Community Policies and Building Rules

Waikiki Vista - What to Know and Bring


Students electing to live at Waikiki Vista (WV) Student Residences should make a strong commitment to care for the community in which they live. The cleanliness, beauty, and enjoyment of our property will be enhanced if everyone has respect for the property, their fellow residents, and the Waikiki Vista staff. We ask that you speak up whenever you observe a thoughtless act, unsafe condition, or questionable person on the grounds to WV front desk staff.


All WV Residents and their guests are expected to obey Hawai‘i Pacific University policies and procedures, all federal, state and local laws, along with the following Community Policies/House Rules issued by Waikiki Vista. Failure to comply can result in the assessment of fines and other disciplinary steps, up to and including eviction and HPU Code of Student Conduct sanctions, all in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures and your Housing Agreement.


For your convenience, a summary of basic Waikiki Vista policies is provided in the section titled "PROHIBITIONS" directly below, to be used as quick reference during your stay here at Waikiki Vista. The rest of our Waikiki Vista Community Policy/House Rules contains further details with more specific information on each policy. "WV Resident" shall refer to all student occupants on the Property, and "Units" shall refer to all rooms on the Property. Please take the time to read these Waikiki Vista Community Policies/House Rules and make yourself aware of them.

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All HPU residents must acknowledge and agree to the following while residing at Waikiki Vista. Additional University and building rules may be established or may be amended from time to time during the occupancy period at the Waikiki Vista; residents may reference this site or email messages sent directly to students. 

EXHIBIT AHotel Rules and Regulations 


The following are strictly prohibited on or about WV:

  • Drinking or possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age. Drinking alcohol by someone 21 years of older anywhere on the Property except in that person's residential unit. Possession of open alcoholic beverage containers in any common areas of the WV (the “Common Areas”).
  • Furniture removal from any residential unit, lounge, and/ or other Common Areas.
  • Smoking anywhere on the property except in the designated outdoor smoking area. Smoking by anyone under the age of 21 as per Hawaiʻi State Law.
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs or substances, including their paraphernalia, by anyone.
  • Fireworks of any kind.
  • Firearms and other dangerous weapons.
  • Pets, other than registered service/emotional support animals.
  • Verbal abuse, swearing, harassment, bullying, name-calling, threatening or any other offensive or demeaning language or actions towards another person.
  • Unregistered and/or unapproved guests at any time day or night.
  • Physical violence of any kind.
  • Solicitation or commercial activity of any kind.
  • Use of multiple outlet "octopus" plugs unless each has a self-contained circuit breaker.
  • Halogen lamps, candles, incense or any other open flame or storage of any flammable liquids.
  • Any act or behavior prohibited under applicable University policies and procedures.


Approved Appliances

Each WV unit has a microwave and mini-fridge. If these items break during the academic year, WV Residents will be charged a replacement fee by the property management for WV.  The current fee amounts are set forth on May 23, 2022, as may be updated from time to time.  WV Residents are also allowed to have a single-serve coffee maker (k-cups or pods) and electric tea/water boiling kettle (capacity: 1.7-liter or less; with an auto shut off feature); no more than 1 per unit. No other cooking appliances of any kind are allowed. If WV Residents want to cook, they must go to the 19th floor lounge and use the existing appliances, available on a shared basis. All other appliances must be pre-approved before use on the 19th floor lounge.


Compliance with Staff

WV Residents and their Guests are required to follow all reasonable directions issued by authorized representatives of WV, including their property management and any designated representatives of the University.  Any WV Resident and/or their Guest refusing to do so will result in the resident being cited and fined for non-compliance with fines ranging from $50 to $250 per incident. WV Residents found to be repeatedly in non-compliance, either through their actions, or that of their Guests, may be subject to WV fines and will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.


Destruction of Property

WV Residents are obligated to report any property destruction they witness or in which they are involved. WV staff will report issues to HPU Residence Life staff and Residents may be subject to fines that range from $50 and up per incident and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.  Charges for the actual damages that occurred will be assessed by WV property management, at full value to repair or replace as quoted by WV property management chosen vendors, plus a WV property management administrative fee.



Tampering with fire equipment including fire extinguishers, exit signs, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire hoses, and fire doors are not allowed. The mere touching of fire sprinklers and/or hanging items from said sprinklers is strictly forbidden. Tampering with fire equipment of any kind will

result in a minimum fine of $250. WV Residents must also report to WV property management and/or HPU Residence Life staff any smoke detectors that sound an alarm or beep so that WV property management may repair them immediately. Failure to do so will result in fines of $50 to $250 per incident and submission of a report to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.  Open flames, such as burning candles, incense, or hookahs are never allowed. In the event of a fire, WV Residents must evacuate the buildings immediately. Once outside, report the fire immediately by phoning 911.


Furniture Removal

WV Residents and/or their Guests may not remove furniture from the residential units, lounges, or any other common areas on the property. Furniture may not be left on the stairwells, parking structure, or anywhere outside. Violation of this policy will result in fines of $250 or greater per item removed and/or per incident. WV staff will also report the incident to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.


Guests and Overnight Visitation Policy

Refer to HPU’s Housing and Residence Life policies and procedures in the Student Handbook.

All WV community policies and procedures also apply to Guests of WV Residents. WV Residents are responsible for their Guest's actions at all times and must accompany their guests on property at all times. Guests found violating Community Policies/House Rules will incur fines charged to their hosting resident and will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.  WV property management and staff further reserve the right to remove any guest from property immediately upon violation of any Community Policies/House Rules.



Waikiki Vista staff is not responsible for theft or destruction of WV Residents and/or their Guest's personal property, including packages received in the building office for Residents. It is recommended that WV Resident's valuables be covered by a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. If needing information regarding Renters Insurance please contact HPU’s Housing and Residence Life Office.



Keys cards issued to WV Residents for their personal use and are not transferable. Any WV Resident found loaning their key cards to friends or guests, even if they are other WV and/or HSS residents, can incur fines of $50 to $250 as this is considered a safety and security violation and will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies .

WV Residents should always lock their doors as they are responsible for their own personal safety, the safety of other WV Residents, safety of all respective personal property, and Waikiki Vista property. Lost or stolen key cards must be reported immediately to the building front desk to ensure no breaches of security. Lost/stolen key cards can result in charges starting at $35.00 and up for replacement. WV staff will also report concerns to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.



If a resident accidentally forgets his/her key card please contact the front desk or HPU’s CA on Duty for assistance. Students will be fined $50 or greater per subsequent lock out incident.

If a student attempts to break into their own unit, the student will be fined $50 or greater per incident and charged for any damages that occurs during the break in process. Damages will be charged at full value to repair per WV/HSS chosen vendor, along with a WV Administrative Fee and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.

In addition, any student found to be propping open WV property doors or gates, climbing/jumping over property gates or fences, or in any other way tampering with our doors, gates and/or fences will have said actions deemed as a breach of our safety and security measures. All students involved and/or their guests involved will incur fines starting at $100 and up. This will be in addition to any repairs that must be made to said doors, gates and/or fences due to the act of propping or climbing/jumping/scaling. All these incidents will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.



WV Residents and their Guests are expected to abide by Quiet Hours as noted in the HPU Residence Life Policies and Procedures in the Student Handbook. 



Pets are not allowed in the building, with the exception of registered service/emotional support animals. Violations of this policy will result in fines of $50 or greater and immediate removal of the pet from property. Any damages or cleanliness issues which are the result of said pet will be corrected by a

WV chosen vendor and charged back to the student responsible for said animal. This matter will also be reported to the HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.


Reporting Maintenance Needs

WV Residents are to immediately report safety related issues, such as flowing water, aroma of gas, elevator malfunctions, or non-operational/beeping smoke detectors directly to the WV front desk staff and HPU Residence Life staff. All non-emergency maintenance needs are to be reported to WV front desk staff or the online Maintenance Request Form.  



Smoking is prohibited at Waikiki Vista with the exception of the designated Smoking Area which is located outside on the back of the property, Ewa end. All other locations on the property, including the entire building itself and the parking structure are Non-Smoking areas. Tobacco, e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices are only allowed in the one designated Smoking Area. Hookahs, bongs, and illegal substances are not permitted anywhere on property.

Fines of $50 and higher per incident where a person is found smoking in a Non-Smoking area, or smoking non-permitted items, will be assessed for violations of the WV smoking policy. If a person is found to be smoking in their unit, fines start at $250 and up. In addition, specialized unit cleaning fees starting at $300 and up, along with the cost to repaint the unit, will be charged to any resident found smoking in their unit or any other non-smoking interior area. Smoking of illegal products is always forbidden and fines starting at $250 and up will be assessed, up to and including possible removal from Student Housing, while still remaining financially responsible for the remainder of your contract and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.

In addition, as of January 1, 2016, the state of Hawaiʻi increased the minimum age for not only the consumption, but also the purchase, possession, and/or distribution of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices to age 21. See S81030HD2. This means the following: those under the age of 21 found to be in possession of, or distributing tobacco products on WV property will be cited and assessed fines starting at $50 per incident for violation of Hawaiʻi State Law. Guests of residents breaking said law will result in citations and fines to the WV Resident who is hosting said guest. Those age 21 or over found distributing tobacco products or other electronic smoking devices on property to any underage resident or guest will be cited and assessed fines starting at $50 per incident for violation of Hawaiʻi State Law. All these incidents will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.


Windows/Lanais/Terraces/Parking Structure

Throwing items from windows, lanais/terraces, walkways, or the parking structure; and using windows as a means of entry or exit or for any other purposes is dangerous and strictly prohibited. Hanging of towels or clothing on the lanais/terraces, walkways, out windows, and/or from blinds, curtain rods and the like is strictly prohibited. Any of the above violations are punishable by fines of $50 or greater. Jumping from any upper floor or stairwell is strictly prohibited.

Fines for jumping from upper floors to lower floors or the ground level, will result in fines starting at $1000. WV Residents are also responsible for their Guests actions and will be fined accordingly. All these incidents will be reported to HPU Residence Life staff and may be subject to further discipline in accordance with applicable University policies.

WHAT TO BRING to waikiki Vista

Getting ready to move into your room at HPU is one of the most exciting times of the year. It's fun to reflect your personality and create a relaxing haven in the midst of campus.

You will be free to customize your space - decorating possibilities are endless as long as you remember to abide by some basic guidelines. Housing and Residence Life has put together a list of things that will help you organize for your move-in to campus, including a list of items that are not allowed and should be left at home. Be sure to get in touch with your roommates to coordinate items that can be shared (such as décor, etc.)


Note: The rooms come with XL twin size mattresses, linens, and pillows. At check-in residents will be provided with the standard linens package, which includes one set of sheets (top sheeet, bottom sheet and pillow case), one set of towels (hand towel, bath towel, wash cloth, kitchen towel), bath mat, blanket and pillow. A shower curtain will also be provided in each bathroom. Residents are responsible for laundering the linens. 

**bath soap/gel
**dental hygiene
**contact lens/vision care
**hair care
**shaving/grooming supplies
Shower caddy (with drainage)
Shower shoes

Closet organizer
Laundry detergent (liquid only)
Dryer sheets
Stain remover
Laundry hamper or bag

Painters tape 

Note: Residents are prohibited from hanging, sticking or pinning of posters or other materials in the room that damage the walls. Other decorations may be allowed if, and only if, there is no impact on the fire systems, there is no adhesive (other than painter’s tape) and there are no holes in the walls. Decorations are never allowed on the lanai portions of the Housing Unit. No hanging of towels or laundry on lanai railings. 

Laptop and cables
Game console(s)
Multiple-outlet surge protector


Housing Unit comes equipped with a microwave oven and miniature fridge. Refer to the Approved Appliances in the Community Policies and Building Rules for more information.

Face Masks
Rechargeable batteries
Hand sanitizer
First-aid kit
Stacking shelves
Organizational containers
Cleaning supplies (disinfectant spray/wipes, natural cleaning products, dust pan and broom, paper towels)

Note: Please follow the CDC guidelines to cleaning and disinfecting your home. 


**Please note that possession of the following PROHIBITED ITEMS in university housing facilities may represent a violation of Residence Life policies, the Hawai'i Pacific University Code of Student Conduct, or both. PLEASE LEAVE THESE ITEMS AT HOME!

Air conditioners
Alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia (including shot glasses and empty containers) if under 21
Amplified musical instruments
Cinder blocks
Command hooks/wall putty
Explosives (including fireworks, firearms or weapons)
Extension cords
George Foreman grills
Halogen lamps
Hot plates
Hot water dispensers
Instant Pots
Illicit drugs or any drug-related paraphernalia including water pipes or hookahs of any type
Incense and other flammables
Extension cord without surge protection
Personal furniture (i.e. bed frames, mattresses, upholstered or stuffed furniture, futons, recliners, or wicker furniture)
Pets (except fish in a 5-gallon or less tank)
Sandwich Press
Space heaters
Toaster Oven
Tobacco and tobacco/smoking paraphernalia (including vapes and e-cigarettes) if under 21
Wall-mounted televisions
Non-university supplied lofts
Weapons (including knives, brass knuckles, clubs, etc.)


If you have any questions or are unsure about an item, please contact Housing and Residence Life.


DINING ON-CAMPUS: The Waikiki Vista meal plan can be used at the Pier Nine at Aloha Tower Marketplace and Hawaii Loa Campus Dining Commons.

LAUNDRY: The washer and dryer machines are coin-operated and are located on the 5th floor of the building. Students may go to the front desk to exchange cash for coins.

MAIL SERVICE: Residents can pick up mail/packages after receiving a text message from the Hotel; bring photo ID to pick up  mail/package. Hotel staff may start receiving mail and packages on August 15, 2022. 

Please use the following format for your address. If mail/package is not properly labeled, it will be returned to the sender.

Your Name
c/o Waikiki Vista, Room # _____ 
2241 Kapiolani Blvd. 
Honolulu, HI 96826

MAINTENANCE: At check-in, residents will receive instructions on how to submit an online maintenance request and how to contact the front desk staff.

PARKING: Vehicle and moped parking is available at a fee. Contact for additional information.

KEYS: Residents will be given a door key card at check-in. Residents must report lost/stolen cards immediately to the Residence Life and Front Desk staff, who will be able to reissue a new key card. Refer to the Waikiki Vista Community Policies and Building Rules for additional information.

UTILITIES INCLUDED: Water, trash removal, electricity, cable, internet/wifi (based on Waikiki Vista’s existing internet capabilities).

STORAGE: Due to limited space, personal storage is not available on site. Residents are not allowed to store specific items such as surf boards and bicycles. Contact Housing and Residence Life ( if you have questions.