Cinematic Multimedia Arts Students on the Front Line of the New Normal

Students in Creative Narrative Production (MULT 3600), taught by Associate Professor Peter Britos, Ph.D., are in class adhering to best practices for cinematic and creative crews in the HPU Green Screen Studio and Sharky's Cove. 

Students from Britos' upper-level film production class pitched their final projects, which they will then write, produce, and digitally edit by the end of the semester. 

Cinematic production is a complex collaborative endeavor, and student writers, producers, directors, and camera persons occupy multiple positions on a set over the semester. Professionals in news and information industries are essential workers and continue to work during the COVID pandemic, albeit with new precautions.  

Neither the news stations nor the production studios have gone silent. Instead, they are practicing new ways of doing things. Britos' students train for the new and evolving work environment by taking precautions like wearing masks and gloves, social distancing, wiping down the gear, and respecting each other's space.