Master of Arts in Communication

(Video created by undergraduate HPU Communication students)

Effective communication and the ability to express ideas clearly in both the written and spoken word is a critical skill for everyone, both personally and professionally. Nearly every profession also requires successful communication. Graduates of the MACOM program at HPU are uniquely prepared for thriving careers across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • Students with an MACOM degree choose a variety of career paths, including advertising; mass media; public relations; entertainment; broadcast, traditional, and online journalism; education; and other fields.

  • Opportunities for some HPU MACOM students include advanced doctoral study in communication or other related fields.

  • By their choice of electives and capstone projects, MACOM students elect to focus their studies in one of the following fields: integrated communication, multimedia, public relations, advertising, or journalism.

One important communication consideration is recognizing cultural diversity. Not only does the MACOM program take a global view, the learning environment at HPU is also multi- cultural. Located in the center of the Pacific Rim, Honolulu is a cosmopolitan city with a busy, international business community. This attracts a wide range of learners. In fact, HPU students come from all 50 states and nearly 65 countries.

  • Because Honolulu is a uniquely international city, MACOM students have opportunities for jobs and internships with many multinational companies. Classrooms are centrally located in the downtown financial district of Honolulu, near the state legislature, print and television news organizations, media production companies, public relations firms, and advertising agencies.

  • Faculty in HPU’s MACOM program are excellent teachers and involved mentors for all students. Their awards include a Fulbright Fellowship, the Walt Disney-Hollywood Pictures Fellowship Writer’s Award, the Lawrence A. Frost Literary Award, the HPU Trustees Award for Teaching Excellence, and the CLIO Award for Advertising, to name a few.

  • Joint degree programs between MACOM and Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MACOM and Master of Arts in Organizational Change (MAOC) are available.

  • MA in Communication is a professionally oriented curriculum, but students planning to continue studies toward the Ph.D will find the program’s intellectual breadth and depth, academic rigor, and emphasis upon integrating theory with practical application perfectly aligned with their future plans.

  • Understand and be able to apply a variety of communication theories.

  • Understand and be able to employ research techniques used in the social sciences to analyze, interpret, and present data effectively.

  • Write clearly, concisely, correctly, and in an appropriate style for the communication objective.

  • Develope the ability to apply communication principles in various contexts and to projects for actual clients.

  • Demonstrate dynamic, effective, and persuasive oral communication skills.


  • Application
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • $55 Application Fee
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume

(Revised February 1, 2018.  Disclaimer: Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment.)

FALL 2018, 2020 SPRING 2019, 2021

COM 6000 - Communication Theory
COM 6050 - Research Methods
COM 6650 - Intellectual Property and Media Ethics

COM 6100 - Integrated Communication
COM 6460 - Graphic Design
COM 6770 - Media Criticism

COM 7150 - Capstone I

CORE:  (none)

COM 6010 - Strategic Communication
COM 6085 - Speech Making & Writing
COM 6510 - Web Design
COM 6750 - Gender Communication

COM 7250 - Capstone II



COM 6200 - Organizational Communication


FALL 2019, 2021 SPRING 2020, 2022

COM 6000 - Communication Theory
COM 6050 - Research Methods
COM 6650 - Intellectual Property and Media Ethics

COM 6460 - Graphic Design
COM 6580 - Social Media
COM 6760 - Film Criticism

COM 7150 - Capstone I

CORE:  (none)

COM 6310 - International Communication
COM 6350 - Event Planning and Promotion

COM 6510 - Web Design
COM 6590 - Feature Film Screenwriting

COM 7250 - Capstone II



COM 7150 - Capstone I
COM 7250 - Capstone II


Hawai'i Pacific University's Concurrent program enables motivated students to get a head start on their master's degree while still an undergraduate student. Through the Concurrent program, eligible HPU undergraduates may enroll in certain graduate courses and earn both graduate and undergraduate credit simultaneously; a student has the opportunity to earn three semester hours of graduate credit for every concurrent course completed as well as three undergraduate hours. A maximum of 12 semester hours may be earned in the program.

The Concurrent Credit Program allows you to:

  • Shorten the time it takes to earn a master's degree
  • Save tuition costs
  • Take courses that fit your major
  • Benefit from academic advising that meets your needs


  • Applicant must:
  • Be a current HPU undergraduate student
  • Have completed 90 credit hours (including current term and transfer credits)
  • Be maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  • Have filed a Petition for Concurrent Registration (PCR)


Students pursuing the Concurrent Program will complete four graduate-level courses; these courses will also count towards the completion of the Bachelor’s degree in any of the four majors offered by the Communication Department (see the list below for which graduate courses students may take and which undergraduate courses they will concurrently receive credit for). Once the Bachelor’s degree is completed, students will then need only complete seven additional courses to have earned the Master’s Degree. Of course, some courses will have prerequisites that must be completed prior to registration.

How to Apply:


  • Tuition varies based on the combination of courses taken. Please speak with an advisor for more information. 

Concurrent Courses Available in Communication:

Student’s who take….              Will also earn undergraduate credit for…

COM 6000                     →                    COM 3900
COM 6050                     →                    COM 3250 or MC 3250
COM 6100                     →                    MC 3760
COM 6650                     →                    MC 2200
COM 6460                     →                    MULT 2460
COM 6305                     →                    MC 3740
COM 6510                     →                    MULT 3675
COM 6590                     →                    MULT 4950
COM 6750                     →                    COM 2500
COM 6760                     →                    COM 3270
COM 6770                     →                    COM 3770

(students can take up to four courses)

Recent MACOM graduates enjoy rewarding careers at companies around the world, including:

  • City Bank

  • Fox News

  • ESPN Sports

  • Oceanic Time-Warner

  • Clear Channel Communications

  • Cox Radio

  • IBM

  • Motorola

  • Oceanic Cable

  • Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

  • Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

  • Starr Seigle Advertising

  • Stryker Weiner and Yokota Public Relations

  • Time Warner

  • U.S. Army

  • U.S. Navy

  • Verizon

Success comes naturally to HPU MACOM alumni, including:

  • Olena Heu (‘13), President, Olena Heu SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING; former morning news anchor, Fox KHON2, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Lalit ( Cherry) Kanavivatchai (‘10), Senior Strategic Planning Manager, McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Edyta Tudruj (‘10), Account Executive, Primum Public Relations, Warsaw, Poland

  • Katie Vanes (’09), Media Relations Manager, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

  • Jason Cutinella (‘06), CEO & Founder, Nella Media Group, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Naomi Giambrone (’05), Owner and Co-publisher, Element Media, Honolulu, Hawaii