Faculty Information

Two weeks after grades are due the HPU’s Office of Institutional Research will send an email to your HPU account notifying you that your course evaluation report(s) are ready. You may log into Blackboard https://hpu.blackboard.com/to view the report(s), by using your Campus Pipeline username and password. The report(s) will be located on the "Learn" tab under "HPU Reports”. You can view the report(s) online or download the reports as PDF documents to save for your records. For specific dates when your report(s) will be ready, please refer to the KEY DATES page on the website.

A high student response rate on course evaluations is crucial if we are to use this feedback in planning our courses and making personnel decisions. The Learning Resources Committee has been working with the Office of the Teaching Fellow to find ways to encourage every student to complete the course evaluations, the open period begins April 20th and extends until the end of exam week. Students will receive a one-week "Early Grade View Incentive" if they complete all their course evaluations prior to the due date.


  1. Direct Communication from Faculty Members to Students to Complete their Course Evaluations
  2. Assure Student Confidentiality
  3. Highlight the “EARLY GRADE VIEW INCENTIVE” Program
  4. Use Class Time
  5. Integrating the Process into the University Culture

Faculty FAQ's

HPU’s course evaluation includes a set number of core institutional questions. 

In addition, faculty members are invited to add two additional questions for each of their courses. You may use different questions for each course, or you may save and use the same two questions for all your courses.


1. Please review the HPU CORE INSTITUTIONAL COURSE EVALUATION QUESTIONS. Be careful you do not repeat a question that is already being asked. The list of course evaluation questions is also available after you link to the course evaluation system, in addition to this website.

2. You are welcome to utilize the Course Evaluation Question Bank we created for you within the system to assist you in selecting a question. You may also create your own question.

3. If you choose to create your own question, please DO NOT ASK FRIVOLOUS OR ILLEGAL QUESTIONS (i.e., questions that will identify a student). Avoid questions about race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, disability, arrest and court record, or veteran status. Examples of inappropriate questions are “What language is spoken in your home?” or “What movies do you enjoy?”

4. BE SPECIFIC ABOUT THE REQUESTED FEEDBACK. For example, “How many pages per week of outside reading do you think is reasonable for this level course?” is better than “Are the readings too much?” And “Describe the best ways for you to receive feedback to improve your written assignments?" is better than "Is the feedback useful?".


STEP 1: Under the section labeled “OPTIONAL: CREATE YOUR OWN RATING SCALE QUESTIONS” click the ‘EDIT’ button beside one of the Rating Scale questions.

STEP 2: Click on the phrase “Please enter your first rating Scale question” to enter a rating scale question.

STEP 3: To ensure that this question gets added to the survey, click the “SELECT” button to the right of the question. The question will now show as “SELECTED.”

STEP 4: Once the questions have been selected, click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the screen. This will now make the selected questions available in the Course Evaluation.

You may repeat Steps 1-4 for other rating scale or open ended questions.

For specific dates, please refer to the KEY DATES page on the website.

In general, 15-week courses offer a two week window period to submit your additional two questions to your course evaluation. Shorter 4-12 week courses offer a 1 week window period, and 3-week courses offer a 3 day window period.

For specific dates, please refer to the KEY DATES page on the website.

In general, 15-week courses offer a two week window period for students to complete the course evaluations. Shorter 3-12 week courses offer a 1 week window period.

As part of the “EARLY GRADE VIEW INCENTIVE” program, students who complete all their course evaluations by the due date will be able to view their final grades a week earlier then students who did not complete their course evaluations. Therefore, for the incentive to work please hide columns that “total” the student’s “final grade.” You may continue to use grade book for quizzes, exams, assignments, or point systems for your course, only hide the total or final course grade from student view.

The reports do not expire, though we strongly encourage you to create a folder on your computer and simply download your reports each semester or term.

As is the case now, Program Chairs, Department Chairs, College Deans, the Provost, the University President, and institutional research and assessment staff members will receive course evaluation reports. This will not change.

All HPU undergraduate and graduate courses with 2 or more students are eligible.

Courses with only one student enrolled will not be provided a university course evaluation to protect the anonymity of the students. We encourage you to discuss alternative ways to allow students to provide faculty feedback with your Department or Program Chair. Some faculty members have opted to invite a colleague to their course to conduct a short feedback session without the faculty member present, and relay the information about strengths and recommendations for improvement without student identifiers. You may also invite students to have an informal discussion with you, or send you an email after grades are submitted.

The course evaluation system allows for multiple faculty members to be evaluated separately.