Communication Studies

Communication Studies empowers students to become successful and mindful global citizens by engaging in effective and ethical communication. Communication Studies provides knowledge and skills that are critical for success and enrichment in our personal, professional and civic lives. The discipline of Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate and share meanings across various contexts, cultures, and media. With a Communication degree, students will learn to demonstrate dynamic, effective, and persuasive oral communication skills and be able to write clearly, concisely, correctly, and in an appropriate style. As an “umbrella degree,” Communication Studies prepares students for a wide range of exciting careers in an increasingly global world, such as public relations, broadcasting, journalism, advertising, law, business, health care, graduate school and teaching.

Hands-On Experience

The Department of Communication (DOC) Internship program is one of the flagship areas of the department, where students can apply what they learn in the classroom to actual problems faced by real organizations and businesses.

In COM 3950, Communication Practicum, students select internships in any area of communication including advertising, corporate communication, journalism, public relations, speech, theater, or visual communication. Students also gain hands-on experience participating and traveling to international tournaments and competitions with DOC sponsored organizations including Toastmaster’s and the Debate Society.

HPU provides a rigorous curriculum in a stimulating environment that addresses the history, theories, mechanisms, and techniques of Communication. The Communication program is a comprehensive program that develops the skills and confidence necessary to present ideas in various formats in a variety of situations. The Communication program seeks to create an integrated environment for the study and production of communication and media content. Studies are built on a theoretical framework where students develop critical thinking and analytical ability. Students study how to communicate effectively, ethically, across multiple platforms and with people from diverse backgrounds. They learn to frame and express their ideas logically, clearly, concisely, and dynamically through writing, the spoken word, still and moving images, text, and other “non-speaking” modalities.

Furthermore, students learn techniques and mechanisms for decoding both the ubiquitous messages of our mediated environment and other culturally specific articulations. In addition, students gain experience and skills in research, analytics and critical thinking, problem-solving, writing, speaking, and teamwork. Students will demonstrate dynamic, effective, and persuasive oral communication skills and be able to write clearly, concisely, correctly, and in an appropriate style for the communication objective. Students will be able to employ appropriate research techniques and analyze, interpret, and present data effectively, while demonstrating an appreciation of the global diversity of communication and its impact in the world.

Students who major in Communication Studies will:

  • Demonstrate oral communication competency
  • Understand and apply rhetorical theory to communication purposes
  • Evaluate and critique examples of communication
  • Adjust communication content and delivery to a diversity of contexts

  • Application
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • $50 Application Fee
  • SAT I or ACT Scores (freshman only)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume

The Department of Communication offers many clubs to students within specific fields.

  • Akamai Advertising
  • Debate Society
  • Lambda Phi Eta
  • Polyglot Toastmasters

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