Sustainability at HPU

Green Office Program

The HPU Green Office Program was developed to help departments across the university implement more sustainable practices in the daily operations of their offices. The program provides each department with a checklist of sustainability initiatives and practices that can be implemented to reduce HPU's overall impact on the environment, conserve resources, reduce energy use, and reduce costs. The areas covered on the checklist include energy, waste, documents, purchasing, transportation, awareness, and innovation. All departments will be recognized for their participation and achievements, with the highest acheiving participants being recognized at faculty convocation.

Depending on the number of items completed on the checklist, departments can earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Green Office certification level. The president’s office has kicked off the program and achieved a Bronze certification for its practices, and is trying to identify other ways to be even more sustainable. While this is presented as a score card to get departments interested and willing to participate, the primary purpose is not the level achieved, but rather developing campus and individual awareness and conserving resources when we are able.

To get started in the HPU Green Office Program, simply download the checklist by clicking here. When you have completed the checklist, email your results to