Christian Gloria PH.D., CHES

College of Health and Society - Department of Public Health

Associate Professor of Public Health

Courses Taught

  • PH 1000 - Introduction to Personal Health
  • PH 3030 - Health Behavior Theory & Program Planning
  • PH 3090 - Public Health Communication
  • PH 3999 - Special Topics: Risk & Resilience 
  • PH 4040 - Public Health Research Methods
  • PH 6120 - Biostatistics (Graduate-Level)
  • PH 6220 - Health Behavior Change Theory (Graduate-Level)
  • PH 6460 - Public Health Program Planning & Leadership (Graduate-Level)


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Health Promotion & Fitness, The University of Texas at Austin
Master of Arts in Health Education, The University of Texas at Austin
Doctor of Philosophy in Health Behavior & Health Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Gloria is an Associate Professor of Public Health at Hawaii Pacific University, a Balik Scientist of the Philippine Department of Science & Technology, and a Co-Researcher with Angeles University Foundation (Philippines). After earning his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013, he relocated to Hawaii to pursue his life’s calling of teaching, conducting research, and providing public health services in Asia and the Pacific, particularly in the Philippines where he was born and raised. Dr. Gloria’s latest research examines the mental health of Filipino populations from the Pampanga province of the Philippines, and he investigates the protective and resilience factors that enable people to adapt, grow, and thrive against chronic stress and adversity. Other professional and scholarly interests include physical activity, nutrition, weight management, and employee-workplace burnout and engagement. With 15 years of experience, he has planned, implemented, and evaluated public health programs and research projects with various organizations including community health centers, hospitals, NGOs, government agencies, private/corporate institutions, and school systems. He was the Vice President (2016-17) and President (2017-18) of the Hawaii Public Health Association, and the Chair of the 2016 Hawaii Public Health Conference. In 2017, he received the Progress Award for Education from the United Filipino Council of Hawaii, and he was recognized as the 2018 Friend of Social Work by the Hawaii Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. During his free time, Dr. Gloria likes to read at coffee shops, practice yoga, marathon shows on Netflix, sing in the car, and learn how to play the ukulele.  


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  • Gloria, C. T., & Steinhardt, M. A. (2010). Texas nutrition environment assessment of retail food stores (TxNEA-S): Development and evaluation. Public Health Nutrition, 13(11), 1764-1772.

Christian Gloria

Associate Professor

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