Announcing the HPU 2020 First Look Mixed-Media Festival Award Winners

Announcing the HPU 2020 First Look Mixed-Media Festival Award Winners

The 2020 First Look Mixed-Media Festival went entirely online this past week. The two-hour program held simultaneously on ZOOM, Facebook Live, and Facebook Watch Party was screened fully online for the first time in its 11-year history of live events. It was hosted by a graduating senior and President of the HPU Cinematic Multimedia Club Feena Bonoan (BA Cinematic Arts: Multimedia Cinematic Productions). The program included the semester’s best student photography, motion pictures, motion graphics, animation, documentary, long-form screenwriting, and experimental filmmaking. Curators picked the best projects and digital media course work of the semester. Projects include sizzle reels, photography, stories about COVID-19, 3D animation, and experimental filmmaking. Congratulations to all the artists, designers, writers, animators, photographers, editors, and filmmakers! 

HPU First Look Mixed-Media Award Winners: 

Best Picture – Feena Bonoan, The Wall: AntiPosteriori

Best Screenplay – Emma Williams, An Unfortunate Reality

Best Cinematography – Ashlynn Wells, Being Seen

Best 3D Character Build – Alayna Call

Best 3D Animation Overall – Darin Rolark

Best Motion Capture Animation – William Braddock

Best Photography – Cierra Wall Photography Reel

Best Documentary – Ramon Brockington, Pow Wow Art Festival 2020

Best Sizzle/Demo Reel – Sean Roberts Demo Reel

Best Editing – Risa Sakai, Sean Roberts, Cierra Wall, Laura Standley, Elizabeth Sozio, sk!d; Kyle Tisdale, A Skate Video

Best Feature Film Screenplay: Sue DeMinico, Seaworthy

Favorite Coping with COVID-19 Film, Alyssa Acob, quaran-time with alyssa and the fam

To see working drafts of some of the mixed-media projects, visit:


Screenshot of SK!D project, which won the Best Editing award