International Payment Instructions

International Payment Instructions

1. Go to Flywire (


2. Select your country in the drop-down menu for “The payment will come from” and type out “$200.00” for the amount of the deposit in the area called “Hawaii Pacific University receives”. Then click the “Next” button in the bottom-right corner.

Flywire 1


3. Select your preferred payment method, there are a variety of options to choose from (Domestic Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Online Bank Transfer, etc.).


4. Fill out the payer information (email, first name, family name, address 1, city, and phone number).

Flywire 2


5. Check mark that “I have read, understand, and agree to the Flywire Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”, then click “Next” to continue.

Flywire 3


6. Select Payment Type: “Deposit - $200”, then fill out HPU (Student ID), First Name, Last Name, Student Email Address, and Program of Study. Click “Next” to continue.

Flywire 4


7. A confirmation page for your review will appear in the “Info for the receiver” section. Click “Pay” to continue.

Flywire 5


8. Enter the payment information required after clicking the “Pay with… (payment type)” button.

Flywire 6


9. A Payment details screen will appear, fill out the information related to card number, cardholder’s name, expiry date, and security code. Then click “Make Payment” at the bottom-right corner.

Flywire 7