Concurrent Programs

Certificate in National Security and Strategic Studies

HPU Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements for the Concurrent Program may take up to 2 of the following undergraduate and graduate courses.  These courses will be counted toward both the completion of their undergraduate degree and teh beginning of the Certificate in National Security and Strategic Studies.

Graduate Undergraduate
HIST 6601 HIST 4661
HIST 6661 HIST 3231
HIST 6662 HIST 3676
HIST 6663 HIST 3352
HIST 6664 HIST 3501
HIST 6665 HIST 3870
PSCI 6601 PSCI 4900
PSCI 6605 PSCI 4605
PSCI 6620 PSCI 4601
PSCI 6630 PSCI 3630
PSCI 6650 PSCI 3650
PSCI 6661 PSCI 3260

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