The 2021 HPU Short Script Contest Winners Announced

The 2021 HPU Short Script Contest Winners Announced

Best Original Scripts 

 1ST PLACE:  Daniel Ryan Charaba for Unexpected – A Submarine Story - A clever exchange of witty banter among well-developed characters. The careful details and clear script instructions make this scenario easy to visualize; it would truly be a fun performance to watch! 

2ND PLACE:  Charles Jonsson for Red Line - This skillfully written script delivers an intriguing premise through purposeful dialogue and internal narrative. Extensive details provide intriguing imagery, set the scenes clearly and reflect the protagonist’s motivation. This vivid imagery is enhanced by cartoon caricatures of personified thoughts. Just when we’re wondering where this story is taking us, it comes to an abrupt yet oddly satisfying end. 


John Digges for A Rich Man - This script is well-written with a solid and well-developed plot, very good descriptive details, meaningful dialogue, and a surprise ending. The interaction between George and the Old Bum is especially touching. 

Colin Heacook for Scorned - Scorned is very cinematic--seems made to be filmed, to be watched. Every page has tension--we do not know quite what is going on at any time. All the way to the end…and what an interesting, kinky twist! Even then this script shows without telling--e.g., the boyfriend sees his own video on the camera, not the girlfriend's new video. 

 Best Adapted Scripts 

1ST Place:  Charles Jonsson for Sacred Pie: Prologue (based on a comic of the same name by Phil Shaw) - This adaptation serves as the Pilot/Preview for the 8-volumes (?) of comic drama…through this script we could easily see the reality of production! Very good writing, with loads of descriptive detail, vivid characters, engaging, entertaining dialogue and exciting action! 

2ND PLACE: Daniel Ryan Charaba for The Genesis Project (based on the Book of Genesis) - A unique adaptation of a chapter in a “good book.” Entertaining and engaging, but also serious and substantive. Well-written, suspenseful, clever interpretation of roles and relevance of Trees of Knowledge and Life! 


Lauren Grace Treit for Under the Floorboards (based on the story "Tell-tale Heart by Edgar A. Poe) - Well-written twist on a classic; very strong visuals, good descriptive details, essential tension and suspense even with the predictable pulse of the heartbeat and ticking clock… 

John Digges for Tulsa (based on a historical account in New World Coming by Nathan Miller) - Startling but not surprising dialogue considering the period piece and setting; very good visuals, with effective uncertainty and tension leading to an abrupt conclusion; lots of action in a 7-page script!  

The judges, current and former member of the Department of English and Applied Linguistics involved in drama, film, and scriptwriting, selected this year’s winners from 23 submissions presented to them anonymously.  The contest is open all HPU students.  The deadline is Dec. 21st every year. Prizes are scholarship in the amount of $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place. The contest is supported by the Mark David Bauer Fund. For additional information on the HPU Short Script Contest, contact Mark Tjarks at or 566-2445.