HPU Students Win Prizes at Annual Phi Alpha Theta Conference

Hawai’i Pacific University’s History, Diplomacy and Military Studies, and Political Science students won prizes at the Annual Hawaii State Phi Alpha Theta Conference held via Zoom on April 9-10, 2021. HPU History faculty Dr. Jon Davidann chaired a panel at the conference and Dr. Bryan Gibson served as a judge. Congratulations to all the HPU students on their accomplishments!


Best Undergraduate Paper

Winner: History Major Daria Rae Baer (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper Utopian Escapism, Where No Woman Had Gone Before

The Idus Newby Prize in Historiography

Winner: DMS Graduate Student Andrew Merz (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper The British Middle East Campaign in World War I: A Brief Historiography of an Oil Origin Story

The Herbert Margulies Prize in American History

Honorable Mention:

Political Science Major Christopher Albritton (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper Megaregions and the New Sectionalism: Understanding Regional Division in the United States of America

The Fritz Rehbock Prize in the History of Science, Technology, Exploration, and Medicine

Winner: DMS Graduate Student Geoff Ross (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper Arctic Oil Drilling in the Chukchi Sea

The Robert G. McGlone Prize in Biography or Oral History

Honorable Mention: History Major Noah Hull (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper A Modern Day Voltaire: Bernstein’s Candide

The Jerry H. Bentley Prize in Comparative, Cross-Cultural, or Transnational World History

Honorable Mention: DMS Graduate Student Troy Howell (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper Divergent Outcomes of Oil Nationalization: a Comparison of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela

The Marc Jason Gilbert Prize in the History of Global Conflicts and the Search for Peace

Winner: DMS Major Michael Collat (Hawai‘i Pacific University) for the paper Suez: The Middle East Crisis that Completely Transformed Western Alliances