Financial Aid

Image - militaryFinancial Aid for Military Students

Aloha to all military program students. We are glad that you have chosen to study at Hawaii Pacific University. Military campus programs are assigned for military active duty members, their spouses and, children. For further information visit the Military Campus Programs page. 


How to Apply?  

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) anytime after January 1st for the next school year.  The priority deadline for the upcoming school year is March 1st.  You may still file the FAFSA anytime during the year, however, you need to complete your application and documents at least two months before the start of your first term in order to have funds available to you for the beginning of the term. The deadline or final day to process aid for any particular term is 3 weeks prior to the last day of the term.

Students who are affiliated with the military need to submit the Military Supplemental Form in order to complete their financial aid application.  Download the Military Benefits Form (2015-16)  and submit the completed form to Financial Aid Office. 

Note: Please retain copies of all LES statements to verify BAS and/or COLA benefits received.


Students must be enrolled in a degree seeking program and must take at least 6 credits in order to be eligible for federal loans.  Students must take at least 12 degree applicable credits to be considered full-time for financial aid purposes.  Students attending 8B classes may not receive their financial aid until the start of the 8B session.  MIL and AIR classes for ROTC students will not be included for financial aid purposes unless they satisfy a degree requirement as verified by an academic advisor.  Also, certificate and repeat coursework will not qualify for financial aid.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.


Change of Status  

If you change your status (Full time to Part time and vice versa) you must contact the financial aid office as the change may affect your financial aid. 


Disbursement of Funds  

Students enrolled in courses less than the full 15-week semester may not receive their full aid until later in the term, and may be subject to reduction or repayment of aid for courses they have not completed.  Students will not receive a disbursement until they have begun attendance in all courses for which they are awarded.  Call the Financial Aid Office for details on your specific situation.