Image of Patricia Allen Brenda Jensen Ph.D.
Dean, Professor of Biology 


lynch Jennifer Lynch Ph.D.
Research Biologist

  Katherine Shaw Ph.D.
  NRC Post Doctoral Fellow

Image of Patricia Allen

K. David Hyrenbach Ph.D.
Professor of Oceanography


  Melissa R. Jung, M.S.
   Research and Laboratory Manager 

Image of Patricia Allen


David F. Horgen Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry  

 Kayla C. Brignac, B.S.
 Assistant Research and Laboratory Manager
 Education and Outreach Coordinator


Keith E. Korsmeyer Ph.D.
Professor of Biology 


Raquel Corniuk
MSMS Student

Ilana Nimz
MSMS student 
Winged Ambassadors  Education Coordinator

Lauren Fraser Chamberlain 
MSMS Student
Kellie Teague
MSMS Student
Jenna Karr
MSMS Student 
Sheena Weller
MSMS Student
Ray Aivazian III
UH GES BS Student
Vice-Chairman Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter
Jennifer Urmston
MSMS Student



Past Members

Angelica Moua 
MSMS student 

Joelle Marchiani
Summer Intern


Rachel Sandquist 
Summer Intern 

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