Looking for a cost-effective way to reach out to your student? Purchase a Care-Pak today! Prices range from $15-$45 and come in a variety of themes available at various points throughout the year.

If you have any questions about Care-Paks, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

Clicking the link below will take you to TouchNet, the HPU program that accepts credit card purchases for items around campus. While the full list of Care-Paks available for purchase is listed below, the only Care-Paks that will be visible on TouchNet are those currently for sale.

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Delivery: Within 1 week of last accepted orders

The Shark-Pak is a great way to help students feel immediately connected to their new university, and is a wonderful gift for those new to HPU. Every item is guaranteed to have the HPU logo and branding. While items may vary, the current roster of items includes: an HPU t-shirt, water bottle, felt pennant, Shark mascot decal, ID holder and notebook.

NEW! birthday-PAK $25


The Birthday-Pak is a wonderful way for new students to receive a surprise from their loved ones on their special day. While items may vary, the current roster of items includes Birthday funfetti mug cake, sprinkles, balloons, party hats, glow bracelets, birthday blowouts,a light-up Birthday sash, Birthday-themed Playdoh multi-pack,a small plush toy, all in a birthday gift bag and tissue paper. 

BOO-PAK - $15

Delivery: Within 1 week of last accepted orders

The Boo-Pak will be a way for families to ensure that their students are having a festive Halloween. Each item will be reflective of the fun that is had around this fun holiday. While items may vary, the current roster of items includes: a full sized candy bar, fun sized candy, candy corn, popcorn, pumpkin stress ball, and a masquerade mask, all packaged inside a pumpking bucket.


Delivery: Within 1 week of last accepted orders

A special holiday treat, the Sweet-Pak will be a way for families to shower a little love and care on their students around Valentine’s Day. While items may vary, the current roster of items includes: an individualized valentine, hershey kisses, valentine rice krispy treats, sugar cookies, small stuffed animal and cinnamon candy.


ORDERS ACCEPTED: OCTOBER 15 - NOVEMBER 23 & March 20 - April 25
Delivery: Within 1 week of last accepted orders

The Survival-Pak will be a nice way for families to give their students a little boost during finals season. It is the most comprehensive Care-Pak available, and a really affordable rate! While items may vary, the current roster of items includes: a Starbucks frappuccino, caffeine candy, energy bar, coffee mug, trail mix, fruit snacks, a piece of fruit, highlighter set, smart water, nutella and go pack, stress ball or similar, chocolate bar, red bull and gum.

SICK-PAK - $22


Delivery: Within 24-48 hours of purchase

The Sick-Pak is a special way for families to reach out to students who aren’t feeling well, even though they are far from home. While items may vary, the current roster of items includes: tissues, throat lozenges, vitamin C gummies, soup bowls, herbal tea and a puzzle book, all packaged in a reusable basket.


HPU will not be held accountable for Care-Paks not picked up by recipients if proper notification attempts have been executed. The ultimate responsibility of pick-up resides with the student. A second attempt at notification will be executed if the Care-Pak has not been collected within three days of first notification. Should the Care-Pak contain perishable items (such as fruit, cookies, malasadas, etc.) this information will be included in the notification, however HPU cannot remove perishable items from packages once they are completed. Care-Paks will be held for four weeks. No refund will be issued for unclaimed packages. We have the right to substitute a like-product in the event the one pictured is unavailable.

The Care-Pak program is completely cost-neutral and is designed to be solely a benefit to students and families. Care-Pak materials are purchased by staff and put together by Peer Mentors and office workers in Student Life. If an item price is lower than anticipated, no refund will be provided, however any extra funds (typically cents on the dollar) will go towards a) covering costs if an item is priced higher than anticipated -or- b) sending a Care-Pak to a student in need as identified by Residence Life staff.

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