Financial Aid

Image6Alternative/Private Loans

If your federal financial aid does not cover your total budget (or cost of attendance) you may be able to borrow additional funds through alternative loans. This can be helpful to students who have used their full loan eligibility during the Fall and Spring and need funds for Summer term, for those who need additional funds during the school year, or, in some instances, for students who have a prior balance on their student accounts.

Alternative loans are credit based.  Students who are borrowing alternative loans may need a co-signer in order to qualify for the loans.  You may apply for these loans on-line, and once approved, your lender will contact us to certify the loans for you.  Students can click on the link below to use the Fast Choice website for comparative information and for help with understanding your alternative loan options and responsibilities.

Fast Choice:


Alternative Loan Lenders Our Students have used (historical list): 

Discover Student Loans: (6 credits minimum enrollment to apply.  No loans for prior balances)

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan: (No minimum enrollment to apply. May apply to cover prior balances less than 1 year old.)

Wells Fargo: (No minimum enrollment required.  No loans for prior balances.) 

(Wells Fargo Application Disclosures:


 *These lenders are listed based on their proven savings to students and efficient service over the life of the loan.  You are welcome to use any lender you choose for your alternative loan. 

Alternative Loan Consolidation Information

Click here to link to Fast Choice for information about consolidating your alternative/private loans.


Important Information About Loan Disbursement:

  • Financial Aid Disbursement – Financial aid funds are disbursed 5 days prior to the start of the semester.  All financial aid requirements must be completed at the time of disbursement and on the first day of classes in order to remain eligible for funds. Late applicants will be processed as completed and may not have their accounts paid and funds disbursed with the first disbursements.  If you are late in completing your financial aid award requirements, disbursement of your financial aid will also be late.  You must come prepared to meet your financial obligations if your funds are not disbursed in a timely manner.  If you plan to live off campus, please plan accordingly to have sufficient funding to pay for your housing deposit, first month’s rent, and living expenses as financial aid refunds are allowed to be paid up to 14 days after the first day of classes or when the disbursement occured (whichever is later).
    • Financial Aid Refunds – Your financial aid funding will be used first to pay your tuition and other applicable charges.  If any excess funds remain after your outstanding balance(s) has been cleared, a refund amount will be calculated.  If the excess is from a Federal Direct Student loan, the refund will be refunded to you by check and sent to the mailing address in Pipeline.  Refund checks should be received approximately 10 business days after the refund appears on your student account.

         For more information on refunds, click here to visit the Business Office Financial Aid Refund Process page.