Meet Faculty member AnnMarie Manzulli

Learning Through Community Partnerships

Senior Lecturer of Communication AnnMarie Manzulli teaches a range of classes from 1000-level courses up to the Capstone course. She encourages students to think long term, considering their skills and strengths against what it takes to succeed in the respective communication specialties. Every semester, Manzulli considers the individual students and their interests, guiding how she delivers her courses. Additionally, Manzulli sees great value in providing her students experiential learning opportunities.  

In Fall 2016, Manzulli’s students had full press passes to watch and review films, and they created content for the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) on the HPU at HIFF web portal. Through community partnerships such as HIFF, Manzulli is able to observe her students in action, providing insight into how to better challenge them.

Manzulli continues to expose students to industry professionals they might not otherwise get to meet. At HIFF, she facilitated an introduction between a representative from HIFF’s public relations agency and a student with the skill set needed to assist the agency. The student ended up getting an internship, which was then renewed the following year.

“I like being able to be that bridge between teaching students the ropes and help placing them in the field,” Manzulli said. “I’m a connector. That’s my favorite thing to do.”

Learning Through Community Partnerships