HPU Winter First Look Mixed-Media Festival Winners Announced

HPU Winter First Look Mixed-Media Festival Winners Announced

HPU’s Cinematic Multimedia Arts screened mixed media projects at Aloha Tower Marketplace on Dec. 7. Professors Peter Britos, Ph.D., and William "Quest" Kennelly curated the screenings, condensing several hours of course work to a two-hour program that included the semester’s best student photography, motion pictures, motion graphics, animation, documentary and experimental filmmaking. Congratulations to all the artists, designers, animators, and filmmakers! 


HPU Winter First Look Award Winners 

Best Picture - "Children of the Woods," Feena Bonoan

Best Screenplay - "Rideshare," Samantha Baker

Best Cinematography - "Through the Lens," Ciara Ratum

Best Animation - Kristina Jensen / Alicia Spotkaeff / Darin Rolark

Best Photography - Mya Frye / Nikki Born

Best Motion Graphics - Niko Enos

Best Documentary - "Sophie's Story," Cameron Anderson

Best Graduate Film - "Time Scratch," Jack Martinez

Pictured from left to right are: Alicia Spotkaeff, Kristina Jensen, Darin Rolark, Samantha Baker, Feena Bonoan, Mitchell "Jack" Martinez