Courses Offering

Courses Offered Every Fall

Courses Offered Every Spring

MATH 2220 Proof Writing

MATH 2007 Across the Ages 

MATH 3301 Discrete Math

MATH 3330 Abstract Algebra

MATH 3450 Real Analysis

MATH 3470 Applied Statistics

MATH 4470 Methods of Applied Math I

MATH 3500 Numerical Methods


MATH 4471 Methods of Applied Math II 

Odd Year Fall

Odd Year Spring

MATH 3460 Probability 

MATH 3320 Set Theory

MATH 4301 Combinatorics and Graph Theory

MATH 3220 College Geometry

Even Year Fall

Even Year Spring

MATH 3110 Mathematical Logic

MATH 3302 Number Theory

MATH 3234 Mathematical Cryptography

MATH 4450 Complex Analysis