Continuing in Unity and Caring about Our Community: A Q and A with a Nursing Major

Continuing in Unity and Caring about Our Community: A Q and A with a Nursing Major

In this Q & A with Brielle Hudik, she shares what she is up to with her courses, extracurricular activities, and work. Hudik, who is very involved in campus life, is Student Body Vice President and a Community Advisor at the Waterfront Lofts. This month, through online activities, Hudik and Student  Body President Elana Boise are committed to raising awareness about Sexual Assault Awareness Month.    

What’s worked well as you’ve adjusted to online instruction?

I found a routine that works best when I am doing work at the times I would normally have class or right before them if they are conference class calls. It took me a bit to find my rhythm, but it also allows me to have more flexibility in order to prioritize certain assignments. 

What activities have you been involved with in this new, temporary situation?

Even though everything is currently online, we still hold Student Government Association (SGA) meetings every Friday, advisor meetings once a week, Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee meetings once a week, and class twice a week! My family and I try to have group video calls and catch up (since they are on the east coast). For SGA, President Boise and I have been working hard to spread awareness about Sexual Assault Awareness Month and put on online events to help emphasize the importance of it. 

What are some of the ways things have changed for you at home?

I am taking extreme precautionary measures! I work with an assisted living facility, so it can be easy to contract the virus or carry it. Due to my patients being in a more vulnerable population, I try my best to take the best measures. Before every shift, I rinse off, change clothes, and clean my area as much as I can before starting. When I come home, I disinfect my personal belongings, jump in the shower, and clean. I’m becoming better with a new ‘normal’ routine and getting school work done, checking in with family/ friends, and trying to find self-care time. It does seem harder to find a good sleep schedule, but it’s all a process! 

What are you looking forward to the most when we get past our sheltering and distancing?

I am looking forward to being able to embrace my friends and loved ones! I am a huge extrovert, and just being able to say hi to friends was such a big part of my everyday routine. My best friend and I would meet every two weeks or so for poke and coffee, and I miss that the most. Also, just being able to lay on the beach and get some sunshine while playing spike ball with my close friends. 

Of all the ways our community, or our world, has changed because of COVID-19, what is something you hope will continue even after we have a sense of “all clear?”

I hope we continue in “unity.” Hawai‘i is so special, and we really care about our community. Since COVID-19, we have been communicating with one another and caring like never before. Sticking together will help us get through this, but it’s the sense that we know we have one another at the end of the day.