Hotel Rules and Regulations

Park Shore Waikiki - What to Know and Bring

park shore waikiki RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY

Park Shore Waikiki is HPU's third residential community. The double-occupancy rooms are 285 square-feet and will have two desks and two full-size beds. Each room has a private bathroom and will be equipped with a mini-refrigerator and microwave oven. In addition, students residing at the Park Shore for the 2021-2022 year will enjoy: 

  • Weekly light room cleanings
  • Weekly delivery of fresh linens 
  • Access to the hotel fitness room, recreation room, and pool 
  • Complimentary coffee available in the morning 
  • Wash-and-fold laundry service for an extra charge 
  • Parking available for an extra charge 

Housing and Residence Life staff will reside at the Park Shore Waikiki. Park Shore residents will participate in onsite programs and activities coordinated by Housing and Residence Life staff, and have access to university events to meet and make friends at the university.   

In addition to the HPU campus shuttle, students may catch a city bus two blocks away from the Park Shore with a direct route to downtown where HPU’s classes are held. TheBus, as it’s known, has routes that cover all of O‘ahu, including a popular Beach Bus, and HPU students receive a free, unlimited pass to ride. The Biki Bike program includes several bike-share stations near the Park Shore as well.  

Residents who reside at the Park Shore Waikiki residential community must comply with university policies and procedures as well as hotel rules and regulations. To assist Park Shore Waikiki residents, we are providing specific information on this site. Additional University and Hotel rules may be established or may be amended from time to time during the occupancy period at the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel.  

park shore waikiki HOTEL 


All HPU residents must acknowledge and agree to the following while residing at the Park Shore Waikiki. Additional University and Hotel rules may be established or may be amended from time to time during the occupancy period at the Park Shore Waikiki; residents may reference this site or email messages sent directly to students. 

EXHIBIT AHotel Rules and Regulations 

Hotel Policies  

  • Resident is prohibited from hanging, sticking or pinning of posters or other materials in the room that damage the walls. Other decorations may be allowed if, and only if, there is no impact on the fire systems, there is no adhesive (other than painter’s tape) and there are no holes in the walls. Decorations are never allowed in the lanai portions of the Housing UnitNo hanging of towels or laundry on lanai railings. 
  • Resident may not give their key card to any other individual. 
  • Quiet time is 10:00 pm – 9:00 am seven (7) days per week. 
  • Resident shall grant Hotel’s cleaning staff access to the room between 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on the scheduled cleaning day (based on cleaning staff’s schedule and room rotation).  
  • Resident agrees to sign the additional Hotel rules entitled Pool Deck Operations & Additional Hotel Rules (Exhibit B) upon check-in, which covers the rooms and public areas of the Hotel. 
  • Resident must have their HPU ID Card with them at all times on Hotel premises. 
  • The maximum number of people in a room at any given time is four (4) people. 
  • No hotpots, toaster ovens, or rice cookers are allowed in the rooms. Housing Unit comes equipped with a coffee machine, a microwave oven and miniature fridge in each room. There are no kitchens or kitchenettes on HPU designated floors.  
  • There are no laundry facilities at the Park Shore Waikiki. Residents may opt-in to the wash-and-fold laundry service provided the Hotel for an extra charge. 
  • Residents may not consume alcoholic beverages in any room or on the Hotel’s Property. 
  • Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted on Hotel PremisesResident shall be charged a fine (currently Four-hundred and fifty U.S. dollars--$450) for each smoking and/or vaping violation in the Rooms or within the Hotel Premises, along with any additional Hotel penalties.   
  • Residents must adhere to the policies covered in HPU’s Student Handbook, along with all other rules and regulations as set forth in this Agreement. 
  • Trash and recyclables must be discarded in the location designated by Hotel and shall not be left in the hallways. Garbage will be collected daily from receptacles located at the end of each hallway, not from the room. Residents are responsible for depositing garbage in the hallway receptacles. 
  • No loitering in Hotel Public areas and meeting spaces. 
  • Pets are not permitted in the Hotel. Refer to the Housing and Residence Life Policy and Procedures in the Student Handbook for provisions regarding service and emotional support animals.    
  • The Housing Unit is furnished with two desks and chairs, two beds and a television, in addition to the appliances listed above.  Resident shall not move additional furniture into the Housing Unit, absent prior approval from University Housing and Residence Life. 
  • Furniture in rooms or common areas of the Hotel may not be moved to other locations.  In the event of noncompliance, Resident shall be billed for lost, damaged, or moved furniture.  
  • Resident shall not disassemble the bed or other furniture located in the room or any other location in the Hotel. 

Hotel Safety 

  • Resident shall carry their key card when entering the Hotel premises. Contact Hotel staff immediately if you misplaced your key card; replacement key cards will be issued by Hotel staff. 
  • In an emergency or any threat to life, health and safety, Resident shall immediately dial 911.  Please also notify Hotel staff and Housing and Residence Life, when possible. 

Student Damages  

  • Move-In: Resident at check-in shall carefully complete the room inventory form provided by HPU (“Room Inventory Form”), and note any paint chips, nail holes, missing or damaged furniture, and other damage observed upon check-in to the room (or upon relocation to a new room). Resident will be held responsible for room damages or other damages to the Hotel caused by the applicable Resident (including, their visitors).  In the event of such damage, Resident shall notify the applicable HPU Housing and Residence Life staff of such damage. Excessive damages, those which exceed regular wear and tear (i.e., holes in drywall, large stains to carpeting, broken ceiling tiles, unsanitary conditions, etc.), to rooms or common areas may result in additional fees and charges as well as disciplinary action by HPU in accordance with University policies. 
  • Move-Out: Resident shall leave the room in the same condition it was received by Resident upon move-in, less ordinary wear and tear. Prior to check-out, Residents shall completely remove all personal items from the room. 
  • Resident shall sign up for and complete an official check-out with Housing and Residence Life staff. Check-out will include a walk through of the Housing Unit, document damages (if applicable), and signing the Room Inventory Form.  
  • Upon check out by HPU Residents, the room will be inspected by both the HPU and Hotel staff and any damage will be noted and will be charged to the Resident’s University account, after application of the security deposit amounts. 
  • Resident shall not decorate the lanai portion of the room. Other decorations may be allowed if, and only if, there is no impact on the fire systems, there is no adhesive (other than painter’s tape) and there are no holes in the walls. 
  • In the event any items require repair in the room, Resident shall notify the Hotel in accordance with Hotel’s maintenance procedures.   


The Hotel shall have weekly access to each room for housekeeping services, which shall be scheduled by the Hotel one day per week (this schedule will vary by floor) and will include only the following services:  

  • Change of bed linens 
  • Change of bath linens 
  • Dusting and vacuuming of room and trash removal  

All other cleaning obligations are the responsibility of Resident. All residents shall be responsible for maintaining their room in a clean and orderly condition.  Each Resident must engage in regularly cleaning and disinfecting steps in order to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus.  Please follow the CDC guidelines to cleaning and disinfecting your home set forth at:  


The COVID-19 virus has impacted many activities on-property.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our Pool Deck Operations & Additional House Rules: 

  •   Pool and Korner Pocket Facilities are for registered guests due to limited space under COVID conditions. 
  • There is NO Lifeguard on duty; please note pool occupancy is limited to ten (10). 
  • All children under 17 MUST always be accompanied by an adult. 
  • There are NO glass bottles allowed on the pool deck or lanais due to potential injury. 
  • Pool toys are limited to only floating devices; no balls, Frisbees or other throwing objects. 
  • To avoid competing with the house music speakers, any personal music must be contained to your personal headset; no boom boxes or Bluetooth speakers. 
  • NO use of BBQ grill or Hibachi per Honolulu Fire and Health regulations. 
  • Guest Room LanaiBe respectful of the other guests in the hotel.  When using the lanai attached to your room, use only your private lounging area and limit gatherings to four (4) or fewer guests. No hanging of towels or laundry on lanai railings. 
  • NO smoking or vaping anywhere on property. 
  • Coolers being drained must be brought to the lobby level side driveway and not be drained on the deck or adjoining guestroom walkways. 
  • Pool Towels must be returned to the front desk for replacement or to receive a towel card. 
  • Please do not feed the birds as this only encourages them to eat any food left out, as well as provide increased droppings on the deck or your lanai. 
  • Mahalo for placing any trash in receptacles for a more enjoyable experience for all. 
  • NO Illegal activity or drugs allowed on property. 
  • Please note per the Honolulu Noise Ordinance No excessive noise before 8am and after 10pm and no gatherings in guest rooms of more than four (4) persons. 

*All regularly posted Pool Deck Rules, still apply. All University and HPU Housing and Residence Life policies are in effect in addition to the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel rules. 


WHAT TO BRING to park shore waikiki

Getting ready to move into your room at HPU is one of the most exciting times of the year. It's fun to reflect your personality and create a relaxing haven in the midst of campus.

You will be free to customize your space - decorating possibilities are endless as long as you remember to abide by some basic guidelines. Housing and Residence Life has put together a list of things that will help you organize for your move-in to campus, including a list of items that are not allowed and should be left at home. Be sure to get in touch with your roommate(s) and suitemates to coordinate items that can be shared (such as rugs, appliances, décor, etc.)


Note: The double-occupancy bedrooms come with full-size beds, linens, and pillows. Weekly delivery of fresh linens is included. 

**bath soap/gel
**dental hygiene
**contact lens/vision care
**hair care
**shaving/grooming supplies
Shower caddy (with drainage)
Shower shoes

Note: Hotel will provide towels.

Closet organizer
Laundry detergent (liquid only)
Dryer sheets
Stain remover
Laundry hamper or bag

Note: There are no laundry facilities at the Park Shore Waikiki. Residents may opt-in to the wash-and-fold laundry service provided the Hotel for an extra charge. 

Painters tape 

Note: Residents are prohibited from hanging, sticking or pinning of posters or other materials in the room that damage the walls. Other decorations may be allowed if, and only if, there is no impact on the fire systems, there is no adhesive (other than painter’s tape) and there are no holes in the walls. Decorations are never allowed on the lanai portions of the Housing Unit. No hanging of towels or laundry on lanai railings. 

Laptop and cables
Game console(s)
Multiple-outlet surge protector


No hotpots, toaster ovens, or rice cookers are allowed in the rooms. Housing Unit comes equipped with a coffee machine, a microwave oven and miniature fridge in each room. There are no kitchens or kitchenettes on HPU designated floors.  

Face Masks
Rechargeable batteries
Hand sanitizer
First-aid kit
Stacking shelves
Organizational containers
Cleaning supplies (disinfectant spray/wipes, natural cleaning products, dust pan and broom, paper towels)

Note: Please follow the CDC guidelines to cleaning and disinfecting your home. 


**Please note that possession of the following PROHIBITED ITEMS at Hawaii Loa Campus or the Waterfront Lofts may represent a violation of Residence Life policies, the Hawaii Pacific University Code of Student Conduct, or both. PLEASE LEAVE THESE ITEMS AT HOME!

Air conditioners
Alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia (including shot glasses and empty containers) if under 21
Amplified musical instruments
Cinder blocks
Command hooks/wall putty
Explosives (including fireworks, firearms or weapons)
Extension cords
George Foreman grills
Halogen lamps
Hot plates
Hot water dispensers
Instant Pots
Illicit drugs or any drug-related paraphernalia including water pipes or hookahs of any type
Incense and other flammables
Extension cord without surge protection
Personal furniture (i.e. bed frames, mattresses, upholstered or stuffed furniture, futons, recliners, or wicker furniture)
Pets (except fish in a 5-gallon or less tank)
Sandwich Press
Space heaters
Toaster Oven
Tobacco and tobacco/smoking paraphernalia (including vapes and e-cigarettes) if under 21
Wall-mounted televisions
Non-university supplied lofts
Weapons (including knives, brass knuckles, clubs, etc.)


If you have any questions or are unsure about an item, please contact Housing and Residence Life.


CABLE TELEVISION: Basic cable will be available in each room.

DINING ON-CAMPUS: The Park Shore Waikiki meal plan can be used at the Pier Nine at Aloha Tower Marketplace and Hawaii Loa Campus Dining Commons.

LAUNDRY: There is no laundry facility on site. Residents may utilize the Wash and Fold services provided by the hotel for a fee ($24.00, up to 10 pounds of laundry +tax). Another option is to utilize the nearby laundromats near the hotel. 

MAIL SERVICE: Residents can pick up mail/packages after receiving a text message from the Hotel; bring photo ID to pick up  mail/package. Hotel staff may start receiving mail and packages on August 11, 2021. 

Please use the following format for your address. If mail/package is not properly labeled, it will be returned to the sender.

The Park Shore Waikiki Hotel 
Attention: NAME, Unit # _____ 
2586 Kalakaua Avenue 
Honolulu, HI 96815 

MAINTENANCE: At check-in, residents will receive an automated message on the hotel’s texting service system called Kipsu. Residents may submit maintenance request through this system.

PARKING: There is a limited number of vehicle ($150 monthly fee), moped ($20 monthly fee), and bicycle (no cost) parking at the hotel parking garage. Contact the Hotel staff directly for more information.

KEYS: Residents will be given a door key card at check-in. Residents must report lost/stolen cards immediately to the Hotel staff, who will be able to reissue a new key card.

UTILITIES INCLUDED: Water, trash removal, electricity, cable, internet (based on the Hotel’s existing internet capabilities), local telephone service and wi-fi accessibility (based on the Hotel’s existing wi-fi capabilities) throughout the property.  

WEEKLY LINEN SERVICE: The items below will be replenished during the weekly linen service. Residents will be notified at the start of the fall semester when those weekly services will take place (between 8am and 5pm). Light cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, trash removal) and delivery of fresh linens.

  • Fitted and flat sheets, pillow cases 
  • Linens will not be replaced if there are personal items on the bed; all items must be removed/cleared from the bed to replace the linens 
  • Towels – washcloth, hand, bath; floor/bath mat  
  • Bath towels must be on the floor for staff to provide new bath towels 
  • Travel size toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Tissue box 
  • Small trash bags 
  • Shower Curtain (monthly basis) 
  • Hawaiian Paradise Coffee (pre-packed filtered coffee packets) 
  • Trash removal 

STORAGE: Due to limited space, personal storage is not available on site. Residents are not allowed to store specific items such as surf boards and bicycles. Contact Housing and Residence Life ( if you have questions.

AMENITIES: The following are available at the Park Shore Waikiki or near the hotel:  

Lobby Level: The Korner Pocket

-Coffee Services, 6am – 9:30am – Hawaiian Paradise Coffee 

-Billiards Table: 10am – 10pm; games are $1 each 

-Darts: Game of darts with electronic scoring; the board is open between 10am – 10pm 

-Television viewing

-See Guest Relations Manager at the Front Desk to register for game use

3rdfloor: Pool and pool deck 

-To get pool towels, residents can go to the Front Desk. Residents need to give their pool towel card in exchange for towels.  

-10 or less per group can gather at the pool/pool deck 

-Pool Hours: 8:00am - Sunset 

3rdfloor: Fitness room 

-Capacity: 3 individuals 

-Open 6am-9pm

2ndfloor: Conference/Meeting Room (will be available at designated times during the week)

Ice Machines on Floors: 3, 7. 10, 14, & 18

Business Office (ground floor): 1 computer and 1 printer available for use at no cost

Restaurants/eateries in, next to, or near the Hotel:


-Lulu’s Waikiki 

-Tucker & Bevvy Picnic Food 


-Teddy’s Bigger Burgers 

-Denny’s Restaurant  




-Cookie Corner 

-Wolfgang Puck’s Express