First Look Poster Competition: Open to All HPU Students

First Look Poster Competition: Open to All HPU Students

First Look Mixed Media 2020 winning poster

The Multimedia Programs have announced the 2021 First Look Mixed Media Festival Poster Design Competition. We are open to all design styles, and the contest is open to all HPU students. The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 22, at 5 p.m. 

Questions on the competition? Contact Associate Professor Pete Britos, Ph.D.,, or Assistant Professor William "Quest" Kennelly,   

Competition Specifications: 

  • Your Challenge is to create the 2021 First Look poster.
  • Create at least two files, one for print, one for the web.
  • Print Specs: 22.5X28.5 (includes bleed); 300 dpi
  • Web Specs: 22X28; 1000 pixels height; jpg file
  • Please provide your image in High-Resolution and Low-Resolution, as well as your original PSD or Illustrator or other file
  • We will accept animated or motion graphics First Look "Posters" or time-based teasers.
  • Packages w/ POSTER and TIME-BASED encouraged.
  • Electronically Deliver ZIP file to:, and
  • Or, HAND-DELIVER ALL FILES on Flash Drive to Professors for Upload. 

What to Include:

  • 2021
  • A main image/brand
  • First Look Mixed Media Festival
  • Hawaii Pacific University/HPU
  • HPU/Hawaii Pacific University LOGO
  • Cinematic & Multimedia Arts
  • Curators: Pete Britos, Quest Kennelly
  • Sponsors: HPU Cinematic Multimedia Club (CMMC), College of Liberal Arts, Department of Communication, Cinematic & Multimedia Arts Program
  • Designed by YOUR NAME
  • Add whatever else you think works