Coming Together as a Community: A Q and A with Our Student Retention Specialist

Coming Together as a Community: A Q and A with Our Student Retention Specialist

Coming Together as a Community: A Q and A with Our Student Retention Specialist, Elizabeth Bay

Tell us about challenges in shifting to an online working environment

I think the biggest challenge was finding creative ways to connect with colleagues and students. I never realized how much of the work we do is connecting with people. I spent a lot of time on the phone, and although it's good to hear people's voices I am glad to talk with them in person.  

   What are some of the ways things changed for you at home?  

I spent a lot more time cooking and cleaning than before. My husband and I love to cook, and this was a great opportunity to try new recipes, experiment, and cook every meal. We've even perfected a pie dough recipe and made a couple of killer pies.  

     What did you miss the most working remotely?  

I'm glad to see everyone and to be back in a fun office environment. As our students start return, it has been great to see them in person to help and collaborate with them. One of my favorite parts of working in higher education is being part of a team with the same common goal of helping students succeed, and I enjoy being in a creative, friendly, collaborative environment where we can work towards that goal.  

    Of all the ways our community, or our world, has changed because of COVID-19, what is something you hope will continue even after we have a sense of “all clear?”   

I have been incredibly impressed with the sense of community and understanding that has come from this. My colleagues have been wonderful in helping to look out for students who may be going through difficult times and finding ways to support them. I’ve also noticed the community coming together more than usual even though we were separated for a while, and I hope that continues.