Art Gallery

Hawai'i Pacific University recognizes that exposure to art in various media enriches the lives of its community of students, faculty, and staff. Also, the University is a longtime supporter of the arts in the public community.

The primary focus of the gallery is the showing of art in a variety of media produced by artists who live and work in Hawaii. The gallery provides 2,000 square feet of open exhibition space allowing for wall-mounted and free-standing displays.

The Hawai‘i Pacific University Art Gallery is pleased to announce its 2017-18 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE (PDF). The primary focus of the gallery is to showcase the work of artists who live and work in Hawai‘i. HPU Gallery Curator, Sanit Khewhok, noted, “Our gallery program continues to draw the attention of artists and audiences alike.  Annually we review far more portfolios of work than we can possibly accommodate.  For this reason, we are scheduled to have paired artist exhibits this year.  Our selection includes an exciting diversity of media and styles.”

Practice for the Garden by Wendy Kawabata
January 21 through March 9, 2018

One of Wendy Kawabata's piecesThe work presented in Practice for the Garden is a product of Wendy Kawabata’s research into the historical development of color, light, flatness, and depth in modern painting. The artist writes, “As the work has developed, color and light have connected with form as polygonal cairns. These cairns serve as trail markers for and personifications of the painter, signposts enabling me to wander a bit but make her way back to the path.

“The weave pattern that occurs in the earlier paintings and works on paper develops from a process of adhering to a diagonal grid. The result is a range of plaids, or Setts. Drawn and painted with gouache and colored pencil, they emerge from the recesses of light absorbent black paper in much the same way that luminosity depends on even the smallest areas of darkness in Bonnard and Vuillard’s work, the latter whose work also relied on pattern as a trigger for spatial flux. The paper has a bit of a tooth and, as that it grabs the paint inconsistently, undergoes a material slip from paper to textile. In this way my interest in correlations between drawing, painting, and fiber continues, with the use of both kantha scraps and drawn textile swatches as a means for activating flatness, fabric illusion, and tactile sensibility. The cut shapes are derived from both vessel and figurative forms. There is the occasional appearance of the figurative, possibly a head, seen from behind. The viewer watches the artist in private conversation with the work, the head, and the artwork, a vessel for the studio’s lessons.”

HPU students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of viewing and enjoying the year round gallery exhibitions. The public is invited at any time during the gallery's hours of operation to view the exhibitions. Visitors to Hawaii and Hawai'i Pacific University's Hawai'i Loa campus may wish to include a gallery visit as a stop on their around-the-island trip. The panoramic view of the Koolau mountains from the front grand lanai of the Cooke Academic Center provides a memorable photo opportunity of your visit to Hawaii and Hawai'i Pacific University.

The Hawai‘i Pacific University Art Gallery is located on HPU’s Windward Hawai‘i Loa campus, 45-045 Kamehameha Highway, in Kaneohe. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Parking and admission is free and the public is invited. For more information call 544-0228.

The Hawai‘i Pacific University Gallery is now accepting applications from artists who are interested in applying for an exhibition in the gallery’s 2018-2019 exhibition cycle.

Applications must be submitted by March 1.

Download application (PDF).