Mass Communication

The Mass Communication program provides a core of basic skills required in advertising, journalism and public relations, such as written communication, oral communication, design, research and First Amendment and intellectual property law. Each student can then pick, based on their area of interest, additional specific mass communication classes. All students will complete their degree with an internship and capstone experience.

Rather than relying solely on textbooks, students in the Mass Communication program apply what they learn in the classroom to actual problems faced by organizations and businesses. In addition, eligible students are encouraged to take COM 3950 - Communication Practicum, an internship offering actual experience in a professional setting. Students select internships in any area of communication including advertising, corporate communication, journalism, public relations, speech, theater or visual communication. Supervision is both by a professional on site and by HPU faculty.

Internships allow students to gain practical experience by working at an advertising or public relations agency, newspaper or television station or in the communication department of a business such as a hospital or hotel. Many internships offer a stipend for spending money.

HPU’s ideal location at the hub of the economically vibrant Pacific Rim means outstanding cooperative education, internship and career opportunities. Students have found careers and internships with a wide variety of companies and organizations both in Hawai‘i and around the globe. Students studying in Hawai‘i are uniquely posed to examine emerging and flourishing Asian markets.

Students who major in Mass Communication will be able to:

  • Build integrated strategic communication programs in business, professional, and social environments, including; research and, planning, rationale, and implementation techniques

  • Produce a professional, entry-level mass communication portfolio.

  • Apply First Amendment, copyright, contract laws in Mass Communication situations.

  • Build a foundation for lifelong learning and advanced education in Mass Communication.


  • Application
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • $50 Application Fee
  • SAT I or ACT Scores (freshman only)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume

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The Department of Communication offers many clubs to students within specific fields.

  • Akamai Advertising
  • Debate Society
  • Lambda Phi Eta
  • Polyglot Toastmasters

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