Baccalaureate Degrees

College of Business:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration*


College of Professional Studies:

Bachelor in Public Administration

Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts
Human Resource Development
Individualized Major**

Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice


College of Health and Society:

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Public Health


College of Liberal Arts:

Bachelor of Arts
Asian and Pacific Studies
Communication Studies
East-West Humanities
Integrated Multimedia
International Studies*
Multimedia Cinematic Production
Political Science
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Bachelor of Science
Diplomacy and Military Studies*
Mass Communication


College of Natural and Computational Sciences:

Bachelor of Arts
Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science
Biomedical Engineering

Biotechnology Engineering
Computer Science

Electrical Engineering
Environmental Science
Marine Biology

*Degree also delivered through the College of Professional Studies online and on base through the Military Campus Programs.

**Individualized Major: Students may also choose to earn a BA degree with a specialized major outside of the established majors. Such students must consult with academic advisor and have their respective program approved by the appropriate dean.