) A student’s Pipeline account is similar to an online banking account.  When a student accesses Pipeline, they are shown their homepage, or “My Account.”  It has a current account status reflecting the amount due.  This is updated almost instantly anytime there are changes to the student’s account balance.  The student can select “View Account Activity” and then use the drop down box to select the desired term’s transactions (default is current term) or he/she can select “All” to see all transactions that have been posted to the student account.  Again, this is updated almost instantly. Just as an online banking account shows all of the most recent transactions, the bank account also has periodic account statements (monthly, quarterly, etc.) as of a point in time.  The student’s Pipeline also has the periodic account statement (in this case monthly) which reflects a snapshot in time as of the date generated.  This is the EBill.  It is only generated at the end of the month, reflecting all transactions (deposits, payments, charges, late fees, refunds, etc.) at that point in time. So while the EBill does not change, as its function is to show the account balance as of a point in time, the student can see their most current account status with the amount due when they log in to Pipeline, and then see all of the transactions making up the balance using the View Account Activity screen. 

Was there a notice posted to let students at Hawaii Loa Campus that President Gotanda was going to be at Dining Commons on October 12, 2016? (October 20, 2016) The dinner with President Gotanda was held on Tuesday, October 11. The Residence Life staff put signs up in their residence halls, posted the event on Facebook and informed residents about his attendance. 

What is the total number of students that can participate in the Holoholo Activities? All seem to be full. (October 13, 2016) The number of seats available depend on the destination of the Holoholo.   Typically there are 51 seats available; any no-show seats are given away on a first come first serve basis.   

What is the status on opening new restaurants at ATM? It has been well over a year now and have yet to see anything. (October 13, 2016) We should have new tenants being announced soon. However, while prospective Aloha Tower Marketplace tenant inquiries and negotiations are ongoing, we cannot comment on tenants until the leases are signed and details of the business opening are finalized.  The university continues to meet with prospective tenants.

The 11:50 shuttle at the downtown stop never came. I strongly feel like HPU should go back to 15 minute shuttle departures because now this one isn't leave unti 12:10 and I've been waiting for 30 minutes to get to HLC. (October 13, 2016) We are sorry to hear this. This was forwarded to the Director of Security and Safety to address with VIP management, and is currently under investigation. HPU will be meeting with VIP management this week to address recent shuttle issues. Feel free to call ATM Security at 544-1400 when there is a concern with the shuttle. 

I'm currently sitting waiting for the shuttle at the HLC campus where not one but two scheduled departures were missed at 6:25PM and 6:30 PM. I already have to wait for the scheduled departure time but I've been here an extra fifteen minutes. The shuttles are such an issue at HPU that you would think it would be a focus to maintain quality (October 11, 2016) This was forwarded to the Director of Security and Safety to address with VIP management, and is currently under investigation. HPU will be meeting with VIP management this week to address recent shuttle issues. Feel free to call ATM Security at 544-1400 when there is a concern with the shuttle.

This morning the 6:45 shuttle at the downtown stop left at 6:40. This was not the 6:40 shuttle because I had friends on that shuttle which had already left. I was standing at the light and I saw it go by and it was not full. There is no reason that it should have left this early. There is not another shuttle until 7:30 which is when classes start. I pay a lot of money to be in these classes and it is ridiculous that I am not able to get to class on time. Shuttles used to come every 15 minutes so that if something like this happened then there was a back up. I am not sure why HPU took this away, but it needs to go back. These type of things are extremely frustrating and are the reason why there is not a lot of HPU pride. (October 7, 2016) Thank you for letting us know. This was forwarded to the Director of Security and Safety to address with VIP management, and is currently under investigation. HPU will be meeting with VIP management this week to address recent shuttle issues. Feel free to call ATM Security at 544-1400 when there is a concern with the shuttle.

All of the Shuttle Drivers let us get on the bus with the exception of one that leaves the shuttle and we have to wait sometimes in the rain for him to come back. Do they take their breaks during their drive times? (October 4) Without more details, it would be difficult to figure out why this driver is leaving and then returning. We would need to know if this is the ATM-HLC shuttle or HLC-DT-Kukui shuttle, date and time this occurred. Please send details to so he can investigate further.

The shuttle on Saturday leaves Downtown on the hour, but my class also ends on the hour. I have to leave my class early to catch the shuttle, because if I don't I have to wait an hour for the next shuttle. I pay a large sum of money to attend this school and I find it ridiculous that I have to leave class early to catch the shuttle. The shuttle schedule should be better planned around the times classes start and finish. (September 24, 2016) Thank you for your suggestion. This was forwarded to the Director of Security and Safety who solicits feedback from students and the Student Government Association (SGA). If you would like to contact him directly, he can be reached at You may also contact SGA at to express your concerns. 

Why are student organizations only allowed to have one time slot to hold meeting at Aloha Tower Marketplace? It is already hard enough to get a room on the Downtown Campus to begin with. (September 23, 2016) When RSO student leaders submit an Activity Request Form, they may request various room locations for their meeting and activities. The Assistant Director of Student Organizations will inquire with the Registrar’s Office and ATM staff about available rooms. Classes along with other events that were scheduled prior to the request are examples of why that room preference was not available. Please call the Assistant Director in Student Life at 808-544-0277 if you have specific questions.

Hello. How can the Student Government Association allocate $10,000 of Student Activity Fee money to send only 4 people to a conference. I do not understand how this can be justified to us students. There are student organizations that work hard to secure money for their respective conventions. What do they expect to get from this and how is this benefiting us students how are paying for all of this? How is SGA going to share what they have learn at this conference more than just a presentation? (September 23, 2016) Thank you for submitting your comment about the concerns you have with the Student Government Association (SGA) budget. We appreciate hearing from you and we are grateful for the opportunity to respond. The SGA budget is allocated based on the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) Handbook. Under the current handbook (dated July 11, 2016) SGA is allocated 8% of the student activity fee. The SGA budget does not take funds away from the RSOs. The RSOs can request funds from the 30% allocation of the student activity fee.

Attending the conference will give the members of SGA the opportunity to learn more about being an effective advocate. This increased effectiveness will benefit the student body as a whole by providing members of SGA the tools needed to represent you successfully. Successful advocacy helps the students express their concerns in a way that will make an impact for the entire student body. Students will be invited to hear about the conference during a presentation. The date of the presentation will be determined this week. If you would like to receive notification when this event is scheduled, please contact the Speaker of the Senate, Carlos A. Santana at this link:

The Student Body President prepares a draft SGA budget and presents it to the Student Senate. The Student Senate then places the budget on the agenda for consideration. The current SGA budget was approved as amended on September 16, 2016. This budget includes an expenditure for four members of SGA to attend the National Conference of the American Student Government Association. This travel was approved by last year’s Senate after much discussion and deliberation. At one point, there was a motion to allow up to 11 members to attend the conference. The Senate voted to reduce that number and only allow four members to attend. You do have the ability to participate in the decisions made regarding the student activity fee. Your Student Senator is your voice in the Senate. We encourage you to reach out to your Senator and express your concern. Your Senator can propose amendments to the budget during any Senate business meeting. The SGA can also make recommendations for changes to the SAFAC Handbook. Please speak to your Senator about any ideas you may have to improve the process for students to request SAF funds. Please contact us at

I sent an email to regarding Dining Commons per a response in comments. It notes that I would receive an email. I never received a response. (September 21, 2016) Please make sure to put your email address if you want a response back. Otherwise, allow time for the Manager of the Dining Commons to respond. If you are still not getting a response, please contact Residence Life at or

My friend told me SGA is spending $10,000 to go on a trip this semester! I couldn't even get funding for my club from SAFAC for a LOCAL event. How is this fair? (September 21, 2016) See response below. In regards to your club being denied funds for a local event, you would have to bring that up with SAFAC. The SGA does have representatives on SAFAC as well as to non-SGA students. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are allocated 30% under that same handbook. It is the right of every RSO to submit a request for funds through SAFAC. I highly encourage you to remain involved in RSOs and submit requests for funds.The SAFAC Handbook can be found at Contact SAFAC at

Aloha, it has been brought to my attention that SGA is planning on sending 4 students to a ASGA conference in Washington DC spending over $10.000 of the Student Activity Fee. I have also heard that they are planning to send students that are graduating soon so they will have no good input for the next SGA board. How is this a fair use of their funding and my student activity fee? Best regards a concerned student. (September 20, 2016) Thank you for submitting your comment about the concerns you have with the Student Government Association (SGA) budget. We appreciate hearing from you and we are grateful for the opportunity to respond. The SGA budget is allocated based on the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) Handbook. Under the current handbook (dated July 11, 2016) SGA is allocated 8% of the student activity fee. The Student Body President prepares a draft SGA budget and presents it to the Student Senate. The Student Senate than places the budget on the agenda for consideration. The current SGA budget was approved as amended on September 16, 2016. This budget includes an expenditure for four members of SGA to attend the National Conference of the American Student Government Association. This travel was approved by last year’s Senate after much discussion and deliberation. At one point, there was a motion to allow up to 11 members to attend the conference. The Senate voted to reduce that number and only allow four members to attend. You can participate in the decisions made regarding the student activity fee. Your Student Senator is your voice in the Senate. We encourage you to reach out to your Senator and express your concern. Your Senator can propose amendments to the budget during any Senate business meeting. The SGA can also make recommendations for changes to the SAFAC Handbook. Please speak to your Senator about any ideas you may have to improve the process for students to request SAF funds. Please contact us at

Do Peer Mentors for Freshman initiate contact with the Freshman and make a point of scheduling a time to meet or do they operate off of the expectation that the Freshman will contact them. If that is the case, most Freshman will not take the initiative. They are busy trying to adjust a wealth of other things. I would like to know what the Peer Mentors obligation is to the Freshman. I am sure others would appreciate a response on this site rather than being referred to contact Marites McKee. Information provided will then determine if further personal discussion is warranted. (September 20, 2016) The Dean of Students Office sent a letter to first-time, full-time freshmen (12+ credits, under the age of 25) who were registered for classes by August 17, 2016. The letter explained the program and provided their mentor's email address. Participation in the program is optional. After this letter was sent out, the mentors were then asked to reach out to their mentees prior to new student orientation kick-off (August 22, 2016). Each mentor is asked to continue to reach out to their mentees even if students are not responding back. A new freshman may not have gotten that letter because they were not full-time by August 17, 2016. As such, if there is a freshman who is expecting to be contacted, but have not yet received any communication, please contact Marites McKee at

I pay $50 for a Student Activity Fee and I have yet to see any events for the students. How was this fee justified into the tuition? (September 20, 2016) The Student Activity Fee is not part of tuition, but a separate fee charged to all students (part-time and full-time). The primary recipients of fee include Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee, and Campus Recreation. The biggest event so far for fall 2016 was Paina at the Pier that was held on September 2. Events and activities funded by the fee would be noted on the marketing materials (e.g., flyers, HPU Pipeline emails, HPU Ohana This Week newsletter). For more information or to express concerns about the fee, please contact your Student Government Association at, SAFAC at or refer to the SAFAC Handbook at

Crossfit is cool and everything, but every time they drop their barbells my room shakes. I'm not too happy with the noise disturbance. (September 18, 2016) Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to gather details of dates and times, so if you are a Waterfront Lofts resident, please submit the Life Statement Form on HPU Pipeline, inform your Community Advisor or the Area Coordinator ( If you are a student who does not live at the Waterfront Lofts, please send an email to or We will address and convey your concerns to the appropriate individuals. 

I learned that Peer coaches are paid. If so shouldn't they be required to have a minimum amount of required contacts face to face with whom they are paired. Shouldn't the Peer Coaches fulfill the duties they signed up for? (September 18, 2016) The Peer Mentor program (formerly known as the Peer Academic Coach program) is a new freshmen initiative. Freshmen are assigned a peer mentor for their first year to provide additional support. While the program does not continue beyond the freshmen year, mentors and mentees are welcome to stay in touch after the first year. If you have a specific concern with the program, please contact Marites McKee at or 808-687-7014. 

Are the printers at the Hawaii Loa Campus free to use or do we have to pay? My English teacher is requiring me to print out 20 pages of stuff and I don't have a printer to be able to do that. (September 12, 2016) Students may print at various locations on campus (Sharky's Cove, Learning Commons, Meader Library, Atherton Library, Education Technology Center). There are recharge machines that allows students to put more dollars for printing. If you have questions, inquire with the staff at the locations where you can print. You may also contact the Help Desk at

Why is there no gym on the downtown campus? It is already expensive to attend this school... so why should I have to pay even more to join an outside gym. (September 11, 2016) While HPU continues to consider and explore possible options for an HPU fitness center on the downtown campus, students may utilize the Hawaii Loa campus fitness center or utilize the YWCA fitness facility coordinated by Campus Recreation Office (contact The Campus Recreation Coordinator can assist you in other options on Oahu.

I have an issue with my professor on his professionalism in the class that I am taking. Where can I go to file a complaint? (September 11, 2016) You can contact Bert Shimabukuro, Human Resources Director for Faculty Relations, Academics and Research Staff at (808) 544-1186 or You may also contact the Dean of Students Office to get more information about filing a complaint (email

If I was assigned a Peer Academic Coach shouldn't I be Coached. I would think that this person would be checking in with me and helping me to get adjusted. Last had contact with my Peer Coach at Orientation. (September 9, 2016) Please contact to provide more details about your experience with the Peer Mentor program. She will be able to contact your Peer Mentor and get information as to what may or may not have been communicated to you. 

Does HPU provide transportation to sporting events or do students have to catch the bus? (September 9, 2016) HPU buses are not provided for students to attend athletic games. This comment was passed along to the Executive Director of Athletics for consideration. In the past, there were one or two games per semester that may have included free transportation to an athletic game. Keep an eye out on HPU Pipeline messages for event announcements. 

It seems like the quality of food provided by Sodexo at the UH campus' is better. Appetizing at least. (September 9, 2016). Residents at Hawaii Loa Campus and students are encouraged to share their feedback regarding the food in the Dining Commons. See the comment and response below on how to give feedback to the Dining Commons Manager. There are also menu meetings with Sodexo staff for residents to provide suggestions. 

There should be more break out groups at HLC. So that concerns/suggestions can be solicited and collected from the students. A suggestion box should be set up as well as some may not want to be vocal about issues and concerns. A separate box should be set up for suggestions/ concerns (quality/taste of food being served) for Dining Commons. (September 8, 2016) If you do not want to share your comments with the Director of Housing (, the Manager of the Dining Commons, you can also text comments/concerns to the Manager by texting "HPUDine" + your feedback to 82257 or online at There is also a large sign in the Dining Commons with this information. The comment boxes were removed and put online as part of Sodexo's sustainability efforts.

Why can't the shuttle provide transportation for HLC Students for the purpose of shopping for essentials, such as water, snacks, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. Shuttle service to accomplish this could be at set times and for designated places to shop. a limited amount of time could be designated to get what they need. Getting these things by using the bus is difficult. It is a long walk back to the dorms from the highway and they can only have what they can manage to carry on the bus. (September 8, 2016) Thank you for the suggestion. This was forwarded to the Director of Housing, Jana Fryman, to discuss with her residence life staff as a program idea. Please contact her directly at or 808-236-5897 with further program and service ideas for the Hawaii Loa campus residential community. 

Don't forget about us at Hawaii Loa, we are HPU students too. (September 7, 2016) Please provide more information as to what students who take classes and live at the Hawaii Loa campus would like to see at HPU. Student Government Association (SGA) meets Fridays at Aloha Tower Marketplace MPR 1 from 3pm to 5pm to advocate for and discuss student needs, programs, and services at HPU. You may also contact SGA at

What is the point of posting if the site has not been updated since September 1, 2016? Today is September 7, 2016. (September 7, 2016) Thank you for your patience. The most recent submission was on September 6. When a comment is received, the office/department who is mentioned in the comment is contacted so staff/faculty are aware of the comment and can respond accordingly. For students who provide an email address, a direct message is sent to them for follow up. We encourage all students to provide more information to help address the topic.

Club Carnival only at ATM for a short window. How are we able to make it if we have class. (September 7, 2016) If you are unable to make it down to Aloha Tower Marketplace during the four hour event, you can contact and the staff will get in touch with any of the clubs you may be interested in. A spring semester club carnival is also scheduled in January 2017.

Meal plans should be allowed to be adjusted from 14 a week to 10, if a student finds that 14 a week is too much in the first semester. (September 7, 2016) For individual requests, please contact the Director of Housing (

President Gotanda needs to make time to go to HLC Campus. Try the food, and see the students. Students need more at HLC as they are isolated. They are not able to walk anywhere. All activities are a ATM. Should have more at HLC where mainly the Freshmen are. They are having to adjust and need more support. (September 7, 2016) Thank you for sharing your feedback. Your suggestion was passed along to President Gotanda and we will announce student events with him via HPU Pipeline. The Residence Life staff offers programs for HLC residents. While the event was canceled this past Saturday due to the weather, monthly events called Holoholo are trips for residents. Also, Residence Life plans activities on a regular basis and has a residents' council who also coordinates events for community members. Please contact your Resident Advisor (RA) or Area Coordinator for details regarding residential community activities. For broader student activities, the Student Activities office staff held a Welcome Week lunch event on the first day of school, and Campus Activities Board will host a Movie on the Lawn on September 23. We encourage you to also check out the athletics calendar at

For some events and activities, the downtown campus and Aloha Tower Marketplace (ATM) has more facilities that can accommodate for a specific type of event. When possible, bus transportation is provided for HLC residents and students who park at HLC to attend student events on the downtown campus and ATM. Announcements on various activities goes out via HPU Pipeline. There is also an events calendar published in the HPU Ohana This Week which is sent via email, and on the website at

Professors need to be reminded to finish class on time. Some of us have to run to the next class in order to not be late. It is stressful especially when it is a common occurrence. (September 7, 2016) Thank you for the feedback. Your suggestion was forwarded to the Dr. Matthew Liao-Troth, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. If you would like to provide more details on the course, please send an email to

Dining Commons at HLC should open for breakfast at 6:30 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. to allow for students to get and eat an actual breakfast before getting on the shuttle to the Downtown Campus. Paying for 2 meals a day and only having the option of 2 meals because you are at classes downtown during the day is difficult. The substitute meals are not great. The main meals do not taste good and needs improvement. (September 7, 2016) Please contact the Director of Housing directly at to discuss this further. She can connect you to the Manager of the Dining Commons who welcomes feedback to improve on the dining experience.

Is HPU ever going to get their own campus instead of renting space wherever they find necessary? (September 6, 2016) In keeping with the Campus Master Plan, HPU is committed to creating an urban-campus environment. As the plan is implemented, decisions on space - lease or purchase - will be analyzed. At the core of any space planning will be the best interests of our students and providing a quality student experience.

Dining Commons needs to open on time for breakfast in the morning for students that needs to catch the shuttle. A menu would also be nice for the students to have. (September 6) Thank you for your suggestion. It was forwarded to the Director of Housing so it can be discussed with the Manager of the Dining Commons. Please contact the Director of Housing at for inquiry further about what is possible.  

Regarding the menu, it would be sent via email to residents. It is also available in the HLC residence halls, Residence Life office (annex building), and at the Dining Commons. Sodexo is working to get the Sodexo Bite App working so that the students can have a real-time view of the menu.

Tell the security guards to get off their phones because they're supposed to be on duty. Also, can you guys do something about smoking in the area? (September 6) Your comment was passed on to the Director of Safety and Security. Concerns about smoking and security guards can be directed to him at When contacting the director, please provide details.

Can you guys please fix the shuttle because they're not coming on time. Today, I didn't get to attend my meeting because the shuttle that was supposed to come at 4:30pm was so late. I find it very frustrating because the shuttles don't come on time and not following the schedule. (August 29, 2016) We are sorry you missed your meeting. Traffic and weather are common problems that impact depature and arrival times. The Director of Security and Safety reached out to VIP Shuttle staff to address the concern. 

Pioneer Plaza isn't listed as building on downtown campus on the hpu app if it could be added that would be super. (August 28, 2016) Thank you for the suggestion. An ITS help desk request was sent to update the map on the HPU App. 

How come we don't know about the events at Aloha Tower? (July 29, 2016) HPU is currently working on a university calendar (Adastra) for everyone to see events and activities taking place at HPU. In the meantime, people may find event information on HPU's current calendar at, via HPU Pipeline, and in the HPU Ohana, a weekly newsletter for students, faculty and staff. 

Where to file a complaint against your student counselor? It is frustrating even administration office doesn't know any thing!! (July 11, 2016) Concerns regarding Academic Advising can go directly to the Director of Academic Advising at If you have a concern with a counselor from the Counseling and Behavioral Health Services office, you may contact the director at You may also file a complaint via the Dean of Students Office. The complaint procedures are located in the Student Handbook at You may contact the Dean of Students at 808-544-1116 or Please be ready to discuss specific details regarding your grievance. 

I have been contacting my school advisor since May 2016 and no response. Please advise me who I can reach in order to file a formal complaint. I need to pay...this is unacceptable! (July 2, 2016) Concerns regarding Academic Advising can go directly to the Director of Academic Advising at You may also file a complaint via the Dean of Students Office. The complaint procedures are located in the Student Handbook at You may contact the Dean of Students at 808-544-1116 or Please be ready to discuss specific details regarding your grievance. 

Some of the staff members need to have a training in customer service manners. I have talked to several staff members about various matters and all have had some sort of attitude or rudeness. I feel that all employees of HPU should treat all customers/student with respect. (May 3, 2016)  You are absolutely right. All HPU students deserve to be treated with kindness and respect at all times. The same applies to our staff, faculty, and visitors. All of us at HPU should do all we can to embody our university’s values of Kuleana, Pono, and Aloha in our daily lives. If you encounter a specific incident of someone at HPU acting rudely or disrespectfully, we hope you will report the details of the incident to an appropriate person or department so we can take action. While we all understand that circumstances may cause us to act in ways that we later regret, we’d like to have an opportunity to discuss these events in a productive way.

There is a nasty smell that is really bad coming from Hooters or near them. It has been like this for several months now. (April 28, 2016) Thank you for your patience as HPU addresses this concern with the tenant. Further comments can be sent to the Director of Facilities at

Can you add a tab for the HPU email? (April 26, 2016) Thank you for the suggestion. Please send ITS suggestions to and provide details as to what you would like to see. 

The public men's restroom is just disgusting and it look like it was never cleaned. (April 21, 2016) Thank you for letting us know. The comment was forwarded to the Director of Facilities. For future comments regarding facilities, please provide location details.

You are all a bunch of straight up liars! I just heard from my senator that Taco del Mar, Subway and Boston Pizza are all not coming! When will you guys start telling the truth? (April 9, 2016) Lease negotiations are ongoing, and are never final until a lease is signed. While we continue to meet with potential tenants and discuss possible leases, we can’t comment on negotiations with particular businesses or whether they will, in fact, open at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.  

Why are people on campus tours not being told about the pending merger of HPU campuses? It is dishonest to promote a campus will be leaving before new students graduate! (April 6, 2016) Affected groups are working on new messages for stakeholders, including applicants, incoming students, and parents, about the changes. In the meantime, because the timeline for the Hawaii transition is 3-5 years, the transition will have less of an effect on current students and many who are visiting HPU right now.

It has nearly been over 8 months since ATM opened and there has yet to be any progress with any additional restaurants moving in. Are there any updates on this? (March 31, 2016) Since ATM reopened in August 2015, we have added two new tenants, Nashville Waikiki and Palama Express, both of which were well received by our HPU community, and we continue to discuss leases with other potential retail tenants. While lease negotiations are by nature complex and take some time, we anticipate announcing more tenants soon. 

It was about 9:54pm and I walked up to the building 3 gate near Nashvilles and I was told to walk to the main gate when my friend was letting me in. I find this to be very frustrating and upsetting that as a resident... (March 16, 2016) Your comment was forwarded to Residence Life staff for review. There are various gates with specific access times, and residents are asked to enter through the main gate. Please contact the Jana Fryman, Director of Housing at to discuss gate access. 

Is the university selling the HLC Campus? (March 15, 2016) While it is true that consistent with HPU’s Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan, the University will transition over the coming years to a more centralized Downtown campus, no final decision has been made regarding future uses of the Hawaii Loa Campus. Current plans do call for relocating lab spaces to the Downtown area; considerable planning will be necessary to support those moves, which are likely to take 3-5 years to complete.

The security on Hawaii Loa Campus is anything but secure. Today, 3/12, I noticed two shady homeless characters near the AC building. Upon calling security at 4:40 PM there was no answer... Better oversight is most definitely needed. I ask that the University please speak with HLC security about this. (March 12, 2016) The Director of Security and Safety, Wayne Fernandez, was notified to address this concern. If you have further concerns, please contact him directly at or 808-236-3597.

Is it possible that the spring break shuttle schedule is published incorrectly (no service Friday 3/11 and Sunday 3/11 in the mistaken belief that those days are holidays?) (March 8, 2016) The 2016 spring break shuttle schedule as posted correctly at Friday, March 11 is a university holiday and during normal hours, the shuttle does not run on Sundays. 

Is it true that the University is going to sell the HLC campus? Is it also true that the university is bringing the labs down to the downtown? (March 3, 2016) While it is true that consistent with HPU’s Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan, the University will transition over the coming years to a more centralized Downtown campus, no final decision has been made regarding future uses of the Hawaii Loa Campus. Current plans do call for relocating lab spaces to the Downtown area; considerable planning will be necessary to support those moves, which are likely to take 3-5 years to complete.

Why is it hard to get a hold of anyone in College X? It was very frustrating. (March 1, 2016) We appreciate your patience during this busy period. Please call the main number at 808-544-1179 or contact the base staff directly by phone. If you are unable to reach a staff via phone, leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. 

When is the scholarship deadline...the info on the Web says March 2015. (February 25, 2016) The actual deadline is March 31, 2016. The application was recently posted on the financial aid scholarship page. 

Can Aloha Tower study area stay open later? Maybe until 10:30pm to give students some time after night class to review material and prepare for classes? (February 25, 2016) SGA continues to work with administration on the library hours of operation. The feedback was sent to them for consideration. Further comments can be sent to

Why did HPU get rid of Viewpoints? Friday Flicks have no content; viewpoints was better and had a purpose. (February 25, 2016) When the Department of Communication took over administering the series from the faculty member who was coordinating it, attendance was sporadic. The feeling was that it needed to be given a facelift, repositioned and rebranded to broaden its appeal. The new title has alliteration, reminds students of the day it’s on and that there is no admission fee. We also show some feature films now rather than just documentaries. The format remains the same--the screening are films chosen by faculty and moderated by faculty to encourage the types of discussions that the old Viewpoints series was designed to provide.

Scholarship office...really slow response time. (February 17, 2016) We thank you for your patience and apologize for the slow response time. Please bear with us as the office goes through a personnel transition. The comment was forwarded to the Executive Director of Financial Aid so he is aware. If you are unable to reach someone via phone, please visit their office in UB 2nd floor.

Dr. Noh is a great teacher. I really think she cares about the students and will be great for HPU. (February 17, 2016) Thank you for sharing. The comment was forwarded to the College of Business.

Pioneer plaza is so warm please fix the AC...night classes are 3 hours and classes are over 80 degrees. (February 17, 2016) The College of Business staff was notified on February 17, and they notified the building management about the AC. If this continues, and the College of Business office on the Arcade level is open, please let the staff know about the AC issues as well.

I heard about an open forum event regarding the decommissioning of HLC sometime next week. Why is the school not advertising this? Where can we go to find out more info about the open forum event? (February 16, 2016) The HPU Community Forum regarding the future of the Hawaii Loa campus will be held on February 26, 2016 from 2pm to 3pm at HLC in room 101. This is presented by the Shared Governance Master Planning Committee.

On Feb. 14, the gate closest to Nashville's was not opening and it was only 7:30pm on a Sunday. The gate in building 3 closest to the dining commons does not close. Why is that our security gates are not working...? (February 19, 2016) Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have asked Security to look into the matter. Please contact the Waterfront Lofts CA on Duty or security if the matter has not been resolved.

Why was the Aloha Tower shuttle schedule changed? It is so confusing now and it is better with the once an hour schedule. (February 14, 2016) To help get more students to HLC using the ATM shuttle and based on student comments from the fall semester, the schedule was changed to drop off students at the Kukui stop prior to the Aloha Tower stop, and pick up students at the Kukui stop before heading up to HLC. These new accommodations meant additional time on the road and could not be done within the hour rotation. If you have additional questions or suggestions, please send it to  

I'm sitting waiting at the Loa campus shuttle stop, it is now fifteen minutes past the scheduled departure time. I am late for my class and the shuttle had already come by but is simply parked at the other end of the campus. This is the 8:40 scheduled departure on 2/11/16. This isn't the first time I've had this issue. (February 11, 2016) Thank you for bringing this to our attention. VIP was called and they resolved this matter with their driver. We apologize for the delay.

So is it true that the school is decommissioning the Loa campus and moving all the science classes and labs downtown? (February 3, 2016) As you probably know, HPU released a Campus Master Plan in 2014 that sets forth a vision for the future development of our facilities. The master planners were charged with addressing HPU’s space needs, along with the carbon footprint, physical identity and student usability of HPU as an important element of modern-day Hawai‘i. We wanted to promote greater institutional efficiency and effectiveness, not to mention an enhanced student experience.

As we implement the Master Plan, we will continue to gather additional input from the HPU community through one or more open forums to allow concerned voices to be heard. We’re still in the planning stages for the forums, but we will spread the word to the community when they are scheduled.

Why are we seeing security guards on their phones when patrolling the waterfront lofts? (February 1, 2016) Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The feedback was shared with HPU security.

It is really inconvenient that Aloha Tower has yet to finish the dining commons at Aloha Tower, but they have time to finish opening businesses like Nashville Waikiki. The students should be a priority for the Aloha Tower campus. The students have to live there and there should be a dining commons for the students... (January 26, 2016): Please keep in mind that improvements to retail spaces—including Nashville Waikiki—are planned and paid for by our tenants, not the university. We share your concern about the dining commons, which will be an HPU project, and continue to work towards its completion.

Why are the restaurants not open yet in Aloha Tower? It was last mentioned November/December. (January 7, 2016) The process of leasing and remodeling retail spaces is long and complex because of the negotiations and permits that are required along the way. While several tenants and potential tenants are completing that process, we expect to see two new retailers open in the very near future: Nashville Waikiki, a Country & Western club near Hooters and Gordon Biersch, and Palama Express, a convenience store at the front of the Marketplace along Aloha Tower drive. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of other tenants as they near completion.

How is it that residents at Aloha Tower are given information regarding getting into their home this New Years Eve at the last possible moment? Is it that difficult for to send a notice about the elevators earlier than the day of this event? (December 30, 2015) We apologize for the inconvenience. The Residence Life staff was informed Tuesday evening (December 29) that the building 2 elevator would not be repaired by the New Year's Eve event. Residents were informed Wednesday morning (December 30) about the elevator. The building 2 elevator and stairs that lead to the loading dock were intended only for use during the New Year's Eve event on Dec. 31-Jan. 1. If you require elevator access for ADA accommodations between 4pm on Dec. 31 and 4am on Jan. 1, please contact ATM security at 808-544-1459 or 808-294-4276.

I have an issue with the HPU security that works at Aloha Tower. (December 18, 2015) To look further into such complaints, please contact the Dean of Students office at 808-544-1116 or email Individuals may also file a complaint with Human Resources at; contact the Director of Security and Safety (808-236-3597); or the HPU Compliance Hotline (1-877-270-5054 or, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location) to report harassment.

Why is the gate near building 3 locked before 9pm? And for some reason I got questioned if I was a resident. (December 17, 2015) There are three gates near building three. Please email with more details so the matter can be addressed. To ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, a campus security officer or university official may ask to see people's HPU ID card and inquire about their HPU affiliation. Questions about security may be directed to

Why do we have to pay $8 for parking during winter break? I already pay enough to park during the semester. (December 16, 2015) Students pay for the semester decals. Once the term is over, there is a daily parking fee of $8 per visit. For more information about campus parking, go to or to speak with a staff, contact the Director of Security and Safety at

Is it true that the Provost is planning on leaving soon? (December 7, 2015) Thank you for your question. The provost has no immediate plans to leave HPU.

Please suspend vacuuming during finals week. I'm trying to study and cleaning is being too loud. (December 4, 2015) Please provide more details (date, time, location to in the future so we can address it with the appropriate department and staff. 

Studying down at the aloha tower in the learning commons and I think that it is awesome that it stays open till midnight! Lots of students are down here now enjoying themselves and there is no staff, faculty and administrators present. Not sure if it's that, the free food or the learning commons being open past 8pm that is making this such an enjoyable time. Or maybe it's all together! All I know is I haven't seen excitement, and vibrant energy like this since I've gone to school here! #Students. (December 6, 2015) Thank you for the feedback. 

Where is the main lost and found? (December 2, 2015) If you are on the downtown campus, go to MP 105 or ATM 1400; if you are at HLC,  go to the Academic Center security office.

I just got left at the shuttle stop downtown. Driver saw me standing outside the door...this was the 9:50 shuttle to loa campus on 11/25. (November 25, 2015) Thank you for letting us know. We will address your concern with VIP Shuttle.

Why does it take a month to get an appointment with a counselor and when you do they won't listen to what is being said? (November 19, 2015) Please provide more specific information to Is this in reference to the counseling and behavioral health services office or the advising office? 

Dining commons hours at HLC are very inconvenient. Weekend brunch is only 1 hour long and does not begin early enough for students to eat breakfast before leaving campus in the morning before 10 AM. Just this morning the dining commons did not open for breakfast until 7:45 and was not ready to serve students. I had barely enough time to eat before leaving to work. Also, is there a page online where you can view the month's menu? (November 12, 2015) The feedback will be shared with the Residence Life staff at the Hawaii Loa campus. If this continues, please contact the Director of Housing at

HPU lacks communication between students, parents and intra-department. It seems like instead of all department working for HPU, there seems to be alot of sylos. Communications is so bad at HPU. (November 10, 2015) There are a variety of ways to address a student concerns. One way is to contact the Dean of Students office; send an email to Marites McKee at Staff can assist with navigating HPU's policies and procedures so the appropriate offices are communicating with one another.  

Students at the Atherton Library are very loud, distractive, and obnoxious. There needs to be regulation on noise levels within the Atherton library and/or more study spaces available at the HLC AC building other than the Atherton library and classrooms. (October 27, 2015) Atherton Library offers collaborative space for students with the Learning Commons concept. A designated quiet study area is available for student use in the back, Kailua side of the library. Also, at Hawai`i Loa campus, HPU students may request the use of vacant classrooms to study after hours. Simply let the security officer on the first floor desk know and they can arrange a room for you to use to study. Printing is available at the ETC or Atherton Library and after hours at the Student Center.

How are the Waterfront gates not working at 7pm on a Sunday? From my understanding that the gates do not lock until 9pm everyday. I thought this issue would be fixed by now since we are about 2 months into the semester. (October 27, 2015) To assist we would require more specific information which gate is being referenced. Waterfront residents may contact their Community Advisor, inquire with ATM security or contact the Director of Housing at

What's the University's official position on a 24hr Learning Commons? (October 17, 2015) The Student Government Association (SGA) continues to gather information and feedback about this topic. HPU looks forward to receiving SGA's position on the matter. Students are encouraged to contact SGA via email, Senate meetings on Fridays at 3pm, and/or the town hall meeting on October 23 at 6:30pm (ATM, MPR 3). 

I wanted to chime in and hope that HPU will soon begin offering later hours at ATM. It would be especially helpful for students like myself who work full-time (I'm an MCP student) and the extended hours later in the evening would be very beneficial to us. I think a 10PM close time would be great but would be happy with even 9PM, like at Meader. Also, evening hours on the weekends would be nice too! I want to emphasize that many members of HPU's student body are working adults such as myself (and many with families to support as well) and evening hours definitelywork thebest for our schedules. (October 17, 2015) Student Government Association is currently gathering feedback from students about the request to extend the Learning Commons' hours of operation. A town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 22 at 6:30pm in multipurpose room 3 at 6:30pm. We encourage students to provide feedback to SGA by attend the event, speaking with their senators and/or emailing SGA at

What is the deal with all the empty flower boxes at ATM? There is gross stagnant water in them! (October 12, 2015) The Facilities department was notified of the comment. Landscaping is being worked on and the intent is to have plans in all of the planters. 

Why are the Waterfront Lofts gates all closing at 9pm instead of 11pm? (October 5, 2015) There are various gates leading to the second floor of the Waterfront Lofts residential community that close at various times. The main gate fronting the Aloha Tower is accessible to residents. Waterfront Lofts residents should speak with their Community Advisors or HPU Security for specific information. 

Why is the wifi in ATM really slow and very often loses its signal? (September 27, 2015) On Sunday, Sept 27 between 4am and 12pm, ITS updated the network that serves the downtown campus, Pioneer Plaza and Aloha Tower. This caused phones, WiFi, network and internet connections to be unavailable intermittently. The HPU community was notified via Pipeline email on Thursday, September 24. If you are still experiencing issues, please send an email to

Why is the scholarships page outdated? Can it be please be updated? (September 21, 2015) Thank you for the comment. The request has been forwarded to Financial Aid for review.

Please provide bigger shuttles. The line is always long. (September 8, 2015) Thank you for the suggestion. It is been forwarded to staff, who coordinate the shuttle service program, for consideration.

The shuttles are leaving the downtown shuttle stop 10 minutes early with several open seats still available. Myself and several of my classmates have been late because of this...(September 16, 2015) In these cases, please contact the director of security and safety with feedback right away. The director can be reached at 808-236-3598 and can contact VIP Shuttle to inquire about what is going on. A shuttle schedule change was made yesterday to get students to their 7:30am classes. Please view the updated schedule at

What do the staff in the Learning commons actually do? (September 12, 2015) The responsibility of the student worker (Technical Analyst Assistant) is to assist and provide technical support via phones and walk ins to the HPU community and assist with any classroom technology issues that occur.  They also provide assistance to the Full timers with the daily operations that include software and hardware installs, cabling and provide support to any multi media events. The Library support staff at the Learning Commons are available to assist students and the HPU community with basic research questions, look up print resources in the Libraries’ collections, review research guides, and navigate the Libraries’ extensive online resources and databases.  For in-depth research question assistance, students are referred to reference librarians via the online 24/7 Chat with a Librarian reference service. Various library services are also provided, including but not limited to: Library account activation, Libraries and Learning Commons study/meeting room reservation assistance, catalog assistance,  placing holds on books, and intercampus book delivery and interlibrary loan services.   Students interested in checking out one of the Learning Commons’ laptop computers can see the staff on duty. Together, the IT and Library staff at the Learning Commons also serve as a general information service point and should be able to assist any student that walks in with a library or technical question.  They work collaboratively to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the Learning Commons.

Is there a way to find pictures from the 2015 ICD? The current page only has up to 2012. (September 6, 2015) To request specific photos, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 544-1116. We may need to contact other departments to see if such photos are available. Thanks for the suggestion; we will review our ICD website.

Why doesn't HPU support this free textbook site? (September 5, 2015) Individual faculty review and consider various texbooks while keeping mindful of costs. Faculty want to make sure that textbooks are up to date and are quality resources. Please speak with your professors about such free materials and verify if they are appropriate for that course.

Where are the printer centers located? (September 2, 2015) On the Downtown campus, options to print are Sharky’s Cove, Meader Library and the Learning Commons. At the Hawaii Loa campus, the Educational Technology Center (ETC), Atherton Library and the student center near the residence halls.

I was curious as to why students can't park in the aloha tower parking. I am staying in the waterfront lofts, but I was told to park in the HLC parking lot. I personally do not think it's smart for me to live in town, drive to Kaneohe to park, then shuttle/bus back to town, And then reverse the process and repeat every day. Where else can I park my car overnight/in general? (September 3, 2015) While on any given day, students may observe open parking spaces at Piers 5/6, August 2015 records reflect that of the 288 available stalls in that lot, 266 are leased to monthly parkers. Those who have tried to obtain monthly parking at Kukui, for example, know that there are long waiting lists for those applying for monthly parking, although on a day to day basis, hourly spaces are available. Students are welcome, as members of the public, to apply for monthly parking as such spaces become available, but overnight parking is prohibited.  HPU does not “own” the parking lots. It holds a license from the department of transportation, harbor division, to use the grounds for parking purposes, subject to various requirements and restrictions, including keeping available a certain number of spaces for relocation of dot/harbors vehicles when certain types of vessels are in port. For those looking for downtown overnight parking, contact the Dean of Students Office directly by calling 544-1116.

Make the shuttles every 15 minutes again. It is messing up my time to get to some classes since they are right after each other on different campuses. If they were ran every 15 minutes I could actually get there on time. (August 31, 2015) Thank you for your feedback. This is a new shuttle schedule, which has three dedicated shuttles for HLC and DTC and one for ATM and HLC. We will continue to monitor and assess the shuttle service. More specific comments can be sent to or

There should be more lecture classes for various subjects, not only one. (August 29, 2015) HPU offers a variety of courses. Please contact the college deans to discuss future course offerings.

Why are the shuttles coming within 20 minutes instead of 15 minutes? (August 29, 2015) The shuttle changes were made to accommodate for the Aloha Tower and HLC stops. Feedback about the shuttle is welcomed as we continue to monitor and review current shuttle services.

Why is there only one lecture class for CHEM 2030? (August 29, 2015) For fall 2015, two sections of CHEM 2030 were offered, one in class and the other online. This course is offered both fall and spring so if there is a time conflict with another class, the course can be taken in the spring. For more information, please contact your Academic Advisor or the College of Natural and Computational Sciences.

How come the student spaces are not open later since there are residents living there now? (August 29, 2015) If this is in reference to the Aloha Tower student spaces such as the Learning Commons and Lounge, the hours were established based on a variety of considerations. One of the primary factors had to do with past student usage at the libraries, Computer Center, Sea Warrior Center and Sharky's Cove. The data collected over time indicated when students utilized the spaces most during a semester. We understand that over time usage may change, so Libraries, ITS and Student Life will continue to monitor and review the posted hours. Please contact your Student Government Association ( and send them feedback.  

Can you please update the shuttle schedule on the HPU app? Thank you. (August 26, 2015) The schedule was updated on the HPU app on 8/28.

Can you update the shuttle service for fall 2015? (August 24, 2015) To view the fall 2015 shuttle schedule, go to

Pier 5 & 6 aren't ever full. Why won't you let students park there!?! I understand why Irwin park needs to be for shops but that other lot sits empty with HPU vans in it! (August 22, 2015) We are evaluating our overall parking plan, both short-term and long-term. All users will be considered depending on demand.

So are the food eateries going to be open anytime soon? (August 22, 2015) Various food tenants are in different stages of design and permitting.  There is a backlog in permit approvals, which has caused further delays.  We are anticipating some tenants to open around October/November.

Why is my bill so much more difficult to understand? This year there's this tuition plateau charge that I just don't get. Go back to the old way! (July 30, 2015) To understand your bill, please go to the Business Office website in the Frequently Asked Questions regarding how to read the new e-bills -

So, since the faculty that we let go were for performance issues, will they be hiring new folks to take their place? (July 28, 2015) For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot comment on specific positions or personnel actions. However, HPU regularly reviews its personnel needs in light of student demand and program needs, so vacant positions may be filled in different areas than those in which they previously existed.

Why did administration get bonuses while more faculty got laid off? (July 8, 2015) Thank you for your comment. It appears that you have received erroneous information about layoffs and bonuses.No faculty were laid off this year. A small number of contracts were not renewed due to performance issues, as happens every year, but these were personnel matters and not layoffs. In addition, no administrators received bonuses; some took voluntary pay cuts.

Why do I no longer have access to my degree plan? Yet, my advisor cannot even provide me with an answer on why.(May 28, 2015) The degree audit system, known as CAPP, has not been properly programmed or maintained for several years. It became necessary to update the system to provide better service to our students and unfortunately that meant completely starting over with the degree plans. With the advent of the new general education program and the change from 124 credits to 120 credits for all undergraduate degrees, it was determined that the best plan was to remove all the “old” degree information and the new degree requirements would be built from scratch. You can still get a copy of your old CAPP report from your advisor. The new Fall 2015 degree plans are available on Pipeline if you would like to explore your options and consider moving to a new degree plan. Your advisor can assist you in exploring these options and helping you make the best decision for you in completing your degree at HPU.

What's the deal with retirement packages? One of my professors said that she was offered a package and then it was taken away! (May 7, 2015) Retirement packages are given to those faculty members who qualify. Faculty members with specific questions or who believe were given a package in error should contact their college dean.

Why would the university implement and market a new degree program before incorporating the changes into the infrastructure. It's super annoying and even your advisers are clueless! (May 7, 2015) Developing a new degree program is a multi-stage process that include the involvement of faculty which could take 11 months to three years. There may be instances when a new degree is approved before it is offered, This is a longer term process and takes time to implement. Students who are interested in learning more about a new degree program or have specific questions, please contact the Director of Academic Advising at advising@hpu,edu.

Why the security guards not at their station in the AC building? (May 1, 2015) There may be various reasons why the guard is not at the AC office (e.g. assisting other HPU members, addressing a situation on campus). Please contact 236-3515 if you need assistance at HLC.

Why does the wifi become unreliable during the last two weeks of the semester? (May 1, 2015) More information is needed to assess the issue. If you are having trouble with your WiFi connection, please stop by the Computer Center, ETC or send an email to the ITS Services Desk at

Please update new major degree requirements and minor requirement. (April 23, 2015) HPU is currently working on a project to update all undergraduate degree programs to incorporate the changes that go into effect Fall Semester of 2015. These changes include the new general education program and the adjustments from 124 or more credits currently required to earn a bachelor’s degree to a total of 120. Until this project is completed we encourage students to work with their academic advisor if they have questions or need more information. Students can also review sample four-year degree plans that are available on the web by clicking here. This page will also be updated once the degree program update project is complete.

Why did the library cut back its hours from midnight to 11pm the week before finals? (March 15, 2015) This was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made for the spring 2015 semester while still keeping the midnight closure during finals week. One reason for the change is due to staffing. HPU recently posted a vacant position in the library that would help to staff library hours in the future. The other reason had to do with the student utilization. The student traffic dropped down significantly after 11pm prior to finals week. In light of these two reasons, the hours were changed.

With this increase in tuition, are we going to see improvements on the downtown campus and student services? (March 9, 2015) Tuition rates are a part of our general budget process, and can’t really be tracked to particular changes or initiatives. For example, the biggest improvement you’ll see in our Downtown campus will be the opening of the Aloha Tower Marketplace this summer. The Marketplace renovation was not paid for with tuition funds; it was paid for through the sale of bonds. However, the addition of the waterfront lofts, a learning commons, and gathering spaces for HPU ‘ohana and the community will represent an exciting change to our downtown facilities. At the same time, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our campus and services to our students. You can be assured that more improvements are coming. We also hope that you will continue to express your concerns and suggestions for HPU. Your voice is an important part of our planning.

Why can't cabs bring us all the way back to the dorms? (February 28, 2015) For security purposes, residents are dropped off at the front gate by vehicles without a parking pass. Students may then request a security guard for a ride back to the halls.

Why does the WiFi some of of us re-log in every day this semester? (February 24, 2015) If you are having trouble with your WiFi connection, please stop by the Computer Center, ETC or send an email to the ITS Services Desk at

Is HPU prepared for "RansomWeb" attacks on databases? Hackers are targeting databases, encrypting them and demanding ransom for the decryption key. (February 1, 2015) HPU’s aniti-virus implementation blocks the most common malware/ spyware and ransomware. In the event of a disaster or accidental overwrite, HPU would be able to restore its databases.

Why do I consistently have holds on my account when I have paid for everything? (February 1, 2015) Not all registration holds are related to your account. Some may be for other things like a missing transcript or missing financial aid information. You should contact the appropriate office for assistance with any hold listed on your record. If you’re not sure which office to see about a hold, please feel free to contact the registrar’s office for assistance. They will be able to answer your question or point you in the right direction to get help.

Why does HPU charge $10 per electronic transcript? (January 28, 2015) HPU has a contract with a third party vendor to process transcript requests on behalf of the university. There are fees charged to the university for each transcript processed and there is a minimum number of transcripts that must be ordered annually to meet the terms of the contract or additional fees are incurred. There are also fees charged to the university if orders are cancelled. Although an electronic transcript is requested, a majority of the transcript orders for HPU require human intervention at some point in the process. This is mostly due to incomplete or incorrect information that the individual requesting the transcript provides (e.g., incorrect or no student ID number, current last name instead of the name under which the student attended HPU, misspelled names, etc.). If the vendor cannot process a request, an HPU staff member must research the issue locally and resolve the matter before the transcript can be produced and delivered. The $10 transcript fee subsidizes the charges incurred by the university for this service. The good news is the university’s contract with this vendor expires in December of 2016. At that time we anticipate moving our transcript processing service to the National Student Clearinghouse which will greatly reduce the costs to the university. 

Where are the DT and HLC grids that use to be available under course schedules? (January 24, 2015) The link for the course schedules is The grids are listed by semester, not campus.

What is the attendant in the Sea Warrior Center responsible for? (January 22, 2015) The staff at the SWC is there to assist with day to day operations of the student center. If staff are not being responsive to student concerns or feedback, please email the SWC supervisor at The SWC is a very active space, and tends to be a louder environment than other student spaces. We will share student feedback with the SWC staff and ask them to monitor students' volume and unacceptable behaviors more closely. On previous occasions, the staff have asked the more boisterous students to be respectful of others around them.

Business Office is not answering phones during work hours? (January 22, 2015) There are a few ways to get a hold of the Business Office: (1) Stop by the office in the UB builidng, 12th floor from 7:30am to 5pm (during extended hours that ended on January 23, the office was open until 6pm); (2) call them at (808) 356-5272 and leave a message if your call is not answered; and (3) email your question/inquiry to During the early part of the semester the office is busier due to student walk-ins, so students are encouraged to leave a phone message so a staff member can return their call.

Why is morale so low and what is administration doing to improve it? (January 20, 2015) Thank you for your question. Based on our ongoing efforts to maintain communications with faculty and students, it appears that your assumption of low morale is likely mistaken. Instead, we have found that by far the majority of our HPU ‘ohana share our pride and dedication in striving to make our university a place that serves the needs of our students and our community.   That being said, we are all keenly aware of the adjustments we have all had to make over the past year to ensure the financial strength of our university. Some of them have been painful, but all of them have been necessary. Our focus cannot rest solely on what we want today; we must remain aware of what it will take to ensure that our university will continue to fulfill our educational mission far into the future. 

All of us, faculty, staff and students, are working together to continue to pursue our goal of providing our students with outstanding educational opportunities in a stable, sustainable environment. That has meant building pride, pursuing excellence, and fostering transparency in our planning, all with the purpose of moving ahead together.

HPU encourages students to get involved and stay involved. Share your voice with your Student Government Association. Express your own opinions. Commit yourself, as we have, to ensuring the best future for Hawai‘i Pacific University. We hope that our entire university community—including you—will continue to work together to ensure that we are operating from a set of shared values and priorities, and making decisions that reflect well on HPU and support our institutional goals.

Why isn't there a 6:45am shuttle arriving at the downtown campus like last semester? (January 20, 2015) The schedule has been updated to reflect a 6:45am pick up at the downtown shuttle stop. Click here for the updated spring 2015 schedule.

Why are so many staff leaving right in the middle of the year? I tried emailing my financial aid counselor and the email bounced back. She didn't even say goodbye! (December 10, 2014)We’re glad to hear that students develop good working relationship with their counselors. Staff leave for various, and sometimes personal reasons. We have a full staff of counselors to assist students, and are encouraged to stop by the office to make an appointment, or see a walk-in counselor. Students may also email or phone 544-0253 for questions.

Group Study Rooms Online Reservations: Back them up! Yesterday, I reserved a group study room at the Meader Library. Unfortunately, the student room reservation website was down today, so without the ability to access who reserved which room, the librarians gave my room away... (December 8, 2014)We apologize for the inconvenience as the Group Study Room site was unavailable Monday and Tuesday. Access Services staff did not intentionally give away rooms. We will continue to work with HPU's technical department about backing up the reservation system and naming the printers. Thank you for providing us feedback.

What happened to the water cooler in the student center at HLC (next to the fitness center)? (November 25, 2014)The contract with the company expired. Students may use the water fountain located in the Fitness Center.

Please install shelves that students can use to put stuff like books on while using HPU restrooms. (November 21, 2014)Thank you for the suggestion. It has been forwarded to facilities staff for further consideration.

How can students share their ideas on what should be included in Aloha Tower? It seems like it was just purchased and is being renovated without input of what students would like to see in there. (November 20, 2014)There are a number of ways students may share their ideas about the Aloha Tower Project: (1) email Scott Hayashi at; (2) send a message to your Student Government Association at sga@my.; and (3) for questions and comments about the Waterfront Lofts, send a message to During the planning, students took part in a focus group to review the proposed interior design of the Waterfront Lofts; in addition, SGA held town hall meetings to get retail and dining ideas.  

Why does the website still have faculty no longer at HPU? (November 11, 2014)
Various departments (ITS, OAA, and Colleges) will be contacted to update their web pages and directories as appropriate.

Why is the HPU App not working? (November 7, 2014)
If the HPU App is not working, please delete the App from your phone and install the App again. If you are still having trouble, please contact ITS Service Desk at

Why did the student center [near the residence halls] hours get cut back from 2am to midnight on the weekends? It gets to loud in the dorms now! (November 4, 2014)
The decision to close from midnight to 2 am was a result of two factors.  The overall usage was low, ranging for 3 to 9 students depending on the time.  The other is that students don’t want to work that shift so it has been challenging to hire employees to fill the shift.

Why did registration move from 12am to 7am? (November 3, 2014)
There were numerous complaints from students that there were no staff available to assist if registration problems were encountered at midnight. Based on that feedback and upon the recommendation of University Student Success Committee we moved the start time to 7:00 am as there are help desk staff available at that time as well as registrar personnel.

The registration portion never seems to work. And when I try to see my current courses it always says unavailable or not found?! Can we please fix this app, it's a great idea but doesn't work. (October 30, 2014)
The ITS Service Desk has been informed of the HPU mobile app concern. Students having issues with the app are asked to contact the ITS Service Desk directly at Students may also stop by the Computer Center (Downtown Campus, FS building) or the Education Technology Center (Hawaii Loa Campus: Academic Center - 3rd floor) for assistance.

If HPU is committed to sustainability as stated on our website here:, why is the renovation of the Aloha Towers not going to be LEED certified? (October 24, 2014)
To see response, please click here.

I really don't like the direction that HPU is going...getting rid of the GOOD professors and staff while letting BAD one stay is wrong. (October 19, 2014)
HPU seeks to hire and retain employees who are qualified in their area of work and have a strong commitment to educating and serving HPU students. Generally, good people are in high demand and may seek other professional opportunities (or be sought out by others) at some point in their career. There are various evaluation tools available (e.g. end of semester course evaluations, employee evaluations) that are utilized by supervisors/managers that assist them in supporting their employees and/or providing professional growth.

I heard there are no fire sprinklers in the Academic Center at HLC or in the student dorms. I understant that these are older buildings and technically meet code...When does HPU plan on installing better safety measures in its older buildings? (September 29, 2014)
Renovation of HLC residence halls and Academic Center has been identified as a capital funding priority by the President and Board of Trustees. Customarily, the  installation or updating of building systems such as fire sprinklers, fire alarm, air conditioning and other infrastructure improvements is conducted at the time of such building renovation. This results in less disruption to students and faculty and to leverage resources for economies of scale. In the meanwhile, life safety and non-infrastructure improvements at HLC are being made throughout the year.  

The noise level at the Atherton and Meader Libaries have gotten louder. "Would it be possible to have better enforcement of the quiet policy. It has become increasingly difficult to find a place to study!" (October 3, 2014)
This fall, Meader Library consolidated service desks into one desk on the 2nd floor of LB building. While the signage and the Library Noise Policy are in transition, here’s some helpful information: 

One of the best places on the downtown campus is Meader Library.  There are 3 floors for you to use the computers, find great resources, work in groups, do homework, get help from a library staff or just to relax.The library floors (floors 2, 3, and 5) get quieter as you move up.  The 2nd floor, being closest to the ground, is the “collaborative floor” where people can gather, work together, do group work, sit with friends, view a video, or just hang.  Floor 3 is quieter and is perfect for doing homework, quiet collaboration or just to browse the collection.  Floor 5 is the strictly quiet floor and is ideal for focusing on a paper, tackling homework or for reading. 

The Atherton Library at HLC is a Learning Commons, a collaborative environment where moderate talking is expected as students meet to discuss various projects, use study materials or just to unwind from a lab. However, a designated “Quiet Area” is available in the back, with individual study carrels.

At both libraries, if a person(s) is speaking too loudly, please see someone at the service desk.  They can help you relocate to a quieter study area.  Similarly, if someone is being disruptive, let someone at the service desk know.  We would like all students to feel welcome and know that the Library is the place to be!

Questions regarding Aloha Tower Residential Community regarding opening, dining, cost, and staff. (September 29, 2014)
The residential units at the Aloha Tower is expected to open in August of 2015. There will be dining options and staff on site. At this time, housing and dining fees are not available. More information about living at the ATM will be available in fall 2014. Please keep an eye out on Pipeline messages regarding sessions to view roommate layouts and what to anticipate at ATM later in October. For more questions, please send them to

Create an online system to facilitate roommate matches. (September 22, 2014)
Currently, the only program in place for those looking for roommates is on eAds (HPU Pipeline). The Commuter Services office has looked into this, and encourage students to email with more suggestions on what this type of program could look like.

I have not received all my books; why are they delayed? (August 29, 2014)
The Barnes and Noble Bookstore at HPU staff apologizes to students who have not yet received their books. Late shipments do not happen very often; however, they are sometimes unavoidable for a variety of issues including late publication, last minute change to a course, publisher sold out, etc. Specifically for the fall semester, there was a shipment issue, which has caused delays for some courses. While replacement books have been shipped, the Store Manager has contacted HPU faculty about the situation and discussed ways to make ebooks or book chapters available to students when possible until the book shipment arrives. If you have specific questions, please contact Shellee Heen at

"Why are we not told of when academic advisors are leaving?" (July 24, 2014)
We had several professional advisors retire or move on this summer, and we are hiring some new ones; some sent out notes to their adivisees and some did not as we had not yet hired all of the replacements or re-distributed the advising assignments. The current advisor contact list is found here. In addition, the faculty graduate program advisors are taking on some additional responsibilities for graduate advising. If you have not heard from your advisor and need to connect with them, please let them know you would like to meet. For undergraduate advising you can use Genbook which is found on the right hand side on this page; for graduate advising please contact your graduate program advisor directly.

"Why aren't we being notified about the changes in our degree plans in terms of classes no longer being offered? I want to take a certain class, but now it is no longer being offered." (July 6, 2014)
Your degree requirements are based on when you enrolled at the university. If a course is discontinued, you can work with your advisor to substitute for that course. Every year we update the university catalog and that includes changes to degree programs. You may opt to move to the degree requirements in the new catalog or stay with the catalog you enrolled with--just remember that over time we adjust the courses in a degree based on how the academic disciplines evolve.

"I'm receiving pre requisite/test score errors when trying to register but I have met the pre requisites for the classes."
This issues has been resolved, thank you for reporting it. It's important to let your advisor or the Registrar's Office know of any difficulty during the registration process. The more information we have the easier it is to determine where the problem is. In this case a recent software update had an unanticipated consequence and some students were having difficulty registering for courses. Once we identified the problem the issue was resolved quickly.

"Why did the registration system go down when trying to register on the first day?"
There was a Oracle data base error that occurred around midnight, the same time as heavy traffic hit the registration system, causing the system to freeze. Based on student requests future registrations will begin later in the morning when staff are available to more quickly deal with any technical issues that may arise. The latest proposal is to move registration opening from midnight to 7 AM.

"Will the housing at Aloha Tower be ready for fall 14?"
Aloha Tower housing applications will not be accepted for fall 2014. We encourage students to contact Commuter Services for assistance in finding off-campus housing for fall. There will be an off-campus housing fair on 4/22 on Fort Street Mall- representatives from different student housing options will be present to answer questions and take applications.

"The registration function of the HPU APP isn't working..."
The APP is functioning properly, however, on 4/10/14 there was a Oracle database error that occurred around midnight, the same time as registration opened, the error combined with the heavy volume of students trying to register caused the system to freeze, negatively impacting all of the self service modules in banner not just the HPU registration APP. The IT department apologizes for the problems this caused students and they are re evaluating their alert systems to so that problems like this can be fixed quicker.

"Why are the computer labs now closing at 7PM?"
Hours for student services are for the most part determined by the usage but cost does enter into the equation. The number of students using the computer labs after 7PM was weighed against the cost of keeping the Center open after 7. Given that there are more demands for resources than resources available a decision was made to reduce the hours to best reflect the actual usage so that other critical technology projects/services could be funded.   .

" Room 101 at the Hawaii Loa campus is too cold..."
New locks were installed in the door and it should now be possible to close the door without it locking from the outside. Keeping the door closed is critical in managing the temperature in the room, leaving the door open causes the air conditioning to stay on despite the temperature being too cold. Email to report room temperature issues and be sure to indicate the room and the time of the problem so we can continue to work to resolve these issues. Also help us spread the word to keep the doors closed, it will help us regulate the temperature and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing energy use.

HPU APP update
Last semester students asked about being able to register, drop and add courses via the HPU app. The HPU IT department has developed  this feature and it is now available on the HPU APP. Another enhancement requested by students was a link to Blackboard, this is also now available. Last, a student ID icon was added , this feature allows students to take and submit photos from their smart phone for their student ID. Let us know what other features you would like to see on your HPU APP and IT will look into the feasibility.

"Why can't I see my classes on the HPU APP?
Your class schedule is available on the APP by selecting the Courses icon. You will need to log in for this option to be available.

"There is a desperate need for more moped parking. Finding a space is hard in spring but nearly impossible in the fall semester. It would be nice to get a deeper insight as to what "working with city and council" means. When can we expect results?"
In 2012 our Director of Security and Safety was able to get the city ordinance changed to allow mopeds to legally park in bike racks. Since that time he has been working with city departments and private land owners in the area to install additional bike racks. We have not been successful in finding suitable locations that are both convenient to students and offer a secure place to park bikes and mopeds. The Director of Security and Safety is open to suggestions as he tries to help resolve this issue.

"Please consider making the Hawaii Loa campus a smoke-free environment. It would be nice to promote a healthy environment for all students.
This request has ben passed along to the Dean of Students for review. Currently there are only two designated smoking areas on the Hawaii Loa campus. One is across the road from the Dinning Commons, the other is behind the Academic Center. Should anyone have concerns regarding people smoking in non designated areas please contact any security guard on the Hawaii Loa campus or email

"Why do the Libraries close so early?"
Library hours are set based on a number of criteria, two of the main ones are utilization and cost. From a utilization stand point the number of students utilizing the downtown library after 10 PM is minimal. This in part is due to transportation as 10 PM is the last run of many of the major bus lines to and from the downtown areas as well as the HPU shuttle. Even when we have extended hours during countdown to finals the usage after 10PM is minimal compared to before 10PM. On the Hawaii Loa campus historically usage drops significantly after 9 PM so hours were adjusted to the current 9PM closing time. On the cost side their are multiple factors, security, library staffing, and air conditioning are the major ones. When you look at the utilization and the costs it is just not economically feasible for our current libraries to remain open 24/7 as some students have requested. We are trying to address students concerns in this area. On the Hawaii Loa campus we have made classrooms available in the evenings for individual and group study thus creating a 24/7 study space option on that campus. For the downtown campus it has proven more difficult and we have not been able to develop a short term solution, however student study space is envisioned for the Aloha Tower project which will provide students with late night study options.

"Are there plans to use renewable energy to power the Aloha Tower project?
The State of Hawaii has established an aggressive goal of achieving 70% clean energy by 2030. HPU is likewise committed to this transformation and to considering opportunities for clean and sustainable energy alternatives in a socially and fiscally responsible manner. While the current plans do not include any specific program for using renewable energy to power the Aloha Tower project, a variety of alternatives are being explored for each of our campus locations, from recycling to solar energy and beyond.

"What is a Pulse Survey?"
Pulse surveys are a new initiative we are piloting this semester as a result of suggestions from both students and faculty. They provide the opportunity for students to provide feedback directly to their instructors in a confidential manner. They are meant to provide faculty a "pulse" of how the class is going in a timeframe that allows for changes that can impact the current class. We also ask other questions that can help us better service the needs of our students.

"What do you do with information form the Pulse surveys?"
Our goal is to provide faculty the information within three days of the close of the survey so they can make any adjustments necessary. We also distribute comments to the respective departments for their action. For example students identified classrooms that were too cold, having specific classrooms and times allows us to work with the building managers to adjust temperatures and and on the Hawaii Loa campus make the adjustments ourselves. If you are experiencing classrooms that are too cold or too warm please email directly providing the concern, classroom and time so that they may continue to address this situation. Here are some examples of other issues that were raised:

  • "MP240- Music is sometimes coming from the speakers making it difficult to focus on the lecture." A new amplifier was installed in that classroom that seems to be more susceptible to radio frequency interference from the near by broadcast antenna, IT is looking at replacement options, instructors have been reminded to turn the amplifier off when not in use to stop the problem.
  • "MP241-The flat screen is too small for the classroom it's hard to see." IT is looking to see if a larger flat screen can be installed, a projector is not an option in that room due to the configuration.
  • "Nursing Annex- Projector is shaking making it difficult to read the screen." The building is a wooden structure and the air conditioning is causing the vibration of the projector. It is looking at what adjustments can be made to minimize this and for other options.
  • "MP 411-Misc projector and computer issues." One of the controllers cable had come loose, this has been fixed and it was working but additional problems have surfaced IT is actively working to resolve the issues.
  • "AC 101- PowerPoints use to show on both screens, currently only one projector is being used which makes it hard to see from the back of the room." New projectors were recently installed in this classroom, additional hardware needs to be installed to allow for this option, this work is  scheduled for 2/26/14.
  • As a reminder any technical issues in a classroom can be submitted directly to IT for action via by a student or faculty member. Please email the help desk if you encounter any continuing issues.
  • "Warmer Auditorium- complaints about the cleanliness of the floor for Yoga classes" Building maintenance has been notified, please email if this problem reoccurs.

"Could security guards assist vehicles turning left into the Hawaii Loa campus entrance...?
Kamehameha Highway falls under state jurisdiction, HPU security is not permitted to direct traffic on public roadways.

"We need more group study spaces around campus"
There are now five new group study rooms available on the second floor of Meader Library. There are also group study spaces available on the second floor of the Computer Center on the downtown campus, see the front desk for assistance. On the Hawaii Loa campus students may use classrooms for late night, individual or group, study.  See security to sign into a room.

"Is the login for the mobile app the same as Blackboard?"
The username and password for Blackboard, Pipeline and the mobile app are all the same, the username and password for cloud based services and wireless have a different password which the student creates in Pipeline under the Tech Support tab > network/wireless account control panel.

"How come the HPU summer courses are not out to view yet"
The summer course schedules can be found on the HPU web site under the Academics tab, select the Course Schedules link or go to :

"When will HPU install fire sprinklers in the  Academic Center (HLC)?
The Academic Center was built 40 years ago, well before the 1991 law requiring sprinklers in most commercial buildings. As such the building is exempt and not required to have sprinklers. There are no plans at this time to install sprinklers.

"I have a hard time studying because the library (Hawaii Loa campus) was really cold!"
This was also a common complaint in the end of course evaluations, in particular in classrooms on the Hawaii Loa campus. This concern was shared with our new Director of Facilities Management and immediate action was taken. We do however need your assistance. Locks on exterior doors have been modified to allow them to stay unlocked during the day, please close all exterior doors upon entering or exiting the building. If a room is too cold or too warm email facilities at and they will monitor the situation and adjust the settings as needed. If exterior doors are left open we can not maintain stable temperatures and some spaces will remain too cold while others may be warm. With your kokua (assistance) we can address this situation and make our spaces more comfortable and save resources.

"The online bookstore should indicate if a book is sold out or not"
Unfortunately the system used does not provide that information. For the latest information on the status of books go to

"We have received multiple reports regarding shuttle overcrowding particular in the mornings."
There have been multiple traffic issues along the Pali Highway during the first few weeks of the semester that have delayed some of the shuttles, we are monitoring the situation and working with the management of the shuttle company. Please allow extra time, particularly in the morning, if you are using the shuttle service.

" I am having trouble logging into the mobile app."
Contact the help desk at and they will be happy to walk you through the process.

Why are textbooks so expensive, even the used ones?"
There are multiple factors that drive the cost of text books, shipping and lease costs are big ones for us here in Hawaii but this isn't just an issue at HPU it's nation wide. Some of the things you can do to reduce costs include, renting vs buying, using ebooks and buying used books directly from other HPU students via My eAds under the @HPU tab in Pipeline.

"Can we have more people to assist us at the end and beginning of the semester?"

Advisors have added additional walk in hours.  Hours for Advising, the Registrar, Financial Aid and the Business Office have been extended to 6:00 PM weekdays until January 24th. Note the University is closed on Monday January 20 in observation of MArtin Luther King Jr. Day.

"There should be more parking stalls available for students without stickers..."
If you are unable to find a non-sticker parking stall please see security for assistance and they will help you find a spot to park.

"There should not be faculty or students smoking under the back lanai on the Hawaii Loa campus."
The area you mention is a nonsmoking area, please report any smoking in this area to security so that they can talk with the individuals involved.

"Why were the club budgets reduced significantly?"
Individual club budgets were reduced to allow for a larger number of clubs. Additional funds can be requested via the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee for those clubs that need additional funds.  Contact for the next funding request deadline.

" We need additional food options on both campuses"
Additional vending machines were added to the second floor of MP, in the student lounge in the AC and in the Student Center in the Student Center. Initially there was some difficulty with having enough power in some of these locations to power the additional machines. This has now been resolved and additional options are now available.

"Please add another microwave to the student lounge in the Academic Center on the Hawaii Loa campus."
A second microwave has been added.

"Please consider extending library hours on at least one of the campuses, or Sharky's Cove downtown..."

Countdown to Finals this fall will include extend hours for multiple locations on both campuses for studying. In addition classrooms on the Hawaii Loa campus can be used after the library closes for individual or group study all semester. Ask the security guard on duty in the Academic Center and they will check you into a room.

"Why is the Student Center on the Hawaii Loa campus no longer available 24/7?"
Unfortunately a series of incidents involving students not following Student Center rules late at night and early in the morning has resulted in that privilege being suspended. Student Life is looking into these incidents and trying to determine future status of late night hours.

"Why don't we have more outdoor seating on Fort Street Mall?"
Fort Street Mall is a City of Honolulu park and as such there are various regulations regarding what we can and can not do. Adding additional seating would need to be approved by the city. Your Student Government Association is looking into this.

"Turn down the  air conditioning, it is a waste of electricity and everyone is freezing in class"
We have been working with the various building managers to adjust cooling in the offices and classrooms. Please provide specific locations and times when reporting classrooms that are too cold or too warm. Unfortunately there are no easy solutions and the temperature in a classroom can be impacted by several factors making it difficult to control. The number of students in the class, and the class prior to yours, the outside weather, time of year and other unique aspects of each building can all impact the temperature. The more information you can provide the more likely it is that we can work to resolve the situation.

"Is it possible to have more music study rooms?..."
There are many competing demands for space on both campuses. A firm has been hired and is working with the University on a Campus Master Plan. Several town hall style meetings and workshops have been held this semester by the firm to receive input from students, faculty and staff on the development of a plan that will guide the university for the next couple of decades as it develops the physical aspects of the University to meet the demands of the future. Hopefully you were able to participate in one of these events to voice your concerns regarding music practice rooms.

"Various shuttle concerns..."
We continue to work with the shuttle provider to address your concerns. Your continued and ongoing feedback is critical to keeping this service working as well as possible. Please continue to send in your comments or contact Wayne Fernandez, Director of Campus Securityand Safety at Corrective actions are being taken for all of the issues that are being raised.

"More and more students are commuting to school on mopeds, yet the HPU campus does not have the needed parking HPU students require."
The university has been working with the City and County of Honolulu to try and address this situation, there is limited space available for moped parking and we are looking for alternative sites that are safe and convenient to campus. 

"Would it be possible to get a direct link to Blackboard on either the pipeline or the HPU homepage?"
Students can access Blackboard by clicking on My Courses in Campus Pipeline and directly at

"Why is WiFi weak in some locations on campus?"
There was a major effort this summer on the Hawaii Loa campus to improve WiFI, a similar review and improvement will be conducted downtown this year. Please provide details on specific locations where you are experienced weak or no signals so these problems can be resolved.

"Problems with the Shuttle..."
Update: A meeting was held with the Shuttle company. Many of the delays have been caused by mechanical breakdowns of the vehicles. New vehicles were ordered and have arrived on island, they should be in rotation soon. When breakdowns do occur the company has agreed to dispatch an emergency shuttle to pick up the stranded students, this shuttle and the replacement shuttle will stay in service until all backlogs are addressed. A new policy will has also been put into place. Once a shuttle is full it will leave regardless of the scheduled time. This will help get more students to their destination more quickly, however, it may mean shuttles are not on schedule. Shuttles will not leave early if they are not at full capacity, they will wait for their scheduled time. Continue to send concerns to the contact below as you see problems.

We have received concerns related to the shuttle and are actively working with the shuttle company to resolve the issues. Thank you for those sharing the details, times and location, of problems with us. The more information we have available the faster we can respond to your concerns. Please continue to share any shuttle related concerns with Wayne Fernandez, Director of Campus Security and Safety, at and at

"You should get one of those ID money re loaders in Sharky's Cove..."
We are looking into an online recharging option that would allow students to add funds to their card without having to go to a physical location.

"We need more food options on both the downtown and Hawaii Loa campus in particular for evening students"
Additional vending machines were added on the second floor of MP and on the Hawaii Loa campus in the Academic Center Lounge and in the Student Center (below the cafeteria). Look for signs soon on the machines for a phone number to text notifications of items running out or requests for new items to be added. 

"The shuttle schedule has not been updated on the HPU phone APP"
Thanks for brining this to our attention, the information has been updated.

"The new online bookstore is extremely disappointing, there is really no merchandise, unlike before"
As part of the transition to a Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore there are many positive changes taking place. One of these is the introduction of new computer systems to better serve students. Unfortunately the old and new systems are not compatible and the priority was to get text books up as quickly as possible. You will see additional merchandise being added to the online store through out the semester and by the end of the semester all of the merchandise available in the store should also be available online. Look for a new and greatly expanded campus book at Aloha Tower by early summer where you will find a major increase in merchandise as well as places to meet and mingle.

"How do I access my email on my phone or other mobile devices?"
Log into Campus Pipeline, select the Tech Support tab. Look for the Network/Wireless Account Panel and select Gmail FAQ's, select How do I set up my Gmail account on my phone, select your device. There will be detailed instructions on how to set up your mobile device, should you have any difficulty call the helpdesk at 808-544-4444 and they will walk you through it.

"Why are the books for fall 2013 not on the bookstore web site yet?
The HPU bookstore will be run by Barnes and Noble College Bookstores starting this fall. Due to this transition there has been a delay in posting fall books. The web site is expected to be back up and running on August 9th, we apologize for any inconvenience this is causing our students. 

"Why must HPU have a student activity fee? I don't attend HPU events..."
The student activity fee was established by the Student Government Association after sending out surveys and holding town hall meetings and hearing overwhelmingly that students supported the fee. Most universities have a activity fee and HPU's is very modest compared to other private as well as many public schools. These funds are controlled primarily by your fellow students via the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) . The majority of this committee are students with only a few faculty and staff. If you have concerns about the student activity fee you are encouraged to contact the Student Government Association at .

"Great Page! Some advice: you should change the color of the font no this page. It gets difficult to read after a while."
Thanks, I'll be sure to pass that along to the web master, there are a limited number of color choices and the blue green was selected to make it easier to skim through and find questions that might be relevant to each viewer. If you have other suggestions as how to make this page easier to view let us know!

"Why do students have to be registered for a summer session in order to get the Summer Upass?"
Upass is a City and County of Honolulu program for university students. In order to participate, students must be registered for the summer  semester to purchase a Summer Upass.

"Why can't I sign in on the courses part of the HPU app?"
Contact the help desk at for assistance for this, or any other HPU app or technology related issues.

"The shuttle should run every half hour in the summer. It also does not match up well with the end time of my course and I have to wait almost an hour for the next one. "
The number of shuttle riders in the summer make it cost prohibitive to run the shuttle more than once an hour. I will however communicate your concern regarding the class end time and the time the shuttle picks up to the Dean's and ask that they be better coordinated in the future. Currently shuttle times are optimized based on the start of classes. Classes do not all end at the same time making it much more difficult to take class ending times into consideration, however, we will look into this.

"Why can't we park closer to the Academic Center in the evenings? "
The University is looking at this and other parking related issues and we hope to rollout new options in the fall. 

"Is there a place we can scan documents on campus?"
You can now scan color and black and white documents to a USB drive for free using the print stations around campus.

"Why can't we cash out money left over on our ID cards for printing... its our money from the technology fee we pay."
The technology fee helps cover a portion of the technology related cost, so there is not a pot of unused money sitting around to make cash refunds from. As part of the fee we provide credit on your card that can be used for printing, we understand that not all students will use all of this credit and that is factored in to the overall fee structure.

"Veggie cups just appeared at the dining commons stand on the HLC lanai, keep those around! Also , the pb&j with crunchy pb and strawberry is a huge improvement..."
We have passed that along to the food service manager, letting us know what you like so we can keep doing it is a big help!

"We need places where students can study 24/7."
We have been able to meet this request on the Hawaii Loa campus by making the Student Center 24/7 with HPU ID access. We have also made Hawaii Loa classrooms available by request for individual or group study, doors can be opened by contacting security on the first floor of the Academic Center. It is more difficult to accomplish this on the downtown campus due to the layout of the buildings and the access to public transportation after midnight. We continue to look for creative ways to solve this issue downtown.

"Why is Staff listed instead of the specific faculty member on the schedule? We want to know who the professors are when we are registering."
The schedule comes out well in advance and the university does not always know at that time who will be teaching the course. We don't want to list a faculty member until we are certain who will be teaching it. Your concern has been noted and we will do our best to have the latest information posted.

"Why are we not notified when we have a change in advisors?"
Advisors are expected to notify students when this occurs, it was found that not all advisors were consistently doing this. The department is working on improving communications with students. Please feel free to contact Dr. Deborah Baker, Asst. VP Academic Affairs for Advising at for any additional concerns regarding advising as well as posting comments on this web page.

"Faucet broken in MP bathroom..."
Repairs have been made.

"Shuttle driver driving dangerously..."
Driver was identified, was reprimanded and will no longer be driving a HPU shuttle.

"Campus pipeline senior tab is not up to date."
Departments were notified and the page and it's links should now be updated, Please let us know if there are additional concerns regarding the senior tab or ideas about what information you would like to see here.

"Multiple complaints regarding the temperature in classrooms in particular in the MP building"
We are working with the building manager on options. This is an on going issue and is more complex than it would seem. The temperature in any individual classroom is dependent on multiple variables including, the outdoor temperature, the time of the day and the impact of direct sunlight, the number of students in the classroom, the number of students in the previous class, and the number of people in the building to name a few. These factors are constantly changing throughout the day and cooling systems have a difficult time keeping a constant temperature due to the large changes in multiple variables.

"Why isn't the Library open earlier on the weekends?"
Usage statistics are kept at both Library's and times are based on providing hours that best meet the needs of the majority of the students. The University is looking into ways to provide more access to study spaces on both campuses"

"Why isn't there a guard at the shuttle stop?"
There is a guard responsible for the top of the Fort Street Mall by Beretania to monitor the Shuttle Stop across Beretania as well as the area fronting MP and the bike racks on Fort Street Mall. If you need to reach security on the downtown campus at any time call 808-753-7304, you can find this and other emergency numbers on the HPU APP under the emergency numbers icon.

"When will HPU have a sports facility for basketball?"
Part of the initial plans for the Aloha Tower Marketplace development calls for a "home court" for our basketball and volleyball programs as well as the opportunity for recreational use for all students. Architects are looking at the feasibility of this and as a Campus Master Plan is developed for the university timelines will be developed and shared with the university stakeholders including students. Check your email for announcements for meetings that will be held to solicit student input as the plan is developed. Student input is critical in the plan development which is expected to take place over the next 3 to 12 months.

"There should be larger, more high profile events/entertainment for students"
With the addition of the student activity fee for next year the Campus Activities Board (CAB) will have significantly more funds to put on campus wide events. For more information on CAB go to CAB

"I would like to suggest the use of HPU lanyards for student Id's to facilitate entry checks by security"
This has been passed along to First Year Programs and Orientation. There are some security concerns about this and the possibility of theft of Id's and keys if they are left on lanyards.

"More fans needed in the Fitness Center"
Additional fans have been installed.

"More dodge ball tournaments!"
This request has been passed along to Campus Recreation, if you are interested in this or other intramural opportunities contact Sky Wilson, Coordinator of Campus Recreation, at

"There should be more food options on the Hawaii Loa Campus... longer hours in the dinning hall"
Student Affairs is in contract discussions with our food service provider and they are looking at the possibility of extending the service hours. In addition we are working with the vendor providing the machines in the Student Lounge to provide a wider assortment of products including more gluten free options.

"On the unofficial transcript in Pipeline my entire birth date is shown, can't we just show the day and month without the year?"
This request was reviewed and approved by the Registrar's Office, changes have been made.

"Why isn't this page updated on a weekly basis"
Wish I had a good answer for that one, I've set a side time on my calendar for weekly updates and will do my best.

"Does HPU have mobile learn from Blackboard?"
Yes, students may access Blackboard via their smart phones by downloading the app from itunes or on android devices from Play Store. There is a small fee for the app,  for more information go to

"Why were students never alerted about the change of our new logo?"
Several students were part of a group that worked with the designer on the logo. Logo changes and updates at universities and major corporations are never easy and seem to bring forth very emotional responses. The current logo and font used are very difficult to use in digital media so like many schools confronting this issue it was determined that a change was needed. Input was solicited from students,staff, faculty and alumni before a final design was settled on. Articles appeared in the Kalamalama and based on additional feedback after sharing the design in open forums slight modifications were made. Will everybody be 100 % pleased with the end result, no, but it is great to see so many people passionately engaged around the representation of their university in our logo.

"Why don't I have the choice to receive Pipeline emails as a digest vs multiple emails a day?"
HPU is currently looking at options for updating the email system to provide better service for our students including this option.

"HPU App- Add other events not just athletics to the calendar, add access to pipeline, add access to the online library resources, create a app to track the HPU shuttle..."
All ideas regarding the HPU app are being forwarded to the team working with the developer, they are actively looking at implementing as many of your ideas as possible, keep the ideas coming!

"Why do we have to log in everyday for our WiFi devices?"
Students now only have to log in at the beginning of each semester, if you are having any difficulties with your WiFi device on campus call 566-2411 or email

"Crossing sign lights broken on Kamehameha Hwy in front of the Hawaii Loa campus broken."
The university is working with the Department of Transportation and requesting that this be fixed as soon as possible.

"The HPU app is not compatible with Google mobile devices."
The developer, Dub Labs, hopes to have a compatible version for Tablets and Win 8 this summer.

"Why isn't American Sign Language (ASL) offered...?"
There has not been enough sustained interest demonstrated for this to be offered at this time. If there are others interested in this please respond.and we can look into this further.

"Since so many students live in Waikiki...why can't HPU provide a shuttle service like the one between the Hawaii Loa campus and downtown?"
The university requested bids for a shuttle service to Waikiki but the costs were too high. This comment has been forwarded to the task force for student transportation and parking for additional review.

"Career Services needs to provide services on the Hawaii Loa campus."
Career Services is now providing office hours on the Hawaii Loa campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call Career Services at 544-0230 or for an appointment

Students have expressed concerns regarding class schedules and conflicts in the schedule that pose problems for registration.
A task force, including staff, faculty and students, has been established to look into the problems raised by students and determine solutions.

"Why isn't the Fitness Center and Student Center on the Hawaii Loa campus open later?"
The Fitness Center and the Student Center are now open 24/7 for student use. You will need a valid HPU ID card to enter

"The bookstore should provide ebooks to rent..."
The manager of the bookstore is looking into this option.

"Clocks in many of the classrooms are not working properly, in particular AC 203, 204 and Nursing Annex. This causes students to be late to other classes..."
When checked all clocks in the AC were correct, will monitor situation. Clock in the Nursing Annex was replaced. Please let us know of any others not working properly.

"Have janitors clean at closing eliminate noisy distractions"
The Facilites department has been made aware of this concern and have resolved this with the various buildings, please email facilities if this reoccurs.

"Atherton Library ( Hawaii Loa campus) needs to be open later  (multiple requests) "
After talking to various students the largest concerned seemed to be a lack of study space in the evenings. Classrooms are now available after the Library closes for individual and group study. See the security guard in the lobby of the Academic Center for assistance.

"Windward Campus shuttle stop information boards needs better usage to alert students of commuter information."
Commuter Services has been notified and will make better use of the board.

"Why does HPU not have a student activity fee.."
Your Student Government Association has researched this topic, conducted surveys, town hall meetings and focus groups. They have approved a student activity fee starting for the fall 2013 school year with funds to be administered through the Campus Activity Board and Student Government Association.

"Dinning commons should have grab and go containers so students can grab something but eat at a time that better works for you"
This service is available, ask the Dinning Room Manager about this and other options available to you.

"Why are you guys checking id's at the LB building..."
Id checks were put into place after concerns were raised about a problem with unauthorized individuals accessing the building and being disruptive. It is hoped that this is a temporary situation.

"Atherton Library (Hawaii Loa campus) isn't open late enough, once it closes we do not have a place to study"
Classrooms have been made available for individual or group studying on the Hawaii Loa campus in the evenings. Contact the security guard in the lobby of the academic center for assistance.

"HPU phone app should have a link to Blackboard"
There is a separate mobile app for Blackboard available. There is a small fee charged by BB $1.99 for one year or $5.99 fpr unlimited. This is a universal app regardless of which school you attend so if you are considering graduate school the unlimited rate may be the best choice even if you are a senior. For more information go to:

"HPU phone app-multiple suggestions including adding access to pipeline , email,  grades, adding course number..."
IT is working on these additions to the app, keep the suggestions coming!"

"Concerns raised about security on Fort Street Mall, in particular after evening classes are finished"
Additional security guard added to the evening shift.

"HPU should provide spaces for students to be able to Skype for personal use or for job interviews"
Skype booths have been established downtown the Sea Warrior Center and in Atherton Library on the Hawaii Loa campus, see staff in these areas to reserve time.

"Parking policies on the Hawaii Loa campus should be changed"
The University Student Success Committee has established a task force on transportation and parking that includes students faculty and staff. This task force is expected to have a proposal to the committee with  recommendations for implementation in fall 2013.

"Students need more storage space on the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)"
IT staff are looking at this issue and hope to have increased storage capacity available for students in the spring semester.

"Hours for the Student Center and Fitness Center on the Hawaii Loa campus need to be expanded"
Updates are underway to provide 24/7 access for students to these centers via their student id cards and should be in place at the beginning of the spring semester or shortly thereafter.

"Why don't we offer additional languages like Tagalog at HPU?"
Occasionally requests for additional languages do come in to the Language Department and while they would love to expand their offerings there are fiscal limits. In order to offer any language there needs to be sufficient demand so enrollments can come close to covering the costs of offering the course. The demand also needs to be sustainable over many years to make is feasible. Currently even with the languages offered, enrollment in upper level courses is lower than desired so right now adding additional languages is not being planned.

"Career Services not represented on the Hawaii Loa campus"
Starting in the spring semester Career Services will pilot office hours on the Hawaii Loa campus to better serve Nursing, Health Science and Natural Science students.

"Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) in the Computer Lab are taking a long time to load the home screen"
During the first week of December IT did some emergency work to address this. Log in times have been reduced, additional work is scheduled over winter break to improve the speed.

"Verizon doesn't have good coverage on the Hawaii Loa campus can't they put up a tower closer to campus?"
Verizon is currently in the permitting process to install new tower that would better serve the Hawaii Loa campus and surrounding area.

"Why can't we eat while using the computers in the Library and in the Computer Center?"
The university is looking to create additional study spaces for students that would allow students to eat while they work. Currently the Library and Computer Center do not allow this due to concerns over disrupting other students, and an increase in pest associated with consuming food.

"Lights not working properly on the courts on the Hawai‘i Loa campus, going off too early."
New timer installed… GAME ON!

"The printer in the student center on the Hawai‘i Loa campus does not work."
Staff from the Computer Services Department are now checking the printer and computers in the student center on a daily basis.

"Problems using group study rooms in the Library and Computer Center."
Policies reviewed and updated, providing more student access.