William "Doug" Hall PH.D.

College of Liberal Arts - Department of Psychology

Assistant Professor of Psychology
MSCP — Chaminade University
Ph.D. — Saybrook University

Courses Taught:
     PSY 1000: Introduction to Psychology
     PSY 2200: Research Methods in Psychology
     PSY 3160: Psychology of Music
     PSY 3170: Psychology of Emotion
     PSY 3200: Biopsychology
     PSY 3235: Cross-Cultural Psychology
     PSY 3240: Client Counseling and Interviewing
     PSY 3400: Life Span Development Psychology
     PSY 3600: Abnormal Psychology
     PSY 4900: History and Systems of Psychology
     PSY 6340: Life Span Development for Mental Health Counseling
     MUS 3210: Applied Music (voice)

Research Interests: Has conducted research on the effectiveness of unconventional therapy interventions, the role of cultural traits in musical performance and motivation, and the kinesthetic perception of music. He is also interested in cross-disciplinary research in human performance, aesthetics, and creativity.

William "Doug" Hall

Assistant Professor

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