First-generation student Ashlynn Wells - Hawaii Pacific University

HPU Student: Ashlynn Wells

Overcoming obstacles has been a part of Ashlynn Wells’ journey throughout her life. As the daughter of a Cambodian refugee who fled during the Khmer Rouge, Wells was instilled with a drive to better her life for herself and her family. In her four years at HPU, the Houston, Texas native has fully immersed herself in the culture both on the island and on campus. Ashylnn is pictured on the right in this photo.

During her time here, Wells participated in the Tomodachi Kakehashi Inouye Scholars Program, a fully paid study abroad experience in Japan, was an orientation leader for incoming freshmen, a President’s Ambassador, a prestigious honor for select students to assist with philanthropic efforts, and worked for the University’s Communications and Marketing department, helping to create social media content, take photos, and write collateral.

Following graduation this Spring, Wells hopes to pursue her MBA and continue her journey toward being a life-long learner who inspires others, “I hope to always keep learning because I think education is so powerful. I have continuously beat the odds of someone in my circumstances and I want people to be inspired by me and believe that they too can do it.”