Golden Apple Awards Presented to Faculty and Staff

Golden Apple Awards Presented to Faculty and Staff

Annually, HPU faculty and staff have the opportunity to recognize and commend their colleagues' contributions toward the advancement of teaching, scholarship and service at the University. The Scholarship and Learning Resources Committee of the Faculty Assembly reviews the nominations and selects the winners. The 2018-19 Golden Apple Awards were presented in May at the end of the academic year to:

Gideon Berger, Ph.D., Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching
The associate professor of chemistry is described as “a consummate student-focused teacher, who is greatly appreciated by his students. His style is to encourage and cheerlead for students while expecting much from them.” He is the principal instructor for CHEM 3031/3033, which are required by students majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology-human health sciences. Additionally, he coordinates with all adjunct instructors for this multi-section course, assuring the quality of the course regardless of who is teaching it.

Hanh thi Nguyen, Ph.D., Excellence in Scholarship
A professor of teaching English as a second language program, she is credited with publishing a monograph, four co-edited volumes, 14 book chapters (with three forthcoming), and 20 articles in international, peer-reviewed journals (one reprinted), for a total of 42 publications, since joining HPU in 2005. Award nominators said, “Her articles range from sophisticated analysis of human discourse (her primary research specialty) to practical application of such analysis in numerous social, cultural, educational, and workplace settings.”

Lawrence Rowland, Ed.D., Excellence in Mentoring
An award nominator said, “Dr. Rowland, [who is an associate professor of information systems], is an exceptional member of our faculty and an invaluable resource to HPU who has built an amazing reputation for being professional, organized, caring, kind, and extremely humble. He continually strives to show more care and support to his colleagues, college, and university.”

Ghazwan Hassna, Ph.D., Reflective Use of Technology
The assistant professor teaches IS 6005 information systems, IS 6040 business analytics, and IS 6280 data mining for business intelligence, and an award nominator noted, “Since his arrival at HPU he has revolutionized the adaptation of technology for student instruction, feedback, and analysis. He has built a fine record of achievement yet continually strives to bring the latest innovation to his students in a productive manner that supports the mission of [the College of Business].

Laurie Leach, Ph.D., Exceptional Service by a Faculty Member
The award nominators of this professor of English note “[she] has been a stalwart of university service for over two decades,” recognizing her work on program assessment and general education and her roles as department chair and program chair. This past year, as chair of the University Curriculum Committee, she redesigned proposal forms, updated the Sharepoint site, and improved the process for tracking proposals. In addition, this past spring she joined the New Student Transition taskforce and the AAPR shared governance committees, as well as a committee working on the new intranet.

Kannie Cheung, Exceptional Service to the University
Receiving numerous nominations, this former accounts payable staff member is described as “very professional with a personal touch” and “extremely well organized, [exhibiting] profound attention to details.” She is credited with taking immediate action on helping to facilitate a purchase for the new classrooms, resulting in significant cost savings for HPU.

Lori Nakayama, Exceptional Service by a Staff Member
An HPU staff member for more than 25 years, this College of Professional Studies staff member is being recognized by an award nominator for her exceptional service to students, staff and faculty. She is described as “the type of person [who] will always help others and is constantly putting her work on the back burner to make sure everyone is taken care of first.”