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Nov. 14 – The CNCS’s Department of Computer Science sent six student teams to the annual Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Pacific Northwest Region’s International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Two of HPU’s teams competed in Division 1 while four competed in Division 2, with all teams being coached by Computer Science faculty Dr. Curt Powley and Dr. Yi Zhu. This year, HPU had three teams finish in the top three across both divisions at the Hawaii site, including taking first place in Hawaii’s Division 1; a complete listing of the ICPC contest results for HPU’s student participants can be found in this article.

HPU Pelagicos Lab Professor Dr. David Hyrenbach, undergraduate alum Matt Dwyer, and Masters of Science in Marine Science graduates  Shannon Lyday, Dan Rapp, and Sarah Youngren presented their research at the 3rd International Seabird Conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2015. As part of their work with the BIOPS program--a collaboration between Oikonos, the National Fish and Wildlife Service, and NOAA--the lab highlighted their findings from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Plastic ingestion by Tern Island Seabirds: a community-wide perspective) as well as the Main Hawaiian islands (Developing Metrics for Plastic Ingestion by Wedge-tailed Shearwaters).

Nov. 8 - Local news reports that a team of researchers, including Assistant Professor Dr. Kristi West, is investigating a false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) carcass that washed up on the Big Island. The animal was flown to Oahu where it will be studied for clues to help protect the remaining ~200 member Hawaiian population, and the species as a whole.

A team of researchers from the Finfish Department at Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University is in the news again. Led by HPU affiliate faculty member Dr. Chad Callan, the team was the first to raise a cohort of entirely captive-bred yellow tang past the larval stage. As a heavily-collected reef fish in the aquarium trade, the team’s recent and ongoing achievements with captive yellow tang could assist in the preservation of both wild populations and the natural reef habitat they occupy

Oct. 22 - Jessica Jacob (BS '11, MSMS '12) has had a paper based on her masters’ thesis work accepted for publication in the journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. The paper, entitled “Initial characterization of the novel Beaked Whale Morbillivirus in Hawaiian cetaceans”, was co-authored by her thesis advisor, CNCS Associate Dean Dr. Brenda Jensen, and the thesis committee’s members, including HPU Biology faculty member Dr. Kristi West.

Oct. 9 - Professor of Chemistry Dr. F. David Horgen, along with HPU students Davey Cagle (B.S. Biology '11, M.B.A./M.A. Communication ‘16) and Kristopher Karanovich (B.S. Biology major), published a paper with colleagues at Texas A&M University entitled "Macrolactone Nuiapolide, Isolated from a Hawaiian Marine Cyanobacterium, Exhibits Anti-Chemotactic Activity" in the journal Marine Drugs (2015, 13, 6274-6290). The research described the discovery of a new drug-like substance from marine microorganisms growing in waters near Niihau as well as biological activity of the substance associated with inhibiting the spread of cancer cells in the body.

Congratulations to MSMS student Sarah Leicht, alum Daniel Luck (MSMS ’13), and Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. Sam Kahng whose co-authored paper entitled “Polyphyly and hidden species among Hawaiʻi’s dominant mesophotic coral genera, Leptoseris and Pavona (Scleractinia: Agariciidae)” was selected as one of the top Marine Biology articles of the past month by PeerJ.  To see all selected articles, go to the “Top Marine Biology Papers – September 2015” Collection or go directly to the paper.

Sept. 24 - CNCS Chair of Environmental Science/Studies and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Dr. Stephen Allen was a featured expert on Hawai’i Public Radio’s search for Long Term Solutions For Hawaii’s Hot Classrooms.

Sept. 18 - Following the recent publication of the Antineutrino Global Map, our very own Dr. Steven Dye, Professor of Physics, was featured on NPR’s “Science Friday” program. The interview can be heard via Science Friday’s website.

Two of our Marine Science faculty will be participating in the Fall 2015 Global Issues Lecture Series, Climate Change: Past, Present & Future. The series will feature Dr. David Field on Friday, September 25th (“Navigating Ocean Warming”) and Dr. Chris Winn on Friday, Nov. 6th (“Carbon Dioxide and the Sea”). Both lectures will be from 1:30-2:30pm at Aloha Tower Marketplace.

A team of researchersincluding the CNCS’s Professor of Physics Dr. Steven Dyehas published new research in Nature's Scientific Reports. The paper, entitled "AGM2015: Antineutrino Global Map 2015", presents the first-ever map of the Earth's antineutrino flux. Their discoveries have important implications in diverse applications such as understanding planetary formation and detecting undeclared nuclear reactors. The open source map can be viewed at the Ultralytics website.

The Master of Science in Marine Science (MSMS) Program held its annual Student Symposium at the Hawaii Loa Campus on Friday, August 28th. The award for Best Student Oral Presentation was presented to Travis Marcoux for “Wave Induced Stress and its Effects of Coral Reef Fish Swimming Performance”; the award for Best Student Poster Presentation was presented to Aurora Burgess for “First-feeding success in marine ornamentals: effects of cultured copepods, prey diversity, and osteological development on feeding incidence, prey selection, and survival in larval yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)”.

Angela Hansen (MSMS ‘14) published her thesis work entitled "Trace Element Concentrations in Liver of 16 Species of Cetaceans Stranded on Pacific Islands from 1997 through 2013" in a special issue of Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology that focuses on new developments in marine mammal toxicology. The paper was co-authored by CNCS Affiliate Faculty member Colleen Bryan from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Associate Professor Dr. Kristi West, and Angela’s MSMS advisor, Associate Professor Dr. Brenda Jensen.

Aug. 28 - Masters of Science in Marine Science Annual Symposium. The College of Natural and Computational Sciences presents it's annual symposium. The MSMS 2014 cohort will share their theses topics as a short oral presentation or in a poster session. See our Events Calendar on the side for times and locations.

The CNCS is featured prominently in the latest edition (Summer 2015) of the university-wide HPU Today publication. Faculty members Dr. David Horgen, Dr. Gideon Berger, Dr. Yong Li Chen, and Dr. Lei Wang were all featured in Growing Science and Scientists. Dr. Regina Ostergaard Klem's work is spotlighted in Global Opportunities in Environmental Education. Dr. Brenda Jensen was interviewed for the article Aloha ‘Aina SEA Education Program. The Letters to the Editor section even features a CNCS alumna, Tifanie Vansach (Mar Bio ’08). You can find the entire issue here.

Assistant Professors of Mathematics Tara Davis, Ph.D. and Hung “Tim” Lu, Ph.D. published “Student and Instructor-centered Approaches to Teaching Precalculus” in PRIMUS: Problems,  Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. The paper describes a two-semester study researching the effects of student-centered instruction on pre-calculus courses at HPU. The results suggest that not only are student-centered approaches more effective than instructor-centered approaches, but a student-centered approach is particularly helpful to students who are struggling with pre-calculus.

HPU’s Marine Mammal Stranding Team, led by Associate Professor of Biology Kristi West, Ph.D., was in the news this week after a pygmy sperm whale was found dead on a Maui beach. The carcass was flown to Oahu where the Stranding Team performed a necropsy to learn more about the death—and life—of these elusive deep-diving animals. For more details, click here (KHON).

Professor of Chemistry Dr. F. David Horgen, HPU alum Justin Reinicke (Mar Bio '08, MSMS '14), and Oceanic Insitute researcher Dr. Zhi Yong Ju were co-authors on a recently published paper entitled "Effects of diets on the growth performance and shell pigmentation of Pacific abalone". This research can be viewed online at the journal Aquaculture Research.

HPU alum Andrea Kealoha  (MSMS '14), Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. Christopher Winn, and colleagues have just published their research in the journal Aquatic Geochemistry. The paper is titled "Latitudinal Trends and Drivers in the CO2–Carbonic Acid System of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument" and can be read here.

June 22 - Amanda Hallberg Greenwell, HPU Marine Bio alum, has been chosen to head the National Science Foundation's Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (OLPA). The OLPA is in charge of communicating the NSF's activities and research to a wide range of audiences including the general public, Congress, and the media. Read more at the NSF.

The Aloha ‘Aina program is underway. Follow the adventures of the students and HPU Faculty both on land and aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans at the program's blog.

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