Active RSO

Active RSO

Below is information and most commonly used forms. If you have any questions, please email the Office of Student Activities at


RSO Forms

Did you buy supplies at a past approved event? Submit a Payment Request form with the original receipts to Student Life in ATM Suite 1400. 


Did you recently have a fundraiser? Submit all money earned from the event with the Deposit form to Student Life in ATM Suite 1400. 



Does your RSO have a new President, Treasurer, or Adviser? Submit a new Organization Officer and Adviser Agreement to Student Life. 


Follow these instructions to re-register your club for the 2020-2021 academic year. Re-registration is not competitive; approval will be based upon the application submitted and whether or not activity requirements were met this current academic year. All currently active clubs who wish to be registered for next academic year are strongly encouraged to apply during Round 1. Round 1 Applications open now until June 1, 2020


Organization Officers, before filling out this form, please be aware you will need to have completed the following in order to submit the form: 

  1. Organization Officer and Adviser Contact information. The Organization Officer and Adviser Agreement will be due at a later date. 

  2. A short paragraph that describes who your organization is and what your RSO does. Think about your mission and purpose of the RSO, why you want to continue this RSO at HPU, and how the RSO will benefit the HPU community. Please note that this paragraph will go on the website. Write the paragraph accordingly! 

  3. A Picture of the RSO. You can use any picture that you feel is representative of your club (ie. group pictures, pictures from events, chapter or club logo). This will also go on the website. 


RSO Re-registration form

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